Tomorrow’s Guest Blogger Is…

Nick Rapaz! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to help photograph the First Lady, Annie Leibovitz, or world leaders at the UN? Nick gives us a peek into all of those situations from his time as a full-time assistant working with Platon, as well as life as a freelance assistant.  He also shares about one of the things people don’t think about often when it comes to photographing busy people – the choreography of the shoot.  It’s a very interesting look into setting up for what could be a timeless and iconic portrait of someone in a matter of seconds.

Some of you may recognize Nick from the Light Shaping Tools, Part 2 Kelby Online Training class with Joe McNally.  This was the first time I (Brad) met Nick, and I have to tell you that he is one crazy guy, which is why he got along with Joe and I so well :)

Anyway, make sure you stop by tomorrow and check out Nick’s post!

  1. Brad, I’m crazy, does that qualify me to work there? I can leave my wife with the family business and shoot down to Florida (they will be glad to get rid of me). I’ll be up at 1:30am waiting for this blog!

    1. For anyone who watched (and liked) Calvin Hollywood last week, he has several tutorials on youtube that are similar to the ones he did on Scott’s site (search his name on youtube).

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