Today We Introduce a Truly Groundbreaking Subscription-Based Online Training Experience

Kelby Training Online

OK, this is really, really, really big news; today we just launched a groundbreaking new online training program, featuring the best teachers on the planet, and it’s subscription-based so you get unlimited access to ALL of our online courses for an amazingly affordable price.

Here’s a Q&A with all the details:

Q. Before we get started; do I have to read all this stuff, or do you have a quick video clip that explains it all?
A. Yup, we sure do. Here’s the link.

Q. So what is subscription-based online training?
A. In the past, we’ve offered online training courses, and it was always “Pay as you go” (basically, you’d pay individually for each class you took). But now you can pay one annual subscription fee and then you have unlimited access to all our online classes.

Q. You said this is amazingly affordable. OK, how affordable is it?
A. Our annual subscription is only $199, or you can pay $19.95 a month. By contrast our online classes used to be around $70.00 each. If you took just three classes, you were already paying more than our new subscription tuition. Now, you get unlimited access, all year long, for only $199. That’s just 55¢ a day, for unlimited access to the best Photoshop and photography teachers on the planet.

Q. What if I’m a NAPP member? Do I get a discount?
A. Absolutely! You get an annual subscription for just $179 (or only $17.99 a month).

Q. How many classes do you have online right now?
A. We just launched today, and we already have 34 classes up online, right now, with more waiting in the wings (and I mean literally waiting in the wings; including some amazing new classes going up next week!)

Q. What makes you guys different?
A. We knew we had to do something really special to stand out from the other online training options, so we asked ourselves what is the single most important aspect of any online course. Is it the topics? The price? The technology? The quantity? The look? What is it? We think the single most important thing is “The teacher.” It’s who you’re learning from, and their connection with the students. It’s their passion, their knowledge, their ability to communicate and share in a way that makes sense, that’s engaging, and even fun. That’s why we built our entire program around one thing; bringing you nothing but the very best teachers on the planet. Period.

Q. So who is on your faculty?
A. Only the most gifted teachers like:

  • Katrin Eismann
  • Bert Monroy
  • Dan Margulis
  • Dave Cross
  • Ben Willmore
  • Matt Kloskowski
  • Eddie Tapp
  • John Paul Caponigro
  • Terry White
  • Moose Peterson
  • Joe McNally
  • Rich Harrington
  • David Ziser
  • RC Concepcion
  • Fay Sirkis
  • Corey Barker
  • and Vincent Versace (with more announced in just the next few weeks).

They don’t all have classes up live yet, but we’re working on them all as we speak, and as soon as one of their classes is complete (they’re all doing multiple classes), we’ll open that class up to our online students.

Q. Scott, are you teaching any classes?
A. You know it! Today my “Photoshop CS3 for Digital Photographers” class went live and I’ve got two more classes on the way: (1) Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques, and (2) A class I’m co-hosting/moderating with photographer Andy Greenwell on “Building Your First Studio From Scratch” (which is scheduled to go live in the next 10 days).

Q. If the teacher provides files for us to practice along with, can we download them, or do we have to pay extra?
You get ’em without any extra fees whatsoever. It’s part of your subscription.

Q. OK, I’m a photographer; tell me something that’s going to get me really psyched!
A. How’d you like to learn landscape photography from Moose Peterson, the man behind the renowned “Digital Landscape Workshop Series.” We flew a camera crew out on location to Montana to take you on a live landscape shoot and training workshop with Moose himself.

Q. Now you’re talking. Tell me more!
A. OK, next month we’re live on location in a beautiful church with world famous wedding photographer David Ziser, where you’ll learn the secrets of pro wedding photography. Learn from the master as David photographs the formal bride and groom shots, and you’re right there with him as he explains everything from lighting to posing to how to turn this all into profits for you.

Q. That’s what I’m talking ’bout! OK, can you give me just a little more, cause I’m getting pretty psyched?
A. This week our video crew was in the studio with Joe McNally and on location for an amazing environmental portrait shoot with a ballerina that will blow you away. Imagine learning location lighting, and professional off-camera flash techniques from the man who literally wrote the book on location lighting. During the taping our crew said (and I quote,”this one class alone is worth the entire year’s subscription”). This is just a peek at what’s already “in the can” and what’s coming in the weeks and months ahead.

Q. How ’bout spilling the beans on a cool unannounced class?
A. No sweat, cause I’ve got a killer class for ya. How about an Adobe ACE Certification “Boot Camp” class from Matt Kloskowski, the same guy who taught the live ACE Boot Camp pre-conference session at three Photoshop Worlds! That’s coming online in the next couple of weeks, too. How cool is that!

Q. Can I get a sneak peek at how it all works? How about letting me try a couple of lessons?
A. Sure, why not. Head over to the KelbyTraining site, and click the “Try it Now (Free)” link at the top. You can watch the first three lessons from any of the classes to get a sense of what we’re doing, how the player works, and stuff like that.

Q. This sounds just amazing. How do I sign up, because I want to start taking classes today?
A. I knew you’d say that (’cause I wrote it). You can sign up right now at the site, and start taking any one of our classes today. Plus, you’ll have unlimited access to all new classes as soon as they go live.

Q. Thanks for taking the time to do this Q&A. It was really helpful. It’s like you knew what I was going to ask before I even asked it.
A. It’s a gift. I have to say, I really felt a connection with you. (Or, with me. Well, you know what I mean).

So that’s it folks. You’re seeing the ground-floor launch of something that we’re very committed to, and very honored to be developing for you. I invite you to subscribe and join me and Katrin, and Dan, and Bert, Matt, Dave, Ben, Eddie, Vincent, JP, Rich, Terry, RC, Joe, Fay and the whole gang as Kelby Training brings you the very best training, from the very best teachers on the planet, with a tuition that’s affordable for every one, and every company. Here’s the link to start learning with us today.

That’s it for today. Hope to see you back here tomorrow for my Friday wrap-up. Have a great Thursday everybody! :)

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