It’s #TravelTuesday and I, Dave Williams, am writing as always. This time I’m in Finland where the brisk air is clear, the landscape is coated with snow, and the reindeer roam free.

Today’s post has absolutely nothing to do with Finnish Lapland, however. It’s all about photographers you may want to consider following on TikTok! Let’s list them off:

Dave Williams (yes, that’s me) – Behind the scenes travel and photography content that may potentially give you a little feeling of wanderlust.

Gilmar Smith – Amazing BTS content showing how she creates her magical photos. Also, Disney!

Mary Bel – Fascinating insights into photography and lighting, and photography ideas for you to try.

Clinton Lofthouse – A deeper look at lighting and composition with a focus on art and retouching, and a look at his local area in northern England.

Siân Elizabeth – A look at some editorial beauty creations that will really make you think about how you use lighting and makeup.

TikTok is definitely not just for kids, and the opportunities offered by this social media app are getting pretty serious. Creators who thrive on TikTok can expect some hefty payouts from the app itself as well as from sponsors. It’s not all about photography, as my friend Peter Treadway shows with his cycling account, so if you haven’t explored the world of TikTok, maybe now is the time. As photographers, we always need to be thinking about our marketing and influencing agenda, and this platform still has plenty of space for us to grow into with a photography-centric account.

Just something to think about today. Have a great day!

Much love


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