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We’ve got a lot going on right now at Kelby Media Group, so here’s a quick update:

Last two days left to save $100 off Photoshop World Conference Registration
Just a quick reminder—Friday’s the cut-off for the “Save $100” Early Bird registration for Photoshop World Vegas (coming Sept 1-3). First, here’s a post I did about the last Photoshop World (in Orlando), with lots of photos. Secondly, here’s the link with all the details, travel discounts, and a link where you can register (I promise, you’ll have a blast!). Thirdly, I hope to meet you in person in Vegas! See you there!

Great Review of David’s Ziser’s “Captured By the Light”
OK, although this review starts with the reviewer giving me some heat for raving about the book so much, within a few a paragraphs, he agrees calling it “one of the best he’s ever read on the topic,” so, (whew!) he kind of lets me off the hook. (Well, kinda). Anyway, it’s a great review over at the Digital Wedding Forum (link).

Catch Corey at the “Photoshop Down & Dirty Tour” in Nashville Next Week!
Our own Photoshop Guy, Corey Barker, is taking our “Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks” to the Nashville Convention Center next week, on Friday, August 6th. It is truly an amazing day, and I hope you can spend the day with Corey. You’ll learn so much your head will explode (in a good way, if there is such a thing). Here’s the link with details.

My “Photo Recipes App” featuring in the iTunes Store
One of my readers just brought this to my attention—my “Photo Recipes: Behind the Scenes” App (for the iPad and iPhone) has been featured on Apple’s iTunes Store (See above, and Whoo Hooo!). Thanks to the thousands of people have already bought the App, and I’m really excited about it (and the other stuff we have coming soon!). Here’s a direct link.

Photoshop World Pre-Conference Workshop Are Starting To Sell Out
Just a heads up if you’re going to Photoshop World: These optional pre-conference (the day before) workshop are already sold out:

  1. Creating Video with DSLR Cameras
  2. Channel & Masks
  3. On Location Wedding Shoot
  4. The NAPP Photo Safari

The HDR Crash Course workshop will be sold out by Monday as well. Also, in danger of selling out shortly is the “Real World Concert Photography” workshop (only 14 spots left).

One workshop that still has spots left, only because I think it’s totally mis-named, is James Schmelzer’s “Quality of Light” workshop, which is really a hands-on lighting class on shooting incredible Senior Portraits. Jim is a brilliant teacher (one of the best), and his Senior Portraiture classes on Kelby Training Online are a HUGE hit. In fact, if you sign up for his pre-conference workshop and you don’t absolutely just love it, come see me and I’ll refund your workshop registration fee on the spot (I’m that sure you’re going just love it).

You can find out more on the pre-conference workshops right here.

My Lightroom 3 Book is Now in Bookstores
I have a number of questions this past week about my Lightroom 3 Book for Digital Photographers, and I just wanted to let you know that it’s now in bookstores (actually has been for a few weeks now). Here’s a link to a short video with me describing what’s new in the Lightroom 3 version of the book (besides just the obvious new Lightroom 3 features), and you can buy the book right now online at either or Barnes & (online, or in their actual stores), or wherever cool Lightroom books are sold.

Kick Butt Tip from David Hobby on D-Town TV
We were very fortunate to have David Hobby (the Strobist Himself), on as an in-studio guest on D-Town TV (the free weekly show for Canon and Nikon DSLR shooters, hosted by Matt Kloskowski and myself), and David has an incredible tip for off-camera flash or location strobe shooters, that uses a camera trick, with a little bit of Photoshop, and it’s really brilliant. Plus, it’s super simple, which makes it even more brilliant. I tried his trick out yesterday on a location shoot I did in Downtown Tampa, I have to say, not only did it work like a charm, but I’ll be using it from now on! (Thanks David). Of course, there’s lots more in this episode (including a great tip for shooting still and video simultaneously from Moose Peterson). Here’s the link.

Cliff Mautner for President
Did Cliff Mautner’s Guest Post totally nail it yesterday or what!!!! Just read the comments (and Cliff’s replies as well), and you’ll see what I mean. His way of looking at wedding photography, and photography in general is really inspirational, and his images capture such depth and emotion. He truly is one a kind. Thank you Cliff for sharing your gift with my readers.

My FREE Lightroom Editing Online Class goes up at 12:00 noon EDT today
If you participated in my World Wide Photo Walk, and you missed my live Lightroom editing online class yesterday (held just for Walkers), don’t worry—we archived the class, and it’s totally free for you—you can watch any time, at your leisure, by going to the World Wide Photo Walk site (link), then log-in to your walker’s account, and you’ll see a replay of the live class. Again, it’s set to up at 12:00 noon EDT today. Thanks to everybody who watched live yesterday and asked some great live questions yesterday. Matt, RC, Nancy, and I had a ball!!!!

NOTE: We’ve got a LOT more TOTALLY FREE live, interactive training classes coming from Kelby Training very soon—more details to come, but I think you’re going to like it. A lot!

There even more happening here…
But I’ve got to hit the sack. Thanks for giving me a chance to share all the new stuff we’re working on with you. I feel very, very fortunate to get to teach for a living, and I’m indebted to all of you I’ve had the pleasure of teaching. Here’s wishing you a totally great Thursday!

  1. Scott:

    I was one of the winners of your LR3 book on the webcast yesterday and I have to say that I am absolutely thrilled about this! Thanks for all the info you give us week-to-week. I get so much inspiration from you and Matt for shooting behind the lens, and now I’m sure, with your book in hand, for editing on the computer.

    I did get a quick look at the inside of the book at a local Borders last night, and I think I will be like Ken above…up half the night reading it!

    I also want to pass onto you the great experience I had contacting Kelby Media headquarters. I never received an e-mail with the discount code for Lightroom 3 that Brad said the walkers would receive. I contacted Customer Service (spoke to Kathy) to find out if it could be re-sent. She was super helpful in contacting the appropriate people and getting me a code. Cudos to Nancy and Mary L for responding by e-mail so quickly and helping me with this problem as well. You have a great bunch of people working for you and it was a pleasure dealing with all of them.

    Thanks again,


  2. Hey Scott,

    Watched the video on the other post. I am excited, lessons that you can do over and over again for about a buck each. Kelby Training online is well work the price of admission :) I am so glad that I bought the Photo Safari and the Speed Pass (I want to be close enough to get some decent pics of the keynote) before those were sold out. I’m shocked that the After Hours Party isn’t sold out yet. Don’t people know how special that is? I have been talking to Ken Toney, and can’t wait to meet him.
    You and your organization has completely changed my life, thank you so much.

    See ya in just a few short weeks!

    1. Oh yeah, I got a Kelby Training email saying the CS5 for Digital Photographers book is here. Will it be shipping soon? Can’t wait to get it. I have the same book for CS2, 3, & 4. I wouldn’t miss this one. That’s why I pre ordered it.

      1. Mike, what is really sad is I have at least two of many of Scotts books. The last time I extended my membership I got 3 books free so I am giving them as Christmas presets!

  3. Last show was dynamite. Got a question re: Megapixels.
    How many megs would you want to shoot a picture that will print 16X 20, 8.5X 11 ?

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