Wrap Up Gallery From Photoshop World. Next Stop: Orlando in 2017

PSW 2016 -43

I know I say this every time, but it’s because our goal is to make every Photoshop World better than the last one, and I heard it for three-solid days from Alumni — in their words, “This is the best Photoshop World yet!” Of course, I was thrilled to agree!

All the new instructors (joining our ‘dream team’ of existing industry superstars) and the new events and shooting opportunities all brought a ton of energy to the event, and everybody was talking about it. It was also the first Photoshop World ever, where Adobe had their own training track at the conference, and their Adobe Mobile Apps track was another hit from the Vegas conference.

I’ll tell the rest of the story in pictures (and captions) below [photos by Kevin Newsome and Rob Foldy], but it was an awesome conference from start to finish, with a group of attendees totally rev’d up and ready to learn. It’s like we all needed to be there, at that moment, in that place. It was really something to behold, and I’m so grateful to all the attendees from around the world who joined us for an event we’ll all never forget.

PSW 2016 -68a

Above: The keynote was absolutely slammed packed, and our theme this year was based on Saturday Night Live (check out the next two images).


Above: That’s Me and Matt, doing our version of “Photoshop Weekend Update” in the opening movie to kick off the keynote. 


Above: Matt rocked his role as SNL News Anchor. We also had our own version of Photoshop Jeopardy, too! 

PSW 2016 -21

Above: The highlight of the keynote is the Adobe presentation, and Adobe’s own Julieanne Kost rocked her demo which covered so many cool things.

PSW 2016 -44

Above: One of my favorite shots from the keynote (this one from Rob Foldy)

PSW 2016 -12

Above: Julieanne was, of course, very informative, but she was just funny as h@!) throughout, and the standing-room-only crowd was right with her the whole thing. 

PSW 2016 -15

Above: Master of Ceremonies, Larry Becker, was so on his game — he was born to host big shows like this. So entertaining and fun. 

PSW 2016 -14

Above: A big highlight for me was seeing my dear friend, and Adobe Worldwide Evangelist for Photography and Design, Terry White get inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame. Well deserved and long overdue. 

PSW 2016 -39

Above: Hey, that’s me! 

PSW 2016 -10

Above: The crowd gets hyped when you start throwing out t-shirts!


Above: Julieanne getting her Lightroom Thing on!


Above: A little one-on-one Photoshop retouching coaching from me.

PSW 2016 - 92

Above: Tim Wallace shooting a car live in class, tethering directly into Lightroom.

PSW 2016 - 53

Above: Tim, a yellow sports car and Lightroom. It’s a marriage made in heaven. :)

PSW 2016 - 59

Above: Kristina Sherk teaching high-end Photoshop retouching in class.


Above: Corey Barker teaching some Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks


Above: Learning some “Bad A@$ Photoshop Tricks!”

PSW 2016 -76

Above: Another new event at Photoshop World was “An Evening With Gregory Heisler” and man did he just blow everybody away. 

PSW 2016 -03

Above: He had a packed house of photographers and creative souls who came to be inspired by one of the most engaging speakers in our industry. 

PSW 2016 -31

Above: A moment from “An Evening With Gregory Heisler”


Above: Photography icon Gregory Heisler poses for a selfie after his evening presentation

PSW 2016 -04

Above: The awesome Moose Peterson, during one of his many sessions at the conference. 

PSW 2016 -05

Above: The King poses for a shot with the King of Sports Photography.

PSW 2016 -32

Above: Dave Black had “The King” pose for a light-painted portrait done live in his class. 

PSW 2016 -09

Above: The wonderful crew at Hoodman (I love their gear!) answers questions in their booth at our Partner Pavilion. 

PSW 2016 -13

Above: Matt making friends at the Partner Pavilion.

PSW 2016 -16

Above: The all-new Photoshop World App was a big hit this year — available on all the different platforms, and we even had the class and full conference evaluation forms built right in the app. 

PSW 2016 -17

Above: With all those windows, there’s lots of opportunities to grab a quick shot. 

PSW 2016 -18

Above: The one-on-one portfolio reviews are a highlight for many attendees. 

PSW 2016 -27

Above: It was our coolest party ever — at “LIGHT” the super-hip Vegas nightclub. 

PSW 2016 -06

Above: “Old School” dance hits got the dance floor rockin’.

PSW 2016 -24

Above: Some Bruno Mars got even me out there. 

PSW 2016 -25

Above: It was cool to see the work of our attendees up on the screen in “Light”


Above: Photoshop Wizard Corey Barker doin’ his Photoshop thing! 


PSW 2016 -28

Above: Canon was on hand, doing FREE sensor and camera cleanings in their own special lounge area. 

PSW 2016 -29

Above: Roberto Valenzuela rockin’ it in the conference tracks. He’s definitely an attendee favorite!

PSW 2016 -35

Above: Donut Time — a “Midnight Madness Tradition.” (Hey, this guy flew in from Mexico for his first Photoshop World ever. Really fun guy!). 

PSW 2016 -36

Above: Things usually get a bit crazy at Midnight Madness. No exception this time. 

PSW 2016 -38

Above: Lindsay Adler works her lighting magic during one of her sessions. 

