Today on The Grid… Five Harsh Realities About Photography Today

On today’s episode of The Grid, Scott will be joined by RC Concepcion to discuss Five Harsh Realities About Photography Today (Hey, Somebody Had To Say It).

Tune in live at 4:00pm EST at to see what they have to say, and chime in with your thoughts as well!

  1. Surely one of them must be the time photographers spend in front of computers doing post production, blogging etc.! As much as I enjoy this digital era, I definitely use to have more free time in the past, in the old bad days of films! :-)

  2. Scott, props for so much common sense. I think most of your audience gets sold a lot of bullshit elsewhere. However, I’m surprised you couldn’t get out of the workshop pattern and made it sound like retouching is a missing piece in the puzzle. It sure is, but when harsh realities is the topic and you’re telling people to shoot more interesting stuff – the real life working photographer harsh reality obviously is that oftentimes you’re not shooting on your own terms and yet you have to deliver what you, Scott already name – interesting stuff.

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