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First, a big thanks to Wes Maggio from Wacom for his great guest post yesterday. You can see from the comments, a lot of people totally dug his post (and it got people thinking big time about using their tablet in ways they hadn’t really considered).

I’m pretty careful anytime I ask someone to be a guest blogger that’s going to be talking about their company’s product, because I don’t want them to turn the Guest Blog into a sales piece, but I know Wes personally and was certain Wes would provide some real helpful info in his post and that’s exactly what he did. Thanks Wes. I picked up some stuff I didn’t know, too. Now, onto the news:

Have You Heard of a Program Like This?
I got a call yesterday from my buddy Paul Abell, and he was asking me if I knew of a program or utility that was designed to track all the models and serial numbers of your camera gear (mostly for insurance purposes). He seemed to remember reading about one, but can’t remember where he saw it (it was a while back). I thought it was a handy idea (in fact, I’d use it myself), but anyway, if any of you know of all application like this, can you please let us both know by posting a comment here on the blog? Many thanks.

Peachpit Press, David DuChemin, and Chris Orwig
Are Up to Something Really Cool

These three have come together to host a very cool contest for anyone attending Photoshop World. The scoop is basically this: you take some cool photos of neon signs in your neck of the woods, and if David and Chris pick your shot as one of their 20 winners, you’ll be invited to a special private Photo Walk at the famous Neon Sign Boneyard Museum near downtown Las Vegas, hosted by Peachpit and a number of Peachpit authors and instructors (includes transfer from the Mandalay Bay resort). The contest is called “Neon in Your Neighborhood” and you can get the whole scoop right here.

Adobe releases free update to Camera Raw & Lightroom
Tuesday Adobe released a Camera Raw (version 5.5)  and Lightroom update (version 2.5) that add support for new cameras (like the new Nikon D300s, and the D3000), among other little fixes. Click here for more details from Lightroom Product Manager Tom Hogarty’s Lightroom Journal blog.

Chase Continues to Amaze
I don’t know if you’ve seen what Chase Jarvis has been doing out in New Zealand for his client San Disk, but if you’ve got a minute, it’s definitely worth checking out. I’m constantly amazed at the stuff he comes up with! Here’s the link.

That’s it for this Thursday
I’m pretty much focused on getting ready for Photoshop World in a few weeks, so I’m keeping the blogging kinda light (which is probably a good thing), but we’ll have LOADS of blogging going on during Photoshop World itself (more on that soon). Have a great day!

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