What I’m Teaching at the Photoshop World Conference & Expo (later this month)

Hi Gang: I know a lot of you are heading to Photoshop World in Washington, DC at the end of this month (It’s kicks off on the 24th), and I was hoping you might consider checking out some of the sessions I’m teaching at the conference. (by the way —- those shots above are from previous Photoshop Worlds).

(1) Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it
This is a mini-version of my live tour, but I didn’t want to do the same lighting set-ups that I do on the tour (since a lot of you have seen the tour live), so I’m doing three different looks using just one single light; I’ll be doing the shoot live on stage (as always), and then I’ll take one or two of those images and take you through the entire start-to-finish retouch.

(2) Photoshop for Travel Photographers
When I taught this class at last year’s Las Vegas Photoshop World, I was hoping that anybody would show up at all (with multiple tracks going at once, you never how how many folks will actually chose your class), but it was standing room only, with nearly 1,200 photographer in that session. I was psyched, and we had an awesome time. I’ll be showing my latest Photoshop techniques for making the most of your travel photos, and how to create the color, depth, and dimension you saw when you were there, come through in your images.

(3) Lightroom 4 Killer Tips
OK, it’s actually a combination of cool stuff from Lightroom 3, and some new tricks for Lightroom 4, too, but if you use Lightroom — you’ve got to be there. I had so many people come up after I did this last time around, and they told me that one session was worth the entire price of the conference. I can’t swear that’s it that good, but I heard that comment again and again, and I hope when I teach in Washington, DC this month, I’ll look out and see you there.

I hope you’ll check out at least one of my sessions, and if you do make sure you come up and say “hi.” I always get a kick out of meeting people who read this blog (and if you’re a commenter, especially come up and say hi — that way I can put a face with a name.

Book signing
I’ll also be doing a book signing of my latest book, “The Digital Photography Book, Part 4” (and any other book of mine for that matter), at the Peachpit Press Bookstore on the expo floor on Sunday at 3:00 pm.

Maybe some more retouching
If I can work it out in my schedule, I’ll also be doing a special retouching session at the Wacom booth on the Expo floor, and I’ll be using the new Intous 5 tablet (Whoo Hoo!!!).

It’s not too late…
If you haven’t signed up  for Photoshop World, it’s not too late. Go to Photoshop World.com right now and get all the details, grab a hotel room, and we’ll see you in just a few weeks for a learning experience that you’ll be talking about for years (don’t forget, if you go, you gotta come to one of my sessions). See you there! :)

  1. I hadn’t planned to attend your LSR session whilst I’m over in PSW as I’ve got a ticket to the London session of the main tour. However seeing as it’s different from the main tour and you’ve asked so nicely I’ll re-jig my schedule to fit it in ;-)
    Look forward to meeting you and other NAPP twitter/FB friends when our NAPPUK posse hits the halls of PSW in DC soon.

  2. So you’re slammed almost 24 hours a day!  I’ll get to a couple of yours but you have sooo many great people presenting so many great things it’s hard to be in 6 places at once.  This is my first time and I’m really looking forward to it, 2 more weeks.  

  3. I really enjoyed the Travel Photography session at PSW.  Just the first couple of tips were so simple & effective that I was hooked right at the start.  I’m bummed that I’m not going to D.C. this time, so I hope you’ll repeat the LSR course in Las Vegas this fall.  Perhaps I’ll have a chance to attend there.

  4. Scott, I would love to hear anything related to Photoshop for Travel Photographers, and can’t make it to PSW. Any chance you can blog about it and put up some content / tips…or better yet, write a book on the subject????

    I do an excessive amount of travel and landscape photography and would love to hear about how you address this…..pllllleeeeeaaaasssseeee. Maybe Santa will come early this year :-)


  5. Very very excited you’re showing new setups for LSR, and it just bumped something else off my class schedule (I think it was something by that McNally guy).  Loved the tour, loved the book, and just tried my first setup based on something I saw on the tour and it came out great!  

  6. Hadn’t seen that pic of Tony and me! (Last pic…) Good one, Brad! 

    That was from the Concert Photography Pre Con class… Come join Alan and me! It’s a lot of fun! (As is everything else with Photoshop World!)

  7. I am ridiculously excited to make it to PSW again this month. It’s been 2 years! I just downloaded the 30 day trial of LR4, so I can’t wait for that session. I missed you yesterday here in Atlanta because my kids had a big event, spring protocol. I drove right past you at the Galleria heading for the Cobb Energy Center.

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