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Happy Thursday everybody, and a big thanks to Nick Onken for his Guest Blog post yesterday! Now, here’s what’s up:

Photo Walk Pro to Host Free Photo Walk at Photoshop World
Jeff Revell over at (one of the sponsors of annual World Wide Photo Walk) is hosting a free Photo Walk the day before Photoshop World begins (so, if you haven’t signed up for a precon by the time Photoshop World starts, now you have something fun to do!). Jump over to for all the details.

Catch Matt and Me with Bert!
Don’t know if you saw this one, but during the last Photoshop World, Photoshop Hall of Famer Bert Monroy had Matt and I on his Pixel Perfect Internet TV show as guests, and we did some Photoshop tricks, and talked with Bert and stuff, and if you get a sec, you can watch it right here.

Photo Induced is giving my stuff away!
Hey, I just saw where the folks at Photo Induced are giving away a boxed set of my three-volume set of “The Digital Photography Book” (includes volumes 1, 2, and 3). Here’s all the details.

New Fine Art Digital Workflow DVD from Mac Holbert & John Paul Caponigro
Just heard from Acme Educational that R. Mac Holbert and John Paul Caponigro have a released a new training DVD on Fine Art Digital Workflow. Mac and JP are absolute authorities on fine art printing, so I’m going to order a copy myself, but in the meantime, you can order yours right here.

That’s it for today
See ya tomorrow—have a kick-butt day!

  1. I saw the episode of Pixel Perfect when you and Matt appeared. Bert got a chuckle with your comment about a stick man. Too bad that Pixel Perfect is no more, but I can understand his need to work on his latest project.

  2. Scott,

    I have a suggestion for a topic. This is a big problem for me

    How or what methods are used to coach a model into a “certain Look”?

    I hire wanna be models (I am cheap). Some have little experience in facial expressions, like anger, sad, forlorn, happy, contentment,etc.

    Please anyone, who reads this, if you have suggestions or ideas, Ken would love it.

    Thanks Scott
    Ken in KY

  3. Hey Scott,

    Quick question, I don’t know where else to ask. A while ago you made a brief mention about an Epson workflow video you were finishing up for kelbytraining. Any news on when it will be released?

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