Are You Ready For a Challenge?


Tomorrow I’m going to reveal something really new, fun, and challenging:

  • It’s something we’ll be doing together every month, but each time it will be somewhat different (it’s not the Worldwide Photo Walk, but news on that is coming soon).
  • This is something that will help us all expand our photographic skills, our Photoshop skills, our Lightroom Skills, our appreciation of the craft, and our Creativity (though not all at the same time).
  • Tomorrow I’ll have a short video with all the details of this first Challenge, and I think you’ll really want to take part. It’s not easy, but I promise it will stretch you in a way that will be an awful lot of fun.
  • Plus, it has a great twist that takes it over the top. :)
  • For those of you that have blogs, Twitter or Facebook accounts, might you help me spread the word tomorrow to your fellow photographers? They’ll thank you on Monday (but of course, you get my thanks now).

I’m excited. I hope you will be, too.

  1. We use that same photo in some of our corporate materials, with the theme being helping someone who’s in need.

    Except that since the first guy isn’t roped up, the second guy will almost certainly pull him over the cliff……

  2. Sounds great, for me this is what a blog should all be about. Motivating each other to think out of the box and stretch ourselves beyond our safe zone.

    Looking forward to tomorrow!

  3. Alright Scott, you’ve got my attention. I’ll tune in for big reveal….that is if I survive flying cross country with my 3 year old and 1 year old. Aaah!

  4. Scott, I think it is a monthly assignment that you are going to give us with a prize to the winner each month. Maybe a new D4 or something. :)

  5. Don’t know if that’s something related to what you learn from Jay Maisel in NYC, but I just watch the class on kelbytraining and whoah, amazing stuff. Class itself is worth the annual subcrption.

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