Hi Gang:
I have really good news, and even better news. First, the good news:

(1) Through sales of the official Worldwide Photo Walk t-shirts, this year once again we raised just over $7,000 for the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Kenya. How cool is that!!!! Now, the even better news:

(2) We’re not done. Rob Jones, of Towner Jones Photography (the wonderful, big-hearted guy who coordinates our whole t-shirt store) really wants us to hit our goal of raising $10,000 for the children this year, and here’s his plan:

For every Official Worldwide Photo Walk t-shirt you buy before the end of November, Rob (and Towner Jones Photography) will kick in an ADDITIONAL $5 per shirt to the Orphanage. You have to love a guy with that kind of heart and compassion (Rob, you SO rock!!!!!).

Here’s the link to the Official t-shirt store.

If you participated in a walk this year, I hope you’ll consider buying a shirt (or two) to help feed and cloth these wonderful kids (which is an on-going struggle for this small orphanage). Your donation helps more than you know (plus, you get a cool shirt besides). :)

If you already have the t-shirt, or just want to make a Direct Donation to the Springs of Hope Kenya Orphanage, click right here (and know at that moment that you’re about to do something that really, really makes a difference in the life of a child).

Thanks to everyone who already bought a shirt, and to everyone who will graciously help and buy one today, and a big thanks and hug to Rob Jones who year after year has dedicated himself to this project, with both his time, talents, and generous donations.

P.S. I’ll be posting the winners of the Photo Walk LEADER CONTEST by 12:00 PM Noon EST today!

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  1. How about a URL for a direct donation?

  2. Living outside of the states it is easier to just donate money to this project as ordering a t-shirt.

    Please publish a link how to donate money.

  3. My dear Scott, Hi

    I bought Five T-Shirts of Worldwide Photo Walk for the Orphanage in Kenya with

    a help of friend who lives in Canada. :)

    And finally I think after 2 months of waiting he will come to Iran next week. :)

    Thanks for Everything

    Best Wishes

  4. Hi Scott. I´ve participated in the Sao Paulo/Brazil Photowalk. As you may know, the taxes makes this shirt costs a hell much more. So, excluding the shirt and shipping, how much is donatet to them. I’ve done that in 2009 Photowalk, bud this one I couldn’t find the donation value-per-shirt (including this 5 bucks extra)?
    Thanks a lot.

  5. I have problem with a link to Official t-shirt store, it’s broken?

  6. Scott,

    I will match Rob’s donation from now until the end of November.


  7. Even though my walk was a bust and I had to cancel, I’m glad my purchase of a leader T-shirt has contributed to this great cause.

  8. I bought regular and Leader shirts then when I got to the walk this year I realized I had on a shirt from last year! I hope we make the 10,000 mark.

    Scott, you could raffle off that 400 2.8 8-) I would buy several tickets on that one!

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