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First, a big thanks to everybody who came out to my Lightroom Live Tour yesterday in DC (photos above by Dave Moser). I met some really great people (including a lot of people who read the blog who came up to say hi), and I picked up some new Lightroom techniques which grew out of figuring out some questions from attendees. All in all, it was a really great/fun/exciting day and again, my personal thanks to everybody who came out; and thanks to my official tour sponsors: Epson, Nikon, and Westcott, who help to make the tour possible. Now, onto the news:

  • We’ve posted a photo gallery from Photoshop World, so click here to get a behind the scene look at last week’s record-breaking event. Also, Shawn King, over at Your Mac Life, posted some of his shots from Photoshop World in an online gallery. You can check them out right here.
  • I ran across an interesting article from the “Seeds of Thought” blog, written by two photographers who attended my Chicago Lightroom Tour, who run Bella Photography. Although they talk briefly about the tour, it was the crowd on hand that got them thinking. Here’s an excerpt from their blog:”The class was attended by just over 500 photographers, graphic artists, and others in the image making business. As I looked around the huge room, I thought to myself; “Okay, these folks are the movers and shakers in the industry”, the ones who really get it and are here to learn new techniques in how to present better work for their clients. What came to mind were “differences”, differences between one photographer and other. What makes one better? Why do some always book many jobs in advance while others wait and struggle to get work?”Then they went on to come up with a series of questions called “What to ask when selecting a photographer” and while it’s very well written, it also makes you stop and think about the industry, how competitive its become, and why we need to stay on the cutting edge. Check out the article right here.
  • I ran into the “National Coalition Against Sharp Photos” twice this week; once out in Nevada’s Valley of Fire, and more than once in Washington DC, when I tried to use a tripod while shooting.I totally understand limiting the use of tripods in crowded places because you don’t want a passerby to trip over a tripod leg and take a bad fall, but where I was shooting in DC, I was completely isolated. I had set up and taken about two shots before the Police arrived on scene to make me tear down my tripod. I could stand in the same spot and handhold my camera, but apparently if I want to shoot a really sharp image (by using a tripod), then I’m breaking the law.I gotta tell you–I just don’t get it. One DC police officer told me that if I see any “Granite” (meaning it’s a nice public monument that you might actually like to shoot), I couldn’t use my tripod. However, I could (get this), shoot from the sidewalk with a tripod. That’s what gets me–if I’m shooting on the sidewalk; somebody could more easily trip. I have just one thing to say: Grrrrrrrr!
  • We’ll be posting the “Live at Photoshop World” episode of Photoshop User TV tomorrow, and on the show I did a brief demo of the Really Right Stuff flash bracket for wedding photographers that I talked about last week here on the blog. I had a number of emails from readers asking for photos of the bracket in use, but the video shows it even better, so make sure you check out tomorrow’s show (you can watch it right there on the Web site—here’s the link–just remember; it doesn’t go live until sometime tomorrow).
  • I just have to share this; at the closing ceremony for Photoshop World, we did a look back at some of the highlights from the week, and so I asked Moose Peterson to share his presentation from our after hours special session called, “The Art of Digital Photography.” His part was a five-minute slide presentation of his recent landscape work, and it was so incredibly beautiful, and emotionally moving, that it brought the crowd of over 3,400 to their feet for a spontaneous, rousing standing ovation. It was truly a magical moment, and I was thrilled to have been there to see it. It once again demonstrated the power of images to move people in a way that few things in life can. Just amazing. Way to go, Moose!
  • I got my hands on the just-announced Nikon gear at Photoshop World last week, so scroll down to the next post for more details.

That’s it for today. I’ve got lots more to share this week, so I hope I’ll see you back here tomorrow. Have a really great Tuesday!!! :-)

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