What’s Coming Next at Kelby Training Online

Hi Gang: Rather than writing some long blog post about five amazing new online classes we’re developing right now, I thought I’d do a really quick video instead (above). I am so excited about this new stuff, and once you watch the video, you will be too! :)

  1. Scott
    Your training site is really evolving these days. You seem to change the way we need you to and it’s great! To be honest when I first subcribed to your training a couple of years ago I was skeptical, but all of that has long been laid to rest.

    Anyone out there who thinks they can’t afford the training, well… you can not afford not to have it! I can say it is worth every penny plus much more.

  2. Scott,

    Count me in!!!
    This is just ”THE’ best resource for learning there is out there. Really looking forward to the new courses you’ll be adding soon especially Jeremy Cowart if it’s in the same ‘style’ as Jay Maisel and yourself in New York!

    Going from strength to strength my friend!
    Best wishes,

  3. I agree to Ken, you can’t afford not to have a KelbyTraining account. Looking forward to the new classes. “A day with Jay Maisel” really blew me away, so can’t wait to get my hands (well my eye actually) on the new stuff.

    Meanwhile there is so much to explore, I guess I will never have time to watch it all because you guys are producing new stuff so fast.

    Thanks a lot!


    1. Hi Thomas:
      We’re getting very close. The App part isn’t the hold-up; it was converting 200 classes to a different video format that works with the iPad/iPhone. That process is almost done, and we’ve been tweaking the App so it shouldn’t be long now.

      As soon as it’s ready, I’ll be posting all the details here. :)


  4. WOW, this video has really made my day and I really can’t wait for these to be released!

    I agree with everyone, Kelby training is a MUST. Thanks alot to the Kelby team for all of your hard work and I agree that the Kelby training courses are VERY relevant to what us budding photographers want to see today, its all spot on!

      1. Scott, if we are subscribing online now will we have the subscription on the App?

  5. Hi Scott,
    I liked your video post today. It was more efficient and quicker than your blogs
    to get the information, hopefully for you too. If you feel the same way, it would be nice to see more of them.

  6. OK, this is really great news. I watched Jack do that one-light course at PSW and loved it. Alan and Scott’s concert photography pre-con was really enjoyable and I’m glad to see that’ll also be online to reference.

    I really like the fact that new material keeps coming out. It keeps us hooked as subscribers, but the value of having all this material really is better than anything I’ve found elsewhere. The whole team does a great job of producing and presenting the training material.

  7. I thought it was funny that the video doesn’t work on my iPad and there’s an iPad app for KT coming. Maybe it’s just me.

    Looking forward to the kid’s class!

  8. Scott

    I signed up for the Kelby Training Online. I have a brand new full time photography studio and I wanted a resource for continuing my education. I couldn’t have found anything better than this. The courses offered through your site are amazing. I have watched so many of them just to learn some new idea.

    I do have a suggestion though. One more on lighting and actual shooting is always good. I never get enough of how someone achieves the shot, two more business development classes, specifically for people interested in working in commercial work (fashion, portrait, advertising, etc). It would be great to get some practical and workable advise on business building. And finally I would love to see some more on high end retouching and editing. Creating those images that pop when seen in publication.

    No matter what you do though, I am subscriber for life. It is work every penny and more without a doubt. Just watch out though, I am new today, but one day your going to be ringing my line and saying come teach this.

    Keep it up, you are greatly appreciated and admired for what you are doing for the photographer/photoshop industry.

  9. You made my day……….I love my Ipad and to be able to follow kelby training will be great. Another question, what about Kelby TV ? Will we still need to go thru itunes?

  10. Scott—PLEASE DON’T POST THIS COMMENT, I am trying to point out a possible issue in one of your online training videos with regards to security of a ‘model’ in one of Joe McNally’s courses.

    At the 1’40” mark range in Joe’s Elinchrom Quadra Sniper Shot part 1 segment, there is a scene where the vehicle license plate number as well as identifying info of the vehicle itself (make/model,etc) is visible. You and your team have obviously gone to effort to protect identifying information from those of us enrolled in your service (LOVE it by the way) in order to keep him safe and still able to perform his job. I have friends and family who also have these same constraints on their lives and so am pointing out as a FYI that this is information that was likely missed and may (likely) or may not need to be blurred in order to truly keep him an unknown person.

    I hope this was helpful–it was meant that way :D and I will go back to watching the rest of that course (I paused to send you this before I forgot). Again, I hope this helps and thanks for all the hard work you and those associated with you put in to help us all along on our photographic journeys. I will also be sending this to you as an email if I can find your addy just as a double check. Not trying to spam but I do want to make sure you are aware of the info I’m sharing.

    God bless and be well,


  11. Love the videos …. fantastic … however watching them is almost a total disaster. I have tried emailing your support folks and I get very little support at resolving the problem.

    I’m not using a proxy, I have tried watching from various locations, all of them with 5MB+ connection speeds. Other sites load great including uTubes (no, I’m not watching both at the same time) …

    However the best that I can get is about 30 seconds of video and then a 30 second or more pause while it tried to buffer the download.

    This is on a good day … at other times I get at best 15 seconds of video with 30 second pauses while it’s buffering.

    Please do something about this …. I’m getting to the point of wanting a refund.

    Better still how about an option to be able to download the training so we can watch them off line (BBC iPlayer does a good job of this to protect their content).

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