Tuesday News Stuff

A great photogrPreviewaphy project to raise funds to help Haiti
I got an email from photographer Jim Goldstein about a friend of his, Lane Hartwell, who in just 24 hours has pooled together the amazing work of several photojournalists who have photographed Haiti creating an online magazine on the site “MagCloud”. The magazine is on sale now with all proceeds (less cost) going to the Red Cross to help their efforts in Haiti. Here’s the link. It’s only $16. I hope you’ll consider it.

A week from this Friday in Dallas. You. Me. And 500 or so of your friends.
There are less than 50 seats left for my Dallas “Photoshop For Digital Photographers” one-day workshop, so if you’re planning on going, I’d snag a seat now before it’s too late. Here’s the link.

BestAppSite.com announces their 2009 “Reader’s Choice Awards” for the top 50 iPhone Apps
There are some juicy ones in there (and check out what’s at #2). Here’s the link.

Wanna see some cool photography?
NAPP member Bill Reichardt has some really wild stuff in his NAPP online portfolio (wild in a good way), and if you’ve got a second—it’s totally worth checking him out. Here’s the link. Way to go, Bill!

That’s it for this one folks
Hope you all have a kick-butt Tuesday!

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