How to (a) Turn Your Photo into an Oil Painting (b) Add More Depth (c) And Add a Canvas Texture

Happy Tuesday everybody. I know you probably already know about the Oil Paint filter, but while I use it in this tutorial, this tutorial is really about the 2nd and 3rd things — things that take the effect up a notch, by adding more depth to the paint strokes (using a different filter), and then adding a Canvas texture to the entire image (using yet another filter). Luckily, it’s all easy and quick to do.

I made a quick tutorial for you (below) that shows how easy it is. :)

Hope you found that helpful. :)



P.S. I’m in Nashville next month. Come out and spend the day with me. :)

  1. Hi Scott, Some of your readers may find the Filter Gallery greyed out as I did. The Adobe forum says it must be an 8 bit image for Filter Gallery to be available.

      1. I am on 8-bit but cannot click OpenCL in Advanced Settings under Performance as it is also greyed out.

      2. Do you have graphics card acceleration enabled (if you have a supported graphic card?). This may be what’s required. :)

  2. Hi Scott, I’m still spinning from all the tidbits I learned at Photoshop World. Excellent once again!!
    I use this filter to see if a photo is what I consider “Worthy” of a painting. Once I do that, I remove the painted layer, add a blank layer and use the mixer brush to make a painting of my own. The process of bringing a photo into life as a painting, to me, is a form of therapy. I consider it my Zen time. Even though this process is more or less paint by numbers, one must do it correctly or it looks horrible. Some of the older courses by Faye Sirkis were the inspiration for my work!

  3. Scott, Very, very nice tip. I, too, had trouble with the Filter Gallery being grayed out. I had to go to Image>Mode> and change to 8 bit (going into Performance and OpenCL just did not work for me). I ended up just creating an action in PS to include that step and it now is just a click and Play away! I created one with the canvas look added and one w/o, just in case I ever want to have the effect and then actually have it printed on canvas. Thanks again!!

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