Thursday’s Industry Communiqu© (For Lover’s Only!)


When you’ve been writing news every Thursday since 2005, sometimes you just have to call it something other than just the “Thursday News,” so since it’s Valentine’s Day I came up with this name, which includes just a hint of French (the international language of love. Hey, my first thought was to call it “Thursday News Pellets,” which makes “Industry Communiqu©” sound totally palatable now, doesn’t it)? Here goes (remember, this is for just for Lover’s—-backwards skating only!):

  • On February 28th I’ll be over in Dallas, Texas teaching (on behalf of Nikon), at the annual International Symposium for Aerial Photography (ISAP). This is my 2nd time speaking for this group, and it is just a blast. Beside being just a great group to present to; their photography (which was on display at the event) is simply breathtaking. For more info on the International Society for Aviation Photography, click right here.
  • Hard to believe as this must sound, but Photoshop User TV actually did air on “real” television last night on Fox Business channel. Now, as you might expect, besides the date problem, there was apparently a time slot issue in some parts of the country, and as soon as I’m back in the office (tomorrow), I’ll track it down and hopefully get you the right info for next week, but hey….it’s a start. :)  Also, we expect to have the on-screen guide show “Photoshop User TV” within the next week or so, to make it easier to Tivo each episode.
  • Last week, a NAPP member named Charlie Guild posted this comment on my blog, and I wanted to share it with you. He wrote, “Of all the things you and the rest of the pack at NAPP have done for me as a photographer (and there has been a ton), one of the best surprises was being turned on to Joe McNally’s The Moment it Clicks. No amount of hype could match what this book delivers. I sincerely believe that time will prove this out to simply be one of the most important single pieces of work in digital photography.” Charlie, I couldn’t agree more.
  • For those of you planning to go to Photoshop World in Orlando, make sure to make it a point catch our special after-hour session called “The Art of Digital Photography.” This is not another Photoshop class—-it’s the photographers themselves showing some of their best work, and talking about the creativity and art behind the image, and it’s just such an inspiring, funny, and often touching evening that the following day it’s always the talk of the show. You’ll see presentations from gifted photographers, including Jay Maisel, Joe McNally, John Paul Caponigro, Moose Peterson, Joe Glyda, Vincent Versace, and the panel is moderated by the wonderful Jim DiVitale. It’s a night to remember, so make it a point to be there (the session is open to all registered Photoshop World attendees). Here’s a link with more on this after hour sessions.
  • Tech Note for Nikon D300 users: We’ve heard from a handful of D300 users who, since switching to Mac OS X Leopard, have been having a hard time getting their Macs to recognize files from their D300s. The interim fix is to set your D300 so it captures Raw images at 12-bit rather than 14-bit, and that fixes the problem. Rumors have it that Apple is prepping a major bug-fix of Mac OS X Leopard which will be released by month’s end, and that may well include a OS-wide fix for this problem, but at least for now we’ve got a way around it. Just thought we’d pass that on.

That’s it for this “Lover’s Only, Valentine’s Day Industry Communiqu©.” I’ll be back tomorrow, with the boringly named “Friday News Wrap-up” to send you whirling off into the weekend full of hope, and promise, and other stuff I only say to my kids. See you then! :-)

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