Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. Live! in Atlanta & Tampa
We only have two more US dates left for the Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. Live! seminar tour… We’ll be in Atlanta tomorrow, Friday March 9th, at the Cobb Galleria Convention Centre, and wrapping things up in Tampa this coming Tuesday, March 13 at the beautiful, historic Tampa Theatre.

Leave a comment for you chance to win a ticket to one of these events (make sure you specify which one). Or you can still sign up for both of these by registering online or calling our customer service team at 800-201-7323.

Win a Copy of The Digital Photography Book Part 4!
Yep, we’re giving away another cool book. This time it’s Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography Book – Part 4. It just came out this week and like the first 3 volumes, it contains over 200 of the most closely guarded photography secrets in the industry today. For those keeping score at home, the first book in this set, The Digital Photography Book – Volume 1 was THE best-selling photography book of all time. Leave a comment below and we’ll draw 3 winners before next week’s Free-Stuff post. If you don’t win it, you can still buy it at

Bill Frakes “Shooting Portraits on Location” Webinar
Sports Illustrated photographer and Kelby Training instructor Bill Frakes will be hosting a free webinar March 15 on Shooting Portraits on Location, hosted by the Manfrotto School of Xcellence. The webinar goes from 2:00pm – 3:00pm EDT, and you can register right here. I would say leave a comment to win something, but this one is already free ;)

Joe McNally Hot Shoe Lighting Workshop in St. Lucia
Yep, McNally’s headed back to the beautiful Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain Resorts in St. Lucia for his Hot Shoe Lighting Workshop this fall! The workshop takes place from September 30 – October 6 (but trust me, you’ll want at least an extra day or two to enjoy the island). You can get all the info over at the Jade Mountain website (scroll to the bottom of the page), and they also handle pricing and registration.

Workshop attendees will also receive a free copy of Joe’s Sketching Light book and Language of Light DVD set! While we can’t give away a free ticket to the workshop (sorry), leave a comment for your chance to win a copy of Joe’s book, Sketching Light!

Princeton Photo Workshop with Jack Reznicki
Kelby Training instructor Jack Reznicki will be teaching at the Princeton Photo Workshop on April 28, alongside Steve Dreyer and Alan Kesselhaut! Together, they’ll be covering lighting, composition, workflow, HDR, post processing, and lots more. You can find all the info and register right here. Sign up by March 15 and save $30!

We’re giving away a ticket to one lucky commenter, so leave a comment for your chance to win!

Dave Cross Workshop with Calvin Hollywood
Calvin Hollywood will be doing a rare stateside, hands-on workshop at Dave Cross Workshops in Tampa on April 14. Don’t miss this opportunity to see Calvin’s entire workflow, from conception of the idea to final print. He’ll share how he finds his ideas and thinks in terms of the finished product while photographing and working in post production.

And… Leave a comment for your chance to win a ticket!

Last Week’s Winners
The winners of last weeks winners are…

Atlanta LSR Seminar: Mike Cooper
Tampa LSR Seminar: Ken Hunt
The Digital Photography Book Library: Ryan Jensen

Congrats to you all, and I’ll be emailing you before noon today :)

Leave a comment for your chance to win one of this week’s giveaways, and have a great Thursday!

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  1. Pick me…Pick me…Pick me…because I just used all my money ordering the “new” iPad.

  2. I would love the win the book! I am planning on buying it anyway so this would help!

  3. If it’s half as good as the first 3, it’ll be a winner!

  4. Scott, when are you going to come to Southern California?

  5. Digital Photography Book 4!  Whoa–I have an upcoming birthday and a nice, comfy spot on my desk for “over 200 of the most closely guarded photography secrets in the industry today!”  Just sayin’………(Psssst! Thanks for considering me!)

  6. Either book (or both) would be fine.

  7. Sign me up for the “Sketching Light”! I love Joe’s books!

  8. I would absolutely love both “Sketching Light” or the Digital Photography Book 4! One way or another I’ll find a way to get my hands on both of them at some point! 


