Thursday News Blast


It’s Thursday, and I’m back, baby! Here’s waz up:

  • First, thanks to everybody who came out Tuesday (over 500 of you) to my first ever seminar in Hartford, Connecticut, including Marcin Grzybek, (shown above), who went and had this custom t-shirt made to wear to the seminar. I met so many great folks (including a lot of folks who read this blog; a quick shout out to Jeff, Doug, Bob, Joe and Joe, and Alicia). We’ll definitely be coming back to Hartford in the near future (great town, great facility, and lots of great, really enthusiastic Photoshop maniacs! I loved it!) In a semi-related note; Rob over at Towner Jones Photography (the guy who set up the CafePress site with the slogan available on t-shirts), said they are selling like hotcakes!
  • Each Thursday we post a new online training class at Kelby but today we’ve posted two; Photoshop Layer Styles (link), taught by the amazing Corey Barker, and “From Photo to Graphic Art” (link) from Photoshop World instructor Lesa Snyder King. Plus, this last past week we had the famous Rick Sammon in for an entire week of live on location classes, shooting out in the field, and we’ll be getting some of his classes up shortly. Check out the new stuff right here.
  • Make sure you check out this week’s episode of Photoshop User TV as our in-studio special guest is David DuChemin (from the Pixelated Image), and he gives some great tips on travel photography. Here’s the link (you can watch it right there online).
  • I saw a really cute post over at about me blogging about them a week or so ago, and what they call “The Kelby Bump.” Here’s the link.
  • A great post over at the Hirlpoo blog about photographers getting harassed for taking photos, called “The Crackdown is Coming,” (which includes an account of my Marriott Marquis security guard thingy), but more importantly; there’s a link there to download a PDF about a photographer’s rights to shoot in public places. Definitely worth checking out (and downloading); right here.
  • New Riders (the folks who publish my “Photoshop CS3 Book for Digital Photographers,” and who are part of the Peachpit Press family), are hosting the 2nd annual, “Voices That Matter Conference,” coming up June 10-13, 2008 in Nashville, Tennessee. The conference features a who’s who of Web Design authors and trainers, including Garr Reynolds (who wrote the smash hit book, Presentation Zen), and Steve Krug, author of the bestselling Don’t Make Me Think!, among others. Here’s a link for more details.
  • Also, today is “Back Up Your Lightroom Catalog” Thursday, so if you haven’t backed up your catalog in a while; go under the Lightroom menu (on Mac), or the File Menu (on PC) and choose Catalog Settings. From the Back Up pop-up menu choose “Next Time Lightroom Starts Only” then Quit Lightroom, and relaunch. When it asks if you want to backup the catalog, click Backup. You’ll sleep better tonight.

That’s it for today, gang. We’ll see you tomorrow with some more stuff!

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