The Winner of my Worldwide Photo Walk’s New “Leader Competition” is….

Andy Spliethof, the Leader of the Medford, Oregon Photo Walk. There were so many good photos, it was really hard to choose one winner, but I found myself coming back to this image again and again. Its composition, color and energy really come together to make a fun, captivating image.

I posted the other Leader photos in an Album over at my Google+ page that were in the running right up to the end and I thought they deserved some recognition, too. Here’s the link. 

Congratulations to Andy, and to all the leaders who submitted such great images for our first Leaders Competition.

  1. Scott, Thank you so much! It’s a little surreal for a hobbyist photographer like myself. Although I had enormous hopes, I would never would have assumed I would be close in the running. Thank you! What a great day for me! I love photography!

  2. Way to go, Andy! Seeing Andy’s photos over the last couple of years encouraged me to pick up a camera again and try for more than just the usual “snapshots”. You rock!

  3. hey Scott, thanks again for putting this together. i believe you guys may have a techncial issue. i never got an email for the leader’s competton, and neither the winner of my walk nor me has received the link for the book.

    is this allright? am i the only one with this issue?


  4. Congrats Andy! I did see a lot of the images on G+ and I’m not sure how you were able to narrow them down. That said, nice choice!

    Also, do you know when the leaders should be hearing back about the LR4 book. I thought we would be getting an email, but I never did!

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