  10. I would love to attend the event in Tampa.

  11. Someday I’d love to make the hop over to St. Lucia for Joe’s workshop. Until then, sign me up for Sketching Light!

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  18. Love the blog and the giveaways!! I would love to win your new photography book 4. 
    Thanks Scott 

  19. Hi Scott and Brad,
    I would really like to win the The Digital Photography Book Part 4. Many thanks…

  20. This is a great thing your doing Scott! Would be killer to see your lecture live and finally meet you! No matter who gets picked, I’m sure they deserve it! Keep up the great work!

  21. Looking forward to reading another of your books! Congrats on another one.

  22. Wow! Another amazing book! Thanks!

  23. Awesome! Really like the first three can’t wait to either win or buy the fourth! I’m sure that I will get some request from the people who I got them the set as gift will ask for the new one!

  24. I have to say that I love the book series and have the first 3 so now its just a matter of getting number 4 to see what new insights and jokes you have. I also just got done a few days ago watching the Jay Maisel Day walk videos and it was just like being there in person with the two of you. My favorite saying from them was when Jay said “I shoot photos, not pixels”.

  25. Thank you for Free Stuff Thrusday!

  26. Thanks for this. I’m definitely looking forward to winning your book and continuing on with the series.

  27. I’ve loaned out my three Digital Photography books time and time again. They’re a great resource. Can’t wait to get the fourth.

  28. I would like to enter my name for the Tampa show.

    Thanks Scott!

  29. I have the other three books. If this one is anything like the others it will be great. Congrats on your new book!

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    Or go to a workshop. Always something new to learn and who better than these workshop leaders?
    (Sorry for all the exclamation points. But it’s exciting stuff!!!)

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  37. I had planned to attend the Atlanta seminar, but unfortunately the money just wasn’t available. Maybe next time. I’d love to win the book though. I have several of Scott’s books, and they’re always an informative and entertaining read.

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  41. I’d love to have the opportunity to attend the Calvin Hollywood workshop or Joe’s new book! Thanks for hosting these great giveaways guys. :)

  42. Can’t wait to get my hands on the new book. These are by far my favorite Digital Photography books. And no, I not just sucking up, I really love them and recommend them all the time. Love that I don’t have to read a whole chapter to get to the meat of the technique. Simple, direct, and informative. Thanks.

  43. Interested in the book! Sean Johnson

  44. It would be great to win Scott’s book!

  45. Would be awesome to win Scott’s Digital Photography Book VOLUME 4 to add my other three volumes.

  46. Commenting for thew freebie.  First time I’ve done this…

    Got a click-jacking warning message while trying to ad an image.  Will check into that some other time

  47. I would appreciate a copy of the book – will complete my collection (have the 3 previous volumes).  The books have all been helpful – don’t have to read the whole thing to find what you need on the day too!  (though I always read the dedication/intro where Scott hides the goodies!).

  48. Love Scott Kelbys books!

  49. Since my copy of the Digital Photography Book part 4 is under its way, I’d love to win Joe’s book Sketching Light!

  50. Any book would be awesome to win, they would all be a great read and awesome lessons 

  51. Always great stuff mentioned on the Thursday round up.

  52. Awesome books giveaway, love to win either Scott’s book to complete my collections or Joe’s new book!! Count me in. :)

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  54. “Everyone thinks its a hobby! No its a Passion!”
    Making great memories, thanks to Scott’s books.

  55. Would love to win this book, I’ve already made room for it on the shelf, right next to it’s three siblings :-) 

  56. Can’t make it to the workshops but would enjoy an of the other prizes. Thanks Scott!!!


  57. I loved the first three books, please put my name into the contest.

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  64. Thanks for Free Stuff Thursday goodies. I’ve already signed up for Bill Frakes’ webinar and am looking forward to reading your new book. Volume 4 makes this set a very practical photo encyclopedia.

