Tuesday News Nuggets

Here’s a quick look at what’s going on:

  • NAPP’s own Bert Monroy has just posted another episode of his Pixel Perfect podcast, and in it, he features a photorealistic slash technique he credits to another of our in-house experts, Corey “The Photoshop Lad” Barker, (co-host of Layers TV) and it’s just way cool (plus, Corey is totally psyched to have Bert showing one of his techniques). Click here to watch it online.
  • Here’s an amazing opportunity; world famous digital landscape photographer (and author of the highly acclaimed book, Stephen Johnson on Digital Photography), is holding a special “Digital Black & White” hands-on course in his lab, coming up on November 8-12, 2007. Because of the incredible advances in paper and ink recently, this is a course I would dearly love to take myself. If you want the chance to learn B&W from one of today’s true masters, snag one of the few spots now. Here’s the link for more info.
  • I’ve gotten a number of emails from readers and NAPP members, asking when it’s OK to upgrade to the soon-to-be-released (three days from now), Mac OS X Leopard. I have an easy answer to this one: “When Terry White says it’s OK.” When I go to Terry’s Tech Blog, and he gives it the full OK (meaning all the key Adobe apps work in Leopard without a hitch), then I’ll make the full switch (instead of running it just on a testing machine).So far, Leopard seems very stable (by the way; you’re going to LOVE Leopard–it’s like getting a whole new Mac), but again, I look to the power of the great and powerful guru of technology on when to make the full switch. Here’s the link to Terry’s blog (which yesterday featurd a great article; 50 things he’d like to see added to the iPhone. Today he has some shots from Dave Moser’s highly photographed wedding).
  • Here’s two more winners of signed copies of my iPhone book: Friday: John Marsh. Monday: Cyndi Clark. Don’t forget, this Friday we’ll be drawing for a winner of an Apple iPhone (not the book—the phone. Well, the winner will get the book, too, but at this point, it’s really about the phone). If you haven’t entered the free drawing, do so right here. If you haven’t bought the book, do so at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

That’s it for now. Have a great Tuesday everybody!

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