Thursday News Quickies


From the sickbed, in the offices of Sneezer, Coughing & Hacker, comes my Thursday News Quickies. Please don your surgical masks.

  • There are only SIX seats left for Wedding Photographer/Instructor extraordinairre, David Ziser’s “Digital Master Class” coming to Cincinnati, Ohio on April 28th, thru May 2nd (that’s David above). I’ll make this short and sweet: I went to one of David’s Photoshop World pre-conference sessions, and I tell you the same way I told my staff when I came back. “It’s like David is walking around stuffing money in their pockets the entire time.” Here’s the link for more info (Just so you know: if you get to go, I’m totally jealous!)
  • See Joe McNally training Live. For FREE!!!! Remember last week, when I mentioned B&H Photo’s Event Space, where they give free training at their headquarters in NYC? Well, David Brommer (from B&H) posted a comment on my blog that Joe is doing a free two-hour free seminar, and book signing, on Sunday Feb. 17th, from 1:00 – 3:00 pm at B&H’s Event Space. You just gotta be there. Here’s the info.
  • There’s a nice little article over at National Geographic Traveler called “Five ways to use the Web to help you become a better photographer.” It’s short and sweet, and definitely worth a read (it also includes some very cool sites, like The Strobist, and Luminous Landscape).
  • Even shorter and sweeter (but if I don’t mention this, my publisher will kill me); Peachpit Press announced yesterday that for the fourth year in a row, I’ve been recognized as the top-selling computer/technology book author across all platforms (according to data from Neilsen Bookscan). You can read the press release here.
  • This one’s just for fun: it’s a new Canon lens that’s….well….you just gotta see it to believe it. It’s worth a click (click here).
  • Lastly, if you’re like me (at home, sick in bed), you could probably use a little photographic inspiration. If so, click here to see some of the wonderful photography of commerical photographer Wes Johnson. The site’s a little tricky to navigate at first, but it’s worth the extra 15 seconds it takes to figure it out. Here’s the link.

Well, it’s back to bed for me. Have a great day everybody, and don’t forget to wash your hands, use hand sanitizing liquids, don’t leave your house if you even cough one single time, don’t have contact with other humans (except via the web), sanitize and disinfect anyone that comes within a 50-foot radius of you, and most importantly, be kind to children and small animals. Can you tell I’m on medication? ;-)

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