Crush the Composition

If you’ve got a minute, watch the short clip above explaining and announcing the launch today of my brand new class on Kelby Training Online called “Crush The Composition” and it’s all about a new method for learning photo composition..

  1. Thank you Scott!! Hey, am I the first to comment?? Well, its a bit easier for me since it is 1:21PM local time for me (in Russia)….

    Anxious to watch this class!!

  2. Scott, if you are going to keep doing these heart felt ads with all the mushy music, you will have to send me a box of tissue. ;-(

    Great job, you rock! Can’t wait to watch this one!

  3. Just watched… very inspiring for me. New ways to think about what I’m trying to do. A lot *should* be obvious to me, but you saying it out loud makes me conscious of it. Thank YOU!

  4. Outstanding in every way. The concepts you introduced brought a new level of understanding.

    The question left unanswered is how to cull 30 shots (of Zion, in my current case) down to the ten best. That park is so big I could go back next week and get 30 different shots I love. For each scene, I got down to the best one, but there were many places where I found an image, walked 20 feet, turned around and found something completely different. How do I cull that list? I already cut out the ones that I can, but I know there are still too many.

    I’m perfectly willing to crowd source the answer. Anyone who reads this and wants to click on the link to my site, and can suggest a way to find the best of my best, please feel free to send me a note via the email link there or on G+ [+SteveKalman].


    PS Two more quick remarks. I loved that when Matt texted at the end you said you got a message from a friend, not co-worker or employee. If I were 40 years younger I’d knock on your door EVERY DAY until you hired me. Any job, any pay rate would be fine. Second, I tried to give feedback via the web after the course and it took data in the ident fields, but wouldn’t let me enter anything in the comment body.

  5. Hey Scott,
    This is a great video. Love your shirt. Mine is worn too much according to my wife. I love the tip of “If something catches your eye…”
    I’ve told you this before, but YOU ROCK MY FRIEND! ;) ;) ;)

  6. In just 1-1/2 hrs. I understood why I’m so unhappy with my photos and the best part… how to change that!!! Thank you so much for this class! I know I will watch it over and over again!

  7. Scott –

    I raised my right hand, took your pledge – then completely soaked up the class, which went by so fast – awesome! I do see where, as you mentioned, it might not be enough material for a book. But the advice and material is just so useful, how about a smaller publication a la your photo recipes “books”/dvd? 60-90 minutes of the key points and a synopsis / companion booklet?

    …Or! A special feature spread in an upcoming Photoshop User Magazine!

    Regardless, thoroughly enjoyed the class and in addition to the 5 in 5, took away great information. I’m going to work on a checklist, laminate and keep in my camera bag (possibly tattoo on my hand as well). ;-)

    Thank you for another really helpful – eye-opening class!



  8. Great video Scott!
    I came home after a photo shoot in town at 11:30 pm and the first thing I did was to check if your class had come up yet! I am not kidding you, I could care less about my own photos at the time ;)
    Very thoughtful things you’re talking about and it feels good to know that even You have to fight to get a perfect picture sometimes ;) Wonderful that you mention Sweden so much, I hope you come here (to Gothenburg) and teaches a class sometime soon!

    Take care!

  9. Scott,

    Among all the most amazing workshops/tutorial videos on photography and processing you’ve shared on kelbytraining, this is the absolute killer workshop!

    Your vast experience, knowledge and wisdom which you so generously share, majorly influences my own photography work.

    I can’t thank you enough for the spark you light within your students over and over again, how you encourage to see and feel a frame beyond the obvious.

    Again, many thanks to you from one of your many big fans!


  10. I just watched it last night and it’s just awesome. Really inspiring! Don’t know about you guys, but these kind of videos just make me want to go out and shoot right away. Sort of like when a kid gets a new toy… I just got some new knowledge. Thanks Scott!

    1. “these kind of videos just make me want to go out and shoot right away”
      Actually, this video made me want do come home from a shoot last night haha. And of course to go out right after I had seen it! ;)

  11. Hi Scott, I just watched this last night in its entirety, along with my daughter and fiance’. We all got something from it, and it is without a doubt, the best information I’ve seen on composition yet.

    I especially like the part where Matt is offering you moral support towards the end. :)

  12. Awesome… I started watching it what last night… great webcast, just what I needed!!! Thanks again for all you and your Kelby Training team do for us!!!

  13. Watched the training video and found it quite interesting. I will watch it again soon to reinforce some of the stuff that was put out. Thanks for taking such a dry subject and turning it around to a new method.

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