I just got the list of what the winner of the “Vincent Versace Award for Excellence in Digital Photography” (Affectionately known as “The Vinny”) which is awarded during the opening keynote presentation at the Photoshop World Conference & Expo), coming up next month in Las Vegas, and it is hands down, one of the most amazing photo competition prize packages in our entire industry!

Here’s what “The Vinny” winner will win:

An Epson Stylus Pro 3880 printer
An Xrite Color Munki and Passport
A Dynalite Strobe Kit
A Westcott 5 in 1 Reflector
The Complete Collection of onOne Software’s Photoshop plug-ins
The Complete Collection of Nik Software’s Photoshop Plug0ins
All of Acme Educational’s tutorial DVDs
A Hoodman Camera Loupe
An Induro Carbon Fiber Tripod
A Wacom Bluetooth  Tablet
An Expo disc
A Laser Etched Customized 13×19 Pina Zangaro portfolio
Lexar Compact Flash cards
A Lowepro Slingshot bag
Tuition to any workshop at Maine Media workshop
Tuition to Photofusion at Palm Beach Photographic Workshops
1 year subscription to Kelby Training Online
A signed copy of Vincent’s new book (coming out in October)
A signed copy of David Duchemin’s latest book
A signed print 24×30? Versace print
An individual serving packet of Vegemite.
Adobe Photoshop CS5

The competition is open to all attendees of the Photoshop World Conference & Expo (there’s no entry fee for registered conference attendees), and the presentation of the award takes place during the opening keynote on the morning of March 26th (the Vinny Award is a special category and every one that enters the photography category as part of the Photoshop World Guru Awards is eligible to win. The winner of the Vinny is chosen by Mr. Versace himself).

Beyond the prizes themselves, winning the prestigious Vinny Award has launched the careers of a number of well known names (including NAPP’s own Corey Barker, and Photoshop World instructor, retoucher and photographer David Cuerdon, just to name a few). If you’re going to Photoshop World, you’ve got to enter the competition (there is no entry fee), so there’s no reason not to enter.

Here’s where you’ll find the official rules and how to enter the Guru Awards competition, and qualify your photo to be up for the Vinny Award.

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  1. Hi Scott, thanks for the news but I can’t see any link posted for the Guru Awards competition?
    take care

  2. Now that’s what I call an impressive prize list and Vegemite too…you gotta be kidding me :)

    Seriously though Scott, an awesome prize list for the one chosen this year.

  3. That is one totally insane list of prizes…hats off to the chosen one…you will be walking away with some amazing stuff.

  4. Seriously? “An individual serving packet of Vegemite.” If I had known that I would have entered for sure. :)

  5. That is one heck of a prize package, not to mention a huge coup to add to your resume.

  6. I have no chance of winning but I entered anyway. If I won this prize I would be able to switch to an Apple tower! (sick of the crashes)

  7. Vegemite?

    You have that in the northern hemisphere.

  8. Hey Scott, where we can see images of previous Vincent Versace winners ?

    Thanks, Sergey.

  9. I smuggled… I mean imported it straight from Australia.

  10. Holy Cow! The only thing that could make this list better, is a pocket sized Vincent Versace to take with you. :)

  11. Great! Can’t wait to see Vincent Versace on August 16th at B&H in New York!

  12. That is one HUGE list of items the winner will take home!

  13. Must admit as I was perusing the prize list and being amazed by the content I looked twice, three times and then changed glasses at the vegemite! (Personally, I love the stuff but know its probably an acquired taste.) Ok, I’ll be the stupid one – why? Does it have something to do with the ‘V’?

  14. Good article on Vegemite on Wikipedia. Sounds yummy.

  15. Hi Scott…I follow your blog using New News Wire . . . how do I get you to follow mine ? :-)

    Chuck St John
    Birmingham AL

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