Brad Moore here again with another bit of news… Our latest iPad app, Scott Kelby’s Lighting Recipes, just launched on the iTunes store today, and it’s FREE!

The cool thing is, it’s not just a couple of lighting setups… There are 13 lessons in this app, showing you the finished image and production shots so you can see how each one is set up.

Scott walks you through each setup, plus there are even bonus setups within some of the lessons! Not bad for free, eh? :)

If you’re looking for some of our other educational apps, you can see a full list of Kelby Training apps (for iPhone and iPad) right here, including Learn To Use Brushes in Photoshop, another app that was just release this past week.

And if you like the Lighting Recipes app, make sure you check out Light It Magazine, our magazine for all things lighting!

Leave a comment for your chance to win a free download of the Brushes app!

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  1. Free Lighting Recipes? Awesome! Thanks!

  2. Can’t wait for this stuff to be accessible from an Android!

  3. Brushes!  Yeah. . .

  4. YAYS Downloading now! I am an avid reader of Light It magazine. It’s my favorite and so interactive. If you haven’t downloaded it yet and are a strobist, you should.

  5. Thanks Scott!  Awesome!

  6. Actually meant to thank Brad too!  Sorry.  Thanks Brad for posting this!

  7. Thanks! These recipes sound good to chew on over lunch! 

  8. Yeah!  I can’t wait for this to available for Android! :)

  9. This is so COOL! When you coming back to Detroit?

  10. Awesome! I’d love the Brushes app as well! Thanks for all you guys do. 

  11. I’m gonna try IT

  12. Very cool. Thanks guys!

  13. Awesome giveaway!

  14. Almost as good as having Scott train you himself.  Thanks to Scoot and Brad for letting us know.

  15. Ah man this is going to look so cool on the New iPad :)

  16. Thanks for the freebie, keep up the awesome work!

  17. Awesome! One of the first things I’ll be downloading when I get my iPad (along with Light It magazine), can’t wait!

  18. Awesome timing for this, I shouldn’t even be *on* my computer right now (stupid karate wrist injury…), so this will give me an excuse to get off and do something else.  Thanks guys for releasing this!  Downloading it now.  

  19. Cant’ wait to try it out.

  20. I can’t wait to start the Android street wars again. But then I’ll have to wait won’t I?

  21. I love recipies,,they give me a great starting point and I can get creative from there. thanks so much for this gift !!! You ROCK Scott!!!

  22. I have Scott’s first recipe book and thoroughly enjoyed it.I’ll be downloading some of his apps.

  23. I appreciate the free download info, except not all photographers run with Apple products. Hope you share things for Android users soon. 

  24. I’d like to get in on the Digital Photography book, Vol.4.  The others have been good reads.  Thanks

  25. Just curious, is the material in the free app the same as the stuff in the other two recipe apps from Scott?

  26. Awesome can’t wait to get home and fire up the iPad! Thanks…. Sure glad I’m not running android, lol sorry android users couldn’t help myself, I’m sure your turn will come but till then borrow an iPad :)

  27. Very cool…will go great with the next edition of Light It! (When will #6 be out?).

  28. I deserve to get the free app. Period.

  29. Well done!!! Great app. Thanks!

  30. Great app, the lessons are informative and easy to apply in real world settings. Thanks for the labor you put forth in training present as well as future photographers like myself.

  31. Very cool (and free!)

  32. This is great! Love it and tweeted and facebooked about it! Really excited :) @darrenhouse_

  33. This lighting app os ridiculously brillant.  It’s fantastic as a quick reference, as well as just general browsing to learn more.  All the effort that has been put into this is very much appreciated.

    Thank you so much.

  34. That’s awesome. Thanks! Can’t wait to check it out.

  35. Love your stuff Scott. I am going to buy the New I-pad so looking forward to seeing your stuff on it.

  36. Thanks so much for the free-ness!! I love everything NAPP. And I can’t wait for Photoshop World!! See you guys there.

  37. I love the Light it magazine, and like this lighting app.  Thanks! 

  38. Great thanks for the free content!!…….o no wait! it’s just like last time only for Apple products, I’m sure it will be available for Android in the near future just like the Light It Digital Magazine, o no wait!…… you never released that one for Android like you promised. Way to go Scott!!!! you have managed to do it again!

  39. Thank you very much.  Looking forward to checking it out.

  40. Just did all the lessons. Really good stuff – and then even for free!!

  41. A very good app. I love the gear guides and in settings you can email all of them. Indeed, the images would look great on the new iPad. Great work Scott

  42. Thanks for the great free ap.

  43. Awesome. iPhone version for the iPad-less pretty please? Oh, and by the sounds of it a hanky for the iOS-less ;-)

  44. I don’t know if you are a better business man or photographer, or maybe just really good at both. This is an excellent app in both content and execution. Thanks very much for the inspiration.

  45. PLEEEASE make this for Android!

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