  65. Light it is a great book.  Looking forward to seeing his new one.

  66. Light it is a great book.  Looking forward to seeing his new one.

  67. Woo-hoo! Who doesn’t like free stuff?
    As they say, ‘You’ve got to be in it to win it’

  68. Woo-hoo! Who doesn’t like free stuff?
    As they say, ‘You’ve got to be in it to win it’

  69.  It would be great to win Scott’s new book! I’m not interested in the events… but only because I live in Europe/Holland ;-)

  70. Please stick my name in the pot for the draw for your new book, it will fit nicely alongside my copies of the earlier volumes.

  71. IMO first book is best

  72. I’d love to get a copy of The Digital Photography Book Part 4. I love the prevous ones and find them very helpful :)

  73. I live in St Pete and love that you’re doing a date at Tampa Theatre. Can I come? :)

  74. I just got myself the Nikon SB910 Speedlight, it’s AWESOME! 


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  79. I have all three of your books, plus your CS 2, CS 3 and CS 5 and your 7 point system for CS 3.  I can’t get enough and for everyone else out there who haven’t got them well ‘what are you waiting for’.  Just love everything you do.  Would so love to win the 4th volume and sit down with a good cup of coffee and just read.  ???????

  80. The TDPB series rocks!!!

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  82. Digital Photography part 4, here I go!! :-)

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    Got my ticket to the LSR event in London next month. As with the other LSR seminars will you there in the day too Brad? Would be cool to see you over on these shores :-)

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    Would love to be able to organize them like that, regardless of if I have to buy the 4th volume, or if I get lucky here.

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  94. Shwweet! There is just enough room on my shelf for #4!!!

  95. Hi Scott, I loved your first 3 books from “the digital photography book” series. I can’t wait to read the fourth one.

    The other options are great too but since I live in the Netherlands the book would be perfect!

  96. Winning book four would be awesome!

  97. Love the Photography series, and of course ill get book #4

  98. Hey Brad, I would LOVE to win the new Kelby book…the first three were fun, entertaining reading and the perfect complement to my photography self-training. Thanks for the chance!

  99. Can’t wait for volume 4, I’ll be it’s another big hit and would complete my set ( I’ve got the first 3) 

  100. Scott, I love your Digital Photography books.  I can’t wait to read Volume 4.  Thanks for all the inspirational work!


  101. Scott, I have learned so much from your books on PS CS4 and CS5. Easy to follow. I also just bought your “light it, shoot it, retouch it”. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and humor :-). Hope I win….after all, that’s why I’m leaving this comment – lol!

  102. Wish I was able to make one of these sessions, need to upgrade my geography…

  103. I think your Digital Photo Series is the best set of books around.   They cover Everything and the tips in them have, time after time, helped me to make better pictures and learn new stuff.  If I lend a book to a friend, that friend always buys himself a copy soon after,

  104. Would love to go see Calvin!

  105. Hi Scott, I have the 3 previous books and would love to get the 4th :-)

  106. I would love to win a copy of Joe’s book.

  107. Loved the webinar in Covington and went on to learn so much more. Very inspiring

  108. Uhm I think I need help. I woke up and thought, “It’s free stuff Thursday, gotta remember to leave a comment.” – PLEASE HELP!!!

  109. Scott’s books are great. covering topics in small segments covers a lot of material but makes it easier to remember and apply.  

  110. I would enjoy winning Scott’s 4th book to go with my volumes 1-2-3-3.  Yep somehow I ordered two of volume #3.  No matter I gave it to a friend so this one would complete my set.  Yes, I’ll buy it if I don’t win.  Oh, I shouldn’t have said that!!

    Love the blog and enjoy the success you all have attained.


  111. Hey Brad,

    How about showing a cowboy a little love with Scot’s new book.


  112. Scott, as long as you keep writing books, I will keep buying them. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us.

  113. Hello. I’d like a copy of Joe McNally’s book ‘Sketching Light’ please.

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  120. Hey Scott, I’d LOVE to win a ticket to the Tampa show.

