Thursday News Update

Before we get onto the news, I just have to thank Vincent Versace for yesterday’s amazing Guest post. He was able to move us with words in the same way he does with his images, and it was truly an honor to have him kick off Guest Blog Wednesday in such a classy, thought-provoking, and inspirational way. Thank you, my friend. Now, onto the news:

  • I heard today from NAPP’s Executive Director Larry Becker that we now have a special 20% off NAPP member discount in place for the very popular “Photomatix” HDR software that everyone’s raving about. So, if you’re a NAPP member, head to the member’s site for details and your discount code. If you’re not a member, and you just want to check out Photomatix, here’s the link to their site.
  • Thanks to John Paul Caponigro, who brought the two “Ophan Works” copyright bills currently before congress to my attention. According to JP, “…if passed these two bills will adversely affect copyright laws. Both define "abandoned" work far too loosely. The less problematic bill puts the onus on the artist to register images with the Copyright office not just once but twice. The bills haven't gone through—-Now is the time to act. Contact your representatives now. Phone, mail, fax, and email are all effective - in that order.” Here’s a Web site with info on how to contact your Congressional representatives. (Thanks to John Paul for sending this our way!).
  • Also, John Paul wrote a comment yesterday about Vincent’s Guest post that was just terrific, so if you get a chance, scroll through the comments and take a moment to read his thoughtful response which builds on what Vincent was talking about.
  • David Hobby and Joe McNally were both teaching in Dubai recently, and they had a video camera, and well….you just got to see the video for yourself, because it’s off the hook. They use this huge “cluster” of Nikon SB-800 flashes out in the desert for a live model shoot, and the results are just stunning. Plus, the video is very well-done, and you see how they set-up the shots, and well…like I said, you just gotta see it. You’ll find the article, and the video clip right here.
  • One last thing: Corey Barker has a nice tutorial on this week’s Layers TV episode (hosted by Corey and RC) on a very practical way to use Photoshop’s Vanishing Point Filter, plus as a guest they have Christie Winter, (one of NAPP’s in-house designers) showing her own Photoshop technique on how she created this year’s annual “Hot Tips” cover for the magazine (it’s pretty cool). You can watch it right online at

That’s it for this Thursday. Hope you all have an absolute kick-butt day! :)

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