Tuesday News Nuggets


Hi Everybody. Here’s what’s goin on:

  • My buddy Matt Kloskowski did a post last week called “Why Lightroom?” on his “Lightroom Killer Tips” blog that started a great discussion (and is creating some real buzz). Check it out right here.
  • In that same vein, on this week’s episode of Photoshop User TV, I did a special segment on Lightroom vs. The CS3 Bridge and Camera Raw, and where Lightroom fits in, inspired by comments I got from a number of attendees at my “CS3 Power Tour” in New York City two weeks ago (namely, “What is Lightroom?”). Here’s the link to watch it online (it’s the first segment in the show).
  • Terry White, of Terry’s Tech Blog fame, and co-author of “The iPhone Book,” is quoted in the current issue of Newsweek in an article on GPS units. You can read the article right here.
  • Thomas Testi, over at Blog Critics Magazine posted a very in-depth review of my Photoshop 7-Point System book today, and he does a good job of showing how this book differs from my other Photoshop books. Here’s the link.
  • Want some Tuesday photo inspiration? Go check out photographer Jill Greenberg’s “Manipulator” web site (if the name sounds familiar,Jill gained fame earlier in the year with her “crying baby” shots). Jill has a very unique style (and a signature Photoshop finishing style that is very slick). Click here to check it out her work.

That’s it for today’s new folks. Make sure you scroll down to the next post which answers some questions about the Elinchrom Octabank I keep talking about.

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