  121. The only thing I love more than photography (other than my wife, daughter, family…you get the idea) is reading about being a better photographer! Free books are welcome here!

  122. I’d love to get Joe’s Sketching Light book.

  123. Light It! Shoot It! Retouch It! And the Digital Photography series a fantastic resources for any photographer. Scott’s writing style is fantastic!

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  125. As always, great free stuff and info. to be gleaned from Scott’s site.

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  128. All good information on class and training enjoyed your books

  129. The first 3 books were so great!  Winning the 4th would be even “greater”!

  130. Scott, should be getting your book today! I would highly recomend the Bill Frakes webinar, where can you get live training like that for free? I wanted to come to Atlanta tomorrow (only a couple hours from me) but Friday is a bad day, can’t leave my business (Scott, next time please book Atlanta on Mon or Tues) :)
    William Beem and myself are hoping to do the McNally St Lucia workshop, hope that works out!!

  131. Great books… gotta get one

  132. How about sending an Atlanta ticket to a stay at home mom trying to get a nice, educational Friday afternoon away from the kids?

  133. Would love to win a ticket to the Princeton workshop!

  134. i have the previous three and look forward to checking out 4th.  they are a huge help when getting started.

  135. I have the other three books, so this one would finish off my collection — at least until book 5 comes out. 

  136. Scott, I am here in Atlanta and would love to attend your LSR seminar.  I first thought I would be out of town but plans change.  Throw a ticket my way and I will be on the front row for you to use as an example of what not to do.

  137. Hi guys

    Great job! I have all the other three volumes…need fourth one now! Thanks!

    Ramin Hamedani

  138. Gratuitous posting for a fleeting chance of winning what I’m sure will become a major best seller…..again!

  139. I could do Atl tomorrow, or any of the great books. I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I don’t have any of those listed. :o

  140. The tampa LSR is right down the street! It would be awesome to attend!

  141. Thanks Brad! Lots of great prizes.

  142. Calvin … and a free ticket … does it get any better?

  143. I hope I win something!

  144. i want it all – book, ticket, whatever ! 

  145. Loved Scott’s first three books, would love #4. I refer to them all the time. 

  146. I need a book to read, but I doubt it would arrive before I get on my flight to the Sunshine State today.

  147. Would love to go to the Princeton Photo Workshop!  Thanks for all the great info Brad.

  148. I’m feeling lucky! LOVE your books!

  149. Would love the new book!

  150. Yay, I’d love to win a copy of the books … Scott’s or Joe’s!! And put me down for the Dave Cross workshop too! Sounds fabulous!! Thanks!

  151. I credit Scott’s books with teaching me photography.  I hope I win #4!  

  152. Would love to have either your book or Joe’s “Sketching light”. It would be even better if I could go to St.Lucia…

  153. I’d love to win one of the books.

  154. Would love to have a copy of Scott’s new book.

  155. The first 3 books are my bible. Can’t wait to read the 4th one.

  156. Would like to win these. Thanks for the chance

  157. Hey Scott,

    I think you and all the photoshop guys are awesome…
    Please enter me to win the book.
    I’ve been watching your show “photoshop user tv” for 2 years now, since I was 15.
    Anyway thanks for all I’ve learned from you! :-)
    -Eli McD

  158. I need to keep my set complete!  Please pick me.

  159. I have Scott’s 2nd and 3rd book and the 4th would be awesome to help out my photography. Considering my creative juices have been running low over the winter.

  160. The digital photography books were the first publications I purchased when I got my first DSLR….well aside from the manual that came with the D80. They got me going and remain great reference material today. Keep up the great work! Even if I don’t win, I will be picking up this book to keep my collection up to date.

  161. I would love any of the books!  Thanks!

  162. Thanks for the chance to win.  I have The Digital Photography Books 1, 2 and 3 and love them.  I refer to them often.  I also have the Photoshop Elements 6 and 9 books.  I don’t buy an upgrade of Elements without upgrading to your books also.  I received my first digital SLR camera about five years ago and have had your books by my side since then.  I would not know as much as I do now if it wouldn’t be for your clear and concise books.  Thanks.

