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Howdy folks; here’s what’s up:

  • Adobe has released a free update to Camera Raw and Lightroom which adds supports for the Nikon D3x, and the Olympus E-30 cameras (Note: The Lightroom update also includes a few bug fixes). Here’s where to download the free update for Camera Raw (Mac | Windows), and here’s where to download the Lightroom update (Mac | Windows).
  • Friend of the blog, photographer Janine Smith, knows I’m a Type freak, and she sent me this site that I absolutely Love. It’s called “Flipping Typical” and when you go there, it looks at the fonts installed on your computer and shows you what any phrase you type looks like in all your fonts. This totally rocks for helping you find the right font for the job! (Yes, there are some tricks you can pull in Photoshop that sound like they do a similar thing, but once you see this site, you’ll wish this feature was in Photoshop. Here’s the link.
  • Reminder: I’m bringing my Lightroom 2 Tour Live! to  Denver, Colorado on Wednesday, May 20th, and then to Portland, Oregon on Friday may 22nd. Here’s the site with all the details. Hope to see you there!
  • Earlier this week I mentioned that we didn’t cover Nikon’s GP-1 GPS device on D-Town TV, because we didn’t have the unit. Luckily, Moose Peterson (who recently came on as a technical adviser to the show), did a great review for us of the GP-1, and it’s up now on the D-Town TV site (here’s the link).
  • By the way: this week’s episode of D-Town TV should be posted sometime today, over at the D-Town site as well. Let the hateful comments begin!
  • If you’re anywhere near Philadelphia, PA, there’s a gallery show this weekend at the T&P Gallery in Philly. The show is called “Focus” and  features the work of a number of local photographers. Here’s the link for more details—check it out if you get a chance.

That’s all I’ve got today. We’ll see ya here tomorrow for the weekly wrap-up. :)

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