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Archaeological site with petroglyph of two men in Argentina Pata

Before There was Photoshop
Rick Sammon has a cute post over at his blog called ‘Before there was Photoshop.” If you’ve got a sec, it’ll make you smile. Here’s the link.

It’s Time for Another D-Town TV Episode
Actually, the new episode should be up live later this afternoon, so if you get a chance a little later, stop by and check it out right here.

“Vacation with Vanelli & Friends” Workshop
Vanelli’s back with another of his now famous four-day “Vacation with Vanelli” workshops. This time the workshop is in St. Augustine, Florida, it and runs June 16-19, 2010. Here’s how “V” describes it:

Vacation with Vanelli is a unique style workshop that teaches the art of digital work-flow covering the FIVE P’s: Plan, Photograph, Process, Post and Print. Vanelli and friends travel to exciting places working on projects for their books and portfolio. Vacationers get a chance to work and learn alongside these photographers as they refine their own skills. The vacation workshop is designed to be hands-on. All levels from beginners to advanced can attend. Imagine having a personal instructor looking over your shoulder whispering tips and tricks in your ear! [He forgot the Sixth P: “Plague!” – Ed].

The four-day workshop is limited to just 15 participants, and runs $395 per person (but Vanelli is giving $50 off to readers of my blog, if you use the special link below).

Besides the four-day workshop, he’s adding a special hands-on HDR break-out session on Friday, June 18 (open to everybody—not just workshop attendees) from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm with HDR & Architectural Photographer Randy Van Duinen.

Regular price for the break out is $59.00, but he’s cutting a deal for the readers of my blog for just $39). NOTE: This break out session is free to anyone attending the Vacation with Vanelli & Friends Four Day Workshop. For all the details, or to sign up (with a special discount), click here. NOTE:  if you do sign up, it wouldn’t hurt to have a bail bondsmen on your speed dial. Ya know, just in case. ;-)

Cute Wedding Photo Idea
Portuguese photographer Luciano Meirelles sent me a Tweet (@scottkelby) asking me to take a look at the new design for his blog. I checked it out, and his new layout is really top notch, but as I was looking through his photos I came across a very cute use of the iPhone’s built-in camera which he used as a prop in some Wedding photos he had taken. Very clever! (nice photos, by the way Luciano!) Take a quick look right here. When you get there, keep scrolling down ’till you see the iPhone wedding photos.

See you in Atlanta tomorrow!
I hope to see you guys at my seminar in Atlanta tomorrow. I’m having dinner with a couple of  my blog readers tonight (Ken Toney and my buddy Jeff Rease, the Chancellor of Birmingham). I’ll let you know if we make bail in time to be at the seminar. ;-)

See you tomorrow here for the big “Challenge.” Don’t miss it!

  1. Scott, Oops. I thought we were having dinner tomorrow night. Won’t be able to leave until the morning. Maybe we can all go to dinner after seminar (reservations for 500 please). You guys enjoy the great Varsity.

  2. I would like to express my appreciation for your post. That’s really great to know that there are such people like you who do their job very well and with such enthusiasm.

  3. Hey Scott, Luciano Meirelles is Brazilian, not Portuguese as you said! We do speak portuguese tho. By the way, when are you coming to Brazil for some workshop or simply take pictures?

  4. I enjoyed the ‘Before There was Photoshop’ link, I’ve been colouring black and white for years now and always admired the old hand colouring methods. I haven’t picked up a brush since school, but a Wacom pen’s practice enough, right? :)

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