I’m Doing a New Class This Week on How to use The Nik Collection of Plugins


On the heels of Google last week making the entire Nik Collection of plugs-ins absolutely free, I’m doing a online class that will release this Thursday (March 31st) that not only teaches you how to use the collection, I show:

(1) How I use them in my workflow
(2) Exactly which ones are my favorite filters and presets
(3) Which ones I don’t use at all (and why)
(4) Which one, if I was stranded on a desert island, would be the one I couldn’t live without and why
(5) All sorts of little tips and tricks that will help make your experience faster, better, and more fun.

I’ve been saying for years that for so many pro photographers I know, they will tell you that the Nik Collection is their secret weapon — so if you’re a KelbyOne member, I hope you’ll check out my brand new class coming this Thursday.

Again, a big tip of the hat to Google for making these plug-ins available to us all for free, and here’s hoping upon hope that while it looks unlikely, that if there’s a major update to either the Mac or Windows OS some awesome engineer might update it (perhaps on his own, as some rogue engineering doing good outside the walls). Then he or she could be the new hero of “The Resistance.” [vague Star Wars reference].

Full Details coming Thursday
Don’t forget to come back on Thursday to get the direct link to the class — can’t wait to share this with you!



P.S. Hey, did I mention I’m teaching my full day seminar up in Boston on Wednesday? Hundreds of Boston area photographers are already signed up, but it’s not too late for you to come, too!

  1. If this gesture from Google is signaling the end of the plugins, any thoughts on what is the best alternative in case we no longer have the NIK suite?

    1. MacPhun have just bought out a new Creative Kit, worth looking at I use these as well as NIK…some of the filters are better, like MacPhun Noiseless instead of NIK define.

  2. This is cool Scott. Like I said with the last comment I use NIK in my workflow as well. It will be quite interesting to see your workflow as well. See you soon!

  3. Scott, looking forward to seeing your workflow with NIK. I love Silver FX Pro and use it regularly.

    Are we still on for Wednesday? Shoot me an email if you get a second! ?

    — John

  4. I use about 5-6 filters in Color Efex reguarly and 4 in Silver Efex. I think the LR sharpening and noise reduction is adequate for most photos. I use Luminosity Blending now that elliminates a lot of the filters I have but Nik is my favorite by far. I picked up a set of Ranger Quadra’s yesterday and it was awesome to go back and watch the Kelby One videos on the lights!

  5. Looking forward to learning your thoughts on these plugins Scott. I should mention the folks at Flypaper Textures sell presets for Analog Efex Pro 2, and the one called “One Penny” is great. It uses 3 textures, and gives an interesting, muted look.

  6. Another point worth mentioning Scott: Silver Efex is the best plugin for fine art architecture photography. The goal here is to get all of Ansel Adams’ 11 zones in every photo. Silver Efex Pro 2 lets you see exactly what part of your photo is in each zone: just hover over the histogram to see the zones, then click on a zone to see where it is in the photo. For portraiture, I really think Macphun’s Tonality CK wins – hands down.

  7. Now that the Nik Collection is free, you might want to consider doing the same for your Nik class.

    It’s a good way to lead non-subscribing blog readers into the fold.

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