Hey everyone, Brad Moore here with a quick announcement… The NAPPATHON is on for Tuesday, December 18th from 7:30-9:00pm ET!

Scott and the Photoshop Guys will be cramming as many Photoshop tips as they can into the 90-minute broadcast.

Plus, RSVP now to be eligible for a chance to win a free NAPP membership â” Scott is giving away a membership every minute of the NAPPATHON â” 90 FREE Memberships!

If you’re already a NAPP member, you know what NAPP is all about (and hopefully you think it’s pretty awesome). Now, tell your friends to tune in so they can find out too!

And keep reading below for some great book suggestions from Scott :-)

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  1. Great idea, as long as Kelby doesn’t start with the jesse stuff!

  2. Love the font used for Scott’s name. Care to share?

  3. If I am already a NAPP member, can I extend it by a year, if I win?

  4. I usually have a siesta every day….I see this is not the same. So yeah! I will be there!

  5. NAPP is great. A NAPP membership literally pays for itself when you buy almost any photography or computer gear through the discount area of the site. So if you’re getting a camera or computer, get a NAPP membership first, and you’ll pay for the membership and pay less for the camera or computer. Can’t go wrong.

  6. I strangely feel like having a lie down as I read the title

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