    Jeff Paul

  163. That would complete my collection!

  164. I have the first 3 books and reccomend them to anyone who asks me how to use their DSLR.  Would love to complete the set with Book 4!

  165. Can’t wait until Number 4 comes out!

  166. I have all three of the previous Digtal Photography books.  They occupy a place right next to my camera’s owner’s manual and I take them everywhere I go and use them as reference.  Book number 4 would complete my collection.

  167. I have book 4 on order already but I would love to gift one to a friend.

  168. What a great reward for reading a great blog – a chance to win free stuff!  Okay, enter me for the books and the ticket for Calvin Hollywood’s seminar at Mr. Cross’ joint.

  169. I’d love to win either of the books. Love the Digi Photo Book vol. 1…It was the VERY first photography book I bought. Ordering my first speedlight today…Joe McNally’s book would definitely be incredible to own. I’ve heard great things. Thanks.

  170. A chance to win Part 4 of the photography bible? Count me in!

  171. I’d love to win The Digital Photography Book Part 4, or any of the other prizes for that matter!

  172. would love volume 4 of Scott’s newest book.  thanks.

  173. I’m all-in on The Photograhy Bible! Great stuff!

  174. Can I please have the companion book to the other 3 that I bought my daughter.

  175. I’d love to win the book! Read all but this one.

  176. Book number 4 would look so fabulous in with my other three!!

  177. I would love to win the Digital Photography Book 4, but if not I’m pretty sur I will just buy it. I have the first 3.

  178. Good morning Scott Kelby blog and friends.  It’s a great day win something.

  179. I want to win the volume 4 of Scott’s newest book.  thanks.

  180. My heart’s desire is to attend a workshop in Tampa at Dave Cross’ place. I would still have expenses for travel and lodging, but winning the Calvin Hollywood workshop would make it all worthwhile.

  181. I would love to win the book

  182. I went to the Light it, shoot it,…seminar in Philly.  I HATE driving to Philly but its my best option…the ONLY reason I go there is because I love NAPP so much!  Thank you to everyone for all your knowledge!  I love to learn new stuff!  Thanks for always giving us new content!  

  183. Scott, I can’t believe you’re giving away all those “closely guarded” secrets in your new book! The “establishment” will be aghast! But if you’d like to pick me for a free copy… It would add to my other Scott Kelby books on my shelf. Thanks!

  184. I’d love to go to the Princeton Photo Workshop, please pick me!!!!

  185. I have autographed copies of Volumes I, II, and II.  I would love to add Volume IV to my collection.

  186. I enjoyed the Grid yesterday, especially the stuff about people who take the technical side of photography a bit too seriously! Sometimes you just gotta have fun! :)

    Anyway, thanks for the chance to add to my Digital Photography book collection! I loaned out volume 1 to a friend who hasn’t returned it yet. :(

  187. Yis, it’s true, I would very much like to win a copy of Scott’s Digital Photo Bk – 4.  Psst! Pass it on!

  188. I’d love to go to the Tampa workshop!

  189. Brad…  I need the book to complete my collection… Please help me out… :)

  190. I have copies of Vol. I,II,& III.  I would love to have Vol.IV.  Really enjoy reading all of your posts!

  191. That would be awesome to have this book!  Still gotta get Volume 3 though, but I’d love to have 4!

  192. The book would make my day :)

  193. Hey Scott, as a rookie I really NEED your new book to sharpen my skills and my photos! Thanks in advance!

  194. Wow! Another great giveaway! Your new book would be a nice addition to my Kelby collection! :)

  195. I need the fourth volume to complete the series.  Thanks!

  196. I just got your 4th book for my birthday today. PS welcome to ATL

  197. I was fortunate to win your first three Digital Photography books at one of your LSR seminar. It would make my day to win the fourth book! In other words, pick me!!! (please)

