My book publisher, Peachpit Press, has been running these “One Week Only Deals” on eBooks and this week they’re featuring the eBook version of my latest Photoshop book, “The Photoshop CS6 Book for Digital Photographers” (shown above). It’s just $9.99 and it comes in just about every ebook format you can think of.

ABOVE: The entire book has been redesigned by Peachpit from the ground up to make the most of reading it on a tablet (as shown above and below).

You’re probably wondering why you haven’t heard me talking much (or basically at all) about my eBooks and that for two reasons:

(1) I always absolutely hated the way my print books look as an eBook.
It’s not Peachpits fault — it’s that the ePub format made for formatting ebooks works great for novels but horribly for books like mine. That’s why Peachpit decided to re-layout the entire book to make it really work on a tablet, and now it does (they knew I would never talk about my eBooks even it wasn’t something I was proud of, so I’m delighted that they took the bull by the horns and did a great redesign for tablets. And…

(2) I thought the regular ebook price is a bit too high
I like this $10 price, though. Well, $10 is actually probably a bit too low (it’s 72% off the regular ebook price), but hey â” it’s only for one week, right? :)

Here’s the link to order yours for this insane-o one-week-only (they promised) deal only available direct from Peachpit.

I hope you take advantage of this deal (and thanks to Peachpit for redesigning the book and for this screaming deal). :)

About The Author

Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. too bad peachpit wants so much information from potential customers ..makes them untrustworthy

  2. I agree with your first statement Scott. I got your LR4 ebook as part of the photowalk prize, but must admit im not digging that format or layout at all. It looks like I got through chapter one, and I havent really looked at it since, which is a darn shame. I dont have a tablet, so im using a reader on my laptop and my main work station. I got all the other LR books you have published, and I’m going to go buy the printed version of LR4 as well. Im sure you wont mind that at all… ;)

  3. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the ebook up on my Android tablet. Kudos to Peachpit for both lowering the price and making the format change. It’s much more usable on both the table and my widescreen monitors. In fact, I’d be willing to pay an modest updgrade fee (say $5) to get the LR4 book, or any other Peachpit purchase, reformatted.

    Scott, use your incredible powers and influence for good! Help put an end to archaic formatting! You’re our only hope!

  4. too bad the file won’t open and peachpit’s customer contact is a bloody maze .. requires isdn number, etc..

    lost my 10 bucks… i would suggest you don’t buy this

  5. Hi Scott,

    Just got it a PDF format! Works great on my iMac. I have your printed version (spiral bound), but it’s tough trying to travel with it! :-) Now, I have full access when traveling through my ebook! Nicely Done!


  6. What format is best on an iPad? epub, mobi or pdf?

  7. Thanks for the holiday present! A very nice idea.

  8. Thank you very much, Scott, Ted & Co. The book is downloading as I write. Merry Christmas to you, too ;-)

  9. Hellz yeah…thanks for the early xmas gift, Scott.

  10. Silly question for those of us with Nexus 7 rather than Ipads it will work on those right? I know the pdf version will but what about ebooks?

  11. Thanks for the discount (even I can afford $9.99!) Looks like a terrific book. All Photoshop instructions by Scott make me feel like I’ve just been given the keys to Fort Knox (is there any gold left there?)! Can’t wait to get into it!

  12. Good one. Bought in the expectation that Santa will be good to me next week, LOL!

  13. Just bought a copy. Also got 35% off Shooting in Shitty Light! Awesome deal!

  14. Scott, which format and what reader are you using to get that great layout in your screencaptures? I downloaded the ePUB and reading in iBooks and it doesn’t have any of that richness. Thanks.

  15. Hi Scott, I went to Peachpit to buy the book but when I got to the formular I found out that I can’t because my country is not listed in the form. I’m from Romania and I wonder why I can’t buy an ebook from here. I would really buy your book but this is really annoying. Are there borders for education?

  16. When i click the link to buy the cs6 book, i’m directed to the lightroom deal!
    What gives?

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