PSW 2016 -67

Above: Matt Kloskowski crushing it during one of his Lightroom sessions. 

PSW 2016 -45

Above: How can you not love Glyn Dewis. The guy gives 110% to his students. 


PSW 2016 -49

Above: When one of the top automotive photographers in the world is teaching the class, you just don’t talk about car photography — you bring a Maclaren right into the classroom and show exactly how it’s done. 

PSW 2016 -50

Above: That’s my book Publisher, and super awesome Nancy Davis, who surprised me during the closing ceremony by presenting me with an award for being named the #1 top-selling photography techniques author for the sixth year in a row. 

PSW 2016 -63

Above: I had no idea this was going to happen. I’m sitting backstage with my wife watching the Guru Awards and closing ceremony from the control boards when one of the AV crews runs back and says “You have to get a mic on now!” That’s me and Nancy posing with my award. Thanks to all my readers out there — I never could have done it without you (and thanks to the crew at Peachpit Press — they rock!).


PSW 2016 -52

Above: On location with the “dog photography whisperer” Kaylee Greer. Her pre-conference workshop on photographing dogs was a HUGE hit!

PSW 2016 -53

Above: Here’s “Kaylee’s Crew” group shot, including some really sweet doggies! 


PSW 2016 -57

Above: What a great smile! We love to see attendees, camera in hand, taking shots and having fun.

PSW 2016 -47

Above: The “Natural Light Shoots” were bigger than ever. People were super diggin’ it. 

PSW 2016 -48

Above: Joe Glyda helping out with the food photography Natural Light Shoots.

PSW 2016 -60

Above: Everybody gets involved in the Natural Light Shoots.

PSW 2016 -73

Above: Our Bride for the natural light shoots poses for the students. 

PSW 2016 -65

Above: Looks like our bride found a groom (or vice-versa).

PSW 2016 -64

Above: Bringing the fun (and very cool, creative hair). :)

PSW 2016 -46

Above: The Set for our Live episode of “The Grid” should always look like this. LOL!!

PSW 2016 -78

Above: Honored to have Photoshop World instructor Trey Ratcliff as my guest on our LIVE FROM VEGAS episode of The Grid. 

PSW 2016 -81

Above: The incomparable Joe McNally lights his subject during one of this classes. It’s a thrill to see a real master at work. 

PSW 2016 -83

Above: Checking out the booths and theaters in our Partner Pavilion. 

PSW 2016 -84

Above: Fashion Photographer Lindsay Adler during one of her live shoots. 

PSW 2016 -86

Above: Peter Hurley doin’ his thing during one of his packed sessions!

PSW 2016 -87

Above: Taking a break between sessions to catch up on email and social. 

PSW 2016 -95

Above: The students making their own shots during the pre-conference workshops. 

PSW 2016 -96

Above: Folks who come a day before get a chance to dig in deep with dedicated hands-on workshops. 

That’s a quick look at Photoshop World 2016
We’re working on a short video recap, and I’ll post that as soon as it’s ready. In the meantime, a big word of thanks to our awesome crew who worked their butts off to deliver our best Photoshop World yet. Also, thanks to Rob and Kevin for the awesome photos used in this post. Thanks to all our partners who exhibited in our Partner Pavilion, and a super big thanks and high five to all the attendees who came from around the world to spend a few days learning and laughing with us. We are very grateful to everyone who participated. :)

Have a great Monday and a fantastic week!



  1. Thanks for sharing all of these great pictures, Scott! Makes me feel like I was actually there (well, not really, but, you know….). I watched the keynote stream live and caught the Grid on the recording. Both were terrific, and Julianne rocked out the keynote as she’s done in the past (I’ll be honest, though, and tell you that I thought the Jeopardy thing dragged a lot for me and felt like filler). I wish you had spent a little more time on Trey’s/Peak Design’s new bag during the Grid, as it’s blowing up Kickstarter and is just one of four new bags from them. They look amazing. The HDR program demo was great, though.

    I’m really looking forward to Orlando next year. I have no idea how you guys will top this year, but I’m sure you’ll find a way.


  2. Scott: Amazing! Thanks for sharing all of these photos. IT was also great to see you and Matt together again. Saving to get to Vegas next year.
    Is there anywhere we can watch Julieanne’s keynote? We would love to see it.


  3. Can’t thank everyone ‘behind the scenes’ enough for all the incredible hard work they put in to make this Photoshop World something extra special. Loved every minute. A week surrounded by great people, friends old and new; there was such a great vibe around the place, folks from all over the world, packed classes and smiles everywhere you looked.

    Way to go everyone!

  4. Photoshop world (although I wasn’t there, but I followed is as much as I can online) always give me a boost and inspiration to go do new work, seeing all the great teachers and the fun you have in you’re work makes me realise why I became a photographer in the first place.

  5. I’ve always seen the photos and keynotes of past PSWs via online. It’s great to see all of the energy and inspiration over the course of the week! I’m super pumped that PSW is coming back to Orlando!

  6. I do a lot of event photography and I have to honestly say I’m not very impressed with the photos here Scott. No style what so ever. You would think coming from pros like Rob and Kevin you would get more than “snapshot” type images.

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