  198. Wow! You have some great freebies! I would love any of them.

  199. I would love to attend any of the workshops in the Tampa area, and the book!  Thanks for the opportunity!

  200. All your giveaways are awesome, let me just win any of them

  201. Calvin Hollywood stateside in Tampa, I’d love to make the drive down from Tallahassee! 

  202. When I saw ”
    Joe McNally Hot Shoe Lighting Workshop in St. Lucia” I was really hoping an all inclusive trip would be the give way ;-)

  203. Well, first I bought Book 1, gave it away when I bought the set, now I need to complete the set again.  When I complete the set, I think I’ll attach it to the side of the set box with Velcro so it actually looks like its part of the set….   ;-)

  204. I love Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography books.  They are my go to reference for shooting tips and camera settings.  I can’t wait to get the new book!

  205. Would love to add book #4 of the Digital Photography Book series to my collection!

  206. Great prizes. Would love to see Calvin Hollywood at work.

  207. I would love to win ANY of these great prizes! Thanks Dave

  208. Oh man, I’d LOVE your new book.  (I already have the first three and can’t tell you how much they’ve helped me!)

  209. I would love to win Book 4!

  210. Thanks Brad, would LOVE to win the new book! Would be a plus for a poor student! 

  211. Would love to add book 4 to my library of resources!

  212. I would enjoy the new book or Joe Book would be great also.

  213. WOW! something for nothing, get your chics for free…oops, wrong song.
    I would really like that 4th book. I’ve about worn the ink off the 1st three. You guys are the best!

  214. I’m in. I love free.

  215. I’m bubbling with excitement to see you in the ATL tomorrow!! I know I’m just one of the plebs, but I’m a passionate one! It would be super duper to meet Calvin as well or even get a copy of your book! Cheers!

  216. I would love to win the Digital Photography Book!  I just joined NAPP.  I look forward to the tutorials and the support on PS.

  217. Free Stuff, Free Stuff… I love Thursday’s for this reason alone…

  218. I’m up for a book win, today.  Thanks!

  219. That’s a lot of free stuff, wow. Any book would be awesome. Thanks for everything!

  220. Really looking forward to Scott’s new book – I want to complete the set and learn even more…

  221. Would love a copy of the fourth part of the series. The first 3 were great.

  222. Atlanta? I can get to it….just can’t afford the ticket.

  223. I think it’s an understatement to say the first 3 books were great. #Classics.

  224. Free stuff Thursday. What a great concept. Would enjoy Scott’s new book. 

  225. Woohoo! Free stuff! Thanks for the chance to win Scott.

  226. Hey Scott,
    I would love to win your new book, even though I’m about to buy it.  I would give it to a friend.

  227. The new book looks great.

  228. Great Stuff today guys!!

  229. Scott,
    thank you so much for all the great hits you have supplied us over the years. the books, webinars, NAPP. i cant keep up with it all; i guess i will have to just quit my job, catch up to you and your crew and become a groupie!

  230. Digital photography offers so many opportunities for creativity that I am sure this volume will encourage more of this.

  231. Does the book come with a pair of Ernie Ball Strings too?

  232. I love these books, I actually use them in my photography class and they help! Thank You!

  233. Can’t wait for the next version!

  234. Would love to win a copy of either volume 4 or Joe’s book. Thank you!

  235. Get Calvinized! That would be awesome! Long flight from Phx but it would totally worth it! Of course, Scott’s book would be groovy too.

    FYI. Sketching Light is fantastic. If you don’t win it, don’t wait to buy it. Joe is not only a great instructor, but he is also entertaining to read (and watch for that matter).

  236. I don’t have The Digital Photography Book series yet, but I could always start from n.4!

  237. Book Four? Hope I Score!

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    After I went to the Light It! Shoot It! Retouch It! seminar in Denver last year I’m totally hooked on Kelby Training…Have a few of Scott’s books already. (

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    I Live in Denmark so I hope not I win any workshop event… you know, I can’t afford the trip to US even though I would love to visit your country. Maybe that happens some day… I wish!

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    ciao from Harrislee

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