Time Lapse

It’s #TravelTuesday and I, Dave Williams, am here in Sweden coming at you with something from the world of Photography and Photoshop. Well, actually it’s more about video today – let’s get into it.

With a lot of experimenting lately in video and with the launch of a YouTube channel that I wish I’d started years ago, I’ve come to learn that time-lapse is a huge crossover between photography and videography, and it can be very beneficial across social media in pushing our presence.

It all started with northern lights. The aurora is something that is a huge part of my portfolio and my skillset, as well as being a huge passion of mine. I’ve included montages of the northern lights dancing in my videos from the arctic, but doing this really got me thinking – we can use time lapses to push other social media platforms, and other subjects. In terms of other platforms, we can create time-lapse videos that work well on TikTok. Shooting a tall time-lapse video or cropping to a tall format in post with Adobe Premiere Pro will help us to fill the tall screen that people view TikTok and other similar videos, such as Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, and will help us to show off our content creation skills to the world.

It really is a simple process but the ‘difficult’ element to the entire process is commitment. Growth on these kind of platforms requires dedication, time, and effort. Putting in the legwork is the only way to stack up the views, likes, comments, shares, and other factors required to ensure our growth. It all relates to the same principles I discuss in this KelbyOne class.

Moving away from social media and growth, shooting time-lapse is fun! It’s a challenge to be able to predict an event that will occur in front of our lens and therefore, how we position our gear and what settings we use for each frame that comprises the time-lapse video. It goes far beyond northern lights, of course. Rolling clouds, a warm sunrise, the turning stars of the night sky, light falling over a city skyline – time-lapse has such a broad application, and it’s certainly something I’ll be doing a lot more of!

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