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Joe McNally’s Work Featured in National Geographic
Joe’s been covering assignments for National Geographic magazine for many years now, and in the July 2010 issue he’s got some amazing photos in their feature story on the 21st Century Electrical Power Grid. There’s a harrowing shot of Joe climbing out onto an electrical tower, from the skid of a helicopter (photo by Drew Gurian), and when you actually see what Joe goes through to “get the shot,” you realize what it takes to be a National Geographic photographer, and Joe has it in spades. You can see some of the images from the spread online, right here. Congrats Joe. Ya done good, kid. ;-)

Tom Bol Baby, Yeah!
Killer Guest Blog yesterday from Tom Bol. One of my readers, Jeremy Proffitt wrote this comment yesterday about Tom’s post. “I think you said it best when you said ”I’ve come to realize non-paying personal projects are equally as important as paying jobs. I need them both to survive and grow as a photographer.” I couldn’t agree more. Just a great job Tom all around. Thanks for sharing your work and wisdom with us all.

There’s a deal goin’ on two of my books over at Borders
Well, it’s not every single Borders store, but “a whole bunch of ’em.” Borders is running a promo for 30% off a small group of book titles, and two of them are mine:  The Digital Photography Book, Volume 3, and Photo Recipes Live. The promo runs now through August 15th, and is available through select locations (here’s a link to the store locations that are doing the promotion). Visit a Borders store near you and check it out (provided of course, there is a Borders store near you).

You, and Rob Jones, raised another $1,200 for the Orphanage
With Towner Jones Photography’s gracious donations included, together we raised about $1200 this weekend on the Photo Walk t-Shirt sales, bringing the total raised so far for the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Kenya to around $3,700 (we’ve already raised more than half of what we did all of last year). If you haven’t ordered your official Photo Walk t-shirt yet, here’s the link. Thanks again Rob for having such a big heart for the kids.

World Wide Photo Walk Update
As I write this, we have 905 Walks around the world, and over 18,000 walkers. You gotta join in! Here’s the link.

Facebook “Like” is here
We’ve added Facebook’s new “Like” button to each of my daily posts, so if you see a post you like, share it with other folks by clicking on the Like button. You’ll like it. I’ll like it. It’s a like-like thing.

Forget the Dave Hill Effect…
…and check out Dave Hill, the photographer. It has been a while since I’ve been by his site, and his work just keeps getting better and better, on both the shooting side, and the post production side, and his concepts and execution are brilliant. So, if you haven’t checked him out since the “Dave Hill Effect” craze was in full swing, it’s time to stop by again and enjoy some really amazing photography. Here’s the link.

That’s it for today folks. See ya tomorrow!
Have a great Thursday, and try to stay cool.

  1. Scott, Joe and Tom have something in common….they are nuts! Anyone who will climb to the top of the Empire State Building ( ie. numbnutts). I like the book deals except…who doesn’t have the 3 set? You have a great weekend!!!

  2. Amazing work by David Hill. I’m just wondering how he gets this painterly look on his images. I’d love to find a tutorial on that.

  3. Congrats, Joe!!

    I love David Hill’s work….simply amazing….thanks Scott for reminding us about his work. Funny, you look at his personal work, and it is totally different than his advertising work. Sure would love a work-through of one of his photos from start to finish…that would be way cool!


    Jakarta, Indonesia

  4. Scott, I’m a leader for one of the Cincinnati legs of the photowalk. I purchased my leader shirt this weekend. Did the leader shirts count towards that total you listed above or was it just for walker shirts?

    Looked at the McNally photos… A bunch of them seemed like they were a little different than his normal stuff. Particularly shots like the one of the wind farm. Can’t add a flash/strobe to those! But then when I got to the shot of the worker looking at the power lines, there was that McNally style! Single person fading darkness all around an what seemed like a single point of light(probably two SB900’s with 1/2 cut of CTO) illuminating him. Great stuff! Thanks for all of your wonderful contributions to the photography world! Jason

    Oh P.S. Brad needs a raise! I shot him an email about a problem we were having with the sign up page and he was right on top of it, and he followed up with me to make sure the situation was resolved. He’s a great asset!

  5. Joe McNally is the MAN! Terrific shots. I like the “sunset behind the wind turbines” shot the best.

    I checked out the Borders book discount offer for the Photo Recipes Live book and found that, even with the discount, it is still cheaper to get it at Amazon (34% discount off of list)!

    1. Oh, and I agree with Jason…the McNally style was very evident with the worker shot. Funny thing was that when I saw the shot, I immediately knew how he did the lighting, since I have read his Hot Shoe Diaries book!

      1. I immediately knew too… I could just hear him saying “added a 1/2 cut of cto to each of the 900’s, -.3 on the ev etc…” lol

  6. As always thank you for sharing great information and artist with us. I love Joe’s pictures, in fact when I grow up, I want to be Joe.

    Thanks also for pointing out the book deals. My library is turning into the Kirby & McNally Library. Just wish Joe would hurry up and write more books.

  7. That issue of Nat Geo had been sitting on the coffee table for a couple of days. Your post was a great reminder to go pick it up. I have gotten real used to just grabbing the iPad and ignoring the paper magazines that we still get.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Always amazing stuff from Joe M. So talented. Very creative stuff from Dave Hill.

    A little off topic Scott, but any chance you can get Hal Crocker to guest blog. Sure would like to hear his tips on panning and composition for motor sports photography.

  9. Hey Scott,

    Dave Hill = WOW! I love when I see work like that that makes me question where I am at with my photography, with my creativity, with my story telling that link just feed me so much creative food! (I might have to use that term from now on lol creative food).

    Question is that the effect you were going for with rapper 10¢ or what’s his name from your portfolio? The shoot you did when you first spoke about using black flags on your blog.

    I hope all is well with you!

    Nassau, Bahamas | Miami, Florida

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