Join Joe Live for the World Premiere of “A Night With Joe McNally” Absolutely Free

On Wednesday evening we are launching the worldwide premiere of one of the best online classes we’ve ever produced, featuring one of the best instructors on the planet, Joe McNally. 

You’re invited for this one-time only free broadcast of “A Day with Joe McNally.” If you loved “A Day with Jay Maisel” or a “Day with Jeremy Cowart” this class was tailor made for you. We’ll have Joe McNally himself LIVE with us in the studio, taking your questions, comments, and sharing his stories and instruction in a way only Joe can. After this one-time one free worldwide broadcast, Joe’s class will be only available to Kelby Training Online subscribers, so I hope you can join us for this free live history-making event:

When: Wednesday, 6:00 pm LIVE

Where: Here’s the link

Who: Join Joe and Me live on the air as we share the entire class free for everyone.

You’ll learn a lot, you’ll laugh a lot, and you’ll be amazing what you can do with just one or two hot-shoe flashes. You’ve just got to see it.

  1. I’m really looking forward for this webcast. I can still recall the Jay Maisell webcast some months ago. Only sad thing is, that it is so late for us european viewers :-)

    Another thing, when Another Day with Jay Maisell was broadcast, Scott mentioned that a directors cut of the webcast would possibly be made available for NAPP menmbers ? Did this happen ?

    Looking forward to wednesday :-)

  2. Save me a seat….I’ll be there on Wednesday, too! Busy day for you guys, with this and the Grid on Wednesday. Should be fun!! I’m sure Joe will be “loose” with the language, like Jay Maisel… :)


  3. Good news and bad news Scott. You got the ‘me’ correct in this sentence: ‘Join Joe and Me live…’ Someone checking your grammar for you? Unfortunately the word ‘me’ is not a name, it’s a pronoun, and as such should not be capitalized. But, hey, progress … not perfection.

  4. 6:00 at night! This proves you have something against working chefs!
    First I find out you flatten layers in photoshop. Then you say don’t shoot women with a 50mm, now this! This is an outrage! I’m going to learn the gimp, get a pc and start shooting Canon!

  5. I’ll be watching this one for sure. And the good news for me is that I just got the confirmation that I’ll get a slot for Joe’s Workshop. He’s coming to Switzerland in two weeks… who could believe that. Cannot wait to see him LIVE.

  6. Could someone plz. develop a teleportation device!…Not sure if I can make it home, from Dave’s Seminar in T.O., on time to watch!

    Dave Cross & Joe McNally in one day = Photo- Awesomeness!

  7. Just seen the re-run on Kelby training, Joe is wonderful as always and Scott you do a great impersonation of the “average blog reader”. Keep up the good work.
    I liked the crush the composition course as well, somehow I don’t feel as foolish anymore when having to wrestle the scene. Time to trust the instincts and just sweat it out to get there (even Joe admitted to this on the course, GREAT).

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