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Here’s what’s up this beautiful Tuesday in April:

  • Pinhole Photo Gear
    One of my readers, Holly Tarquinio, turned me onto a very cool “Pinhole Camera” kit called the Hole-OnEx (shown above), that you can pick up for around $20. It’s made of cardboard (hey, it’s under $20), and you have to assemble it yourself (you’ll need some glue, and it doesn’t hurt if you’re crafty), but it’s amazing the images you can take with it. I found a couple of links to the camera here and here (though I haven’t done business with either of these companies). This got me digging around a bit, and I also found some slightly more expensive alternatives that don’t require assembly, like the Hole-OnEx Pin Camera Kit” (for $22 on Amazon.com—here’s the link), and the “Pinholga” with its own cable release for $62. I’m going to have to get at least one of these, so if you’ve got any experience with one or the others, let me know—I can’t wait to try it myself. Thanks Holly for the tip!
  • Rick Sammon Releases New Wedding Photography Book
    rickweddingOur buddy Rick Sammon just came out with a Wedding photography book which features the work of a host of different pro wedding photographers, with insights into their creativity, workflow, and there is even a Photoshop tips section with 40 pages of Photoshop tips for wedding photographers. I just got the book on Friday, so I haven’t had a chance to go through it yet, but if Rick is involved, it’s gotta be a great book. Here’s the link to it on Barnes & Noble.com and Amazon.com
  • Just How Strong is a Pelican Camera Case
    Steven Frischling over at the photography travel site, “Flying with Fish” really wanted to test the strength of a Pelican camera case, so he drove a really big truck right over the Pelican 1514. Here’s the link to find out how it fared after having a few tons cruising over it.
  • D-Town TV Download Problems On The Mend
    Man, did we have a mess of D-Town TV download problems last week. It’s a long story why, but it was one of those “Perfect Storm” kind of things that brought things to a screeching halt. Some folks had no problems; so folks were totally stuck. The good news is: the number of downloads is phenomenal, and continues to grow. The bad news is: the number of downloads is phenomenal, and that brings about bandwidth and delivery problems of its own, but you’ll be happy to know that we’re working on a fix, and hopefully by this Thursday, most of the problems will be behind us. Plus, we’re working on the iTunes issues as well. Thanks so much for your patience while we get this worked out. Luckily, the previous episodes will still be right there online, so you can watch last-week’s show without it hiccuping so much.
  • Asking Brad Update
    Our first “Ask Brad” post went up last week (along with another one yesterday) over at the D-Town TV website, but I wanted to clarify what the Ask Brad weekly feature is about. “Ask Brad” is for you to get help with Nikon technical questions, or more detail or follow-up questions about something we mentioned on the show. If you have ideas for the show, or suggestions (except for “don’t wear black shirts,” don’t waste your time with that one), you can just post those as comments right on the D-Town site. Matt and I read each of those daily.
  • GridIron’s “Flow” Beta Version Now Available for Free Download
    If you watch Photoshop User TV, you saw Steve Forde (from GridIron Software), showing their incredible software app “Flow” a few episodes back. Well, they made the beta version of it available for free download, and the number of downloads they are getting is insane!!!  We’re running the Flow beta at NAPP HQ, and I have to say; it’s absolutely amazing technology (watch the demo video on their site), and what I like best is that it’s nearly invisible until you need it. Here’s the link to download the beta.

That’s it for today, folks. I hope you’ll check out my guest blogger tomorrow, and then  join me back here on Thursday, for another startling episode of “Embarrassing Photo Thursday.” Have a great Tuesday!!!

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