Tomorrow’s Guest Blogger Is…

…Nashville portrait photographer Michael Deppisch!

With the recent flooding in Nashville and the surrounding areas, I thought it would be timely to invite Michael to share the short documentary he made over the weekend that shows the devastation they’re facing right now.  Check back tomorrow to see the moving video and a bit of the story behind it.

In the meantime, you can donate to the recovery efforts at and check out Michael’s work at

  1. Can’t wait to see the post. My sister and her fiancee are chef’s with the Opryland, they’re home was spared but they’ve headed up to PA to stay with family. But she told me she just broke down and cried when she saw the Delta room flooded. Our family has never really experienced any major weather events like this and she’s still in shock over seeing all the water all over the city.

    Keeping prayers raised up for those affected by the floods.

  2. Scott,

    As an east nashvillian and one who was VERY lucky, I’m looking forward to seeing this. Thanks for thinking of us! Can’t wait to see you in Atlanta in a couple of weeks and Cory in June!


  3. I was looking forward to the post! what happend?!! I can’t belive Scott’s going to be back in 5 days, You all that have been posting have been posting have been great and I will miss what you have to say, maybe Scott will still let you guys post somtimes! It will of course be great having Scott back, but he could not have left us all in better hands, you all are great!

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