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Howdy folks—It’s Tuesday—let’s do some news:

  • Good news: we tracked down the culprit that was holding back many of your comments (it was a preference setting—basically a checkbox—that was turned on by default when we switched to the newest version of Word Press) and things should be back to normal now. Again, sorry for the delay, but hopefully it’s behind us now. We also tweaked a few things on the blog (thanks to feedback from you guys) like adding a Comments link at the bottom of the post, and adding access to more of the earlier archives (among other things). Thanks to Fred, Mike, Tommy and the gang for continually working to make this blog better and easier to use for everybody.
  • My Wifey totally hooked me up—-when I got home from work last night, she handed me a belated Christmas gift—Nikon’s new 50mm f/1.4 lens (shown above–photo courtesy of Nikon). It’s a pricey lens for a 50mm, so I’m glad she bought it for me, because I’m not sure I would have shelled out the dough for it myself (aren’t those the best kind of gifts to get?). Anyway, I’ll give it a mini-review first chance I get to try it out.
  • One thing I realized during the comment moderation debacle, is that people are continually posting comments to a post I did last year about getting your advice for how to get people to read the introductions to my books (by the way—if you’ve seen any of my recent books, you’ll see I took your advice). Anyway, it’s my most popular post, and I think people see its name “I need your advice” and then they think, “Oh, Scott gives advice.” So I’ve been getting loads of people posting questions there like, “What camera should I buy?” and “Should I upgrade my version of Photoshop” and “Do I need Lightroom?” and about a hundred other questions. Unfortunately, as much as I’d like to; I just can’t answer all those questions, or I wouldn’t get any work done, or blog posts, or have a family life, etc. To make matters worse; I feel bad about it. I get an email every time somebody posts a comment—even if it’s to a post that’s a year old. So, I had the Web team close comments on that and a few other older posts that people are using as a place to post Photoshop and photography questions, but the guilt was really building up that I couldn’t answer these folks questions. So, thanks for understanding. Now back to the news.
  • Dave Cross features Ben Willmore in his popular “Finish the Sentence” feature, over at Dave Cross online, and if you’ve got 60-seconds, jump over and check it out right here.
  • A quick thanks and shout-out to the Canon Blogger, for naming my blog one of their “Best 8 of 2008.” Here’s the link to their list.

It’s really late (or early, depending on how you look at it), and I’m beat, so I’m hitting the sack. Hope you all have a great day today, and we’ll see you tomorrow for the first Guest Blog of 2009! See ya then.

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