Thursday News Nuggets


Here’s some Thursday-type news:

  • The wonderful Laurie Excell (One of the gifted trainers at DLWS [the Digital Landscape Workshop Series], the expert behind NAPP’s Gear Desk, and the woman behind “The Equipment Lady” site you’ve heard me talk about here on the blog), is hosting a series of on-location “Nature Safari’s” this year, and her first one is coming up here in Florida, on March 3rd – 7th at Ft. Desoto Park. Laurie is a kick-butt photographer (that’s her image above) and trainer, and if you get a chance to learn from Laurie—-jump on it! (I’ll be there for a day or two myself). Here’s where to get all the details (hope I’ll see you there!).
  • Just a heads up: Matt’s brand new “Layers” book is now in stock at, and B&N, and people are already talking about it. Get ’em while the gettin’s good (I have no idea what that means).
  • Remember that amazing Jay Maisel workshop that I mentioned a month or so ago where you spent a week with Jay learning in his New York Studio? Ya know, the one that cost $5,000? Well, it sold out in advance (Ben Willmore was there as one of Jay’s students, and just raved about it). It created such a stir, that Jay is holding another of these incredible workshops this April (14th – 18th) for just nine photographers. Will you be one of those nine, whose lives and careers are changed forever? To request an application, email Jay’s studio at
  • Photoshop World Instructor Chris Orwig did a presentation at Macworld Expo back in January called “The Art and Craft of Digital Photography,” and the fact that it was a big hit with attendees is cool, but the fact that you can watch his entire session for free online, is even cooler. Check out his video, then make sure you put him on your class list when you come to Photoshop World this April.
  • PDN Online has an in-depth article on Wacom’s affordable new Cintiq 12WX, and if you’ve ever thought about making the jump to a Cintiq, make sure you give this a quick read (their reviews give you both the pros and cons). Here’s the link.
  • Lastly, want to see some beautiful photography? Check out the nautical images of photographer Onne van der Wal. This guys does very nice work (click here).

Well my friends, that’s it for this Thursday. See you tomorrow for our “week wrap up” (or it could be a “week rap-up” if someone accidentally starts a drum machine).

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