Two More Free Tickets to the Photoshop CS6 for Photographers Tour!

Hey gang, Brad Moore here again to give away a couple more tickets to Scott’s new Photoshop CS6 for Photographers seminar tour!

I know I just mentioned this yesterday, but I figured you wouldn’t mind if we decided to give away a couple more tickets to these :-)

Leave a comment if you want a free ticket to the Nashville, Philadelphia, or New York City seminars!

And… for your enjoyment, here’s the latest episode of The Grid! This week was “The Gear Episode” with Matt Kloskowski and RC Concepcion. So, if you’re a gear head, this one’s for you :-)

  1. I don’t live to far from Nashville. I have never had an opportunity this close by to go to a training seminar by Scott; so this would be perfect for me. My wife and I are adopting a child internationally; so my photography budget is pretty much non-existent for the moment with all of our other expenses going on.

  2. I have been learning so much from Kelby abs recently. I would be honored to see scott in person. Please put my name in the hat for Philadelphia.

  3. I am a poor college student with an avid interest in photography. I live close to Nashville and would love the opportunity to go to this seminar if you are still giving out tickets. Thank you for the chance!

  4. I live in Nashville and would love to have the tickets. While you are here you should catch some of the great music clubs. Let me know if you need some names. There are also some nice honky-tonks down by the area you are hosting the seminar. Hope you enjoy Nashville.

  5. I am in Philadelphia!  I already have a ticket (I may have been one of the first to sign up), and looking forward to Scott’s Class.  (I attended his Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it Class, and that was better than fantastic.)
    But I would love to bring a friend!

  6. Scott and his team have opened a new and wonderful world for me. I dont care if I win a free ticket ’cause I’ve won a whole new way of life.

    Thanks  Scott.


  7. I’d be thrilled to receive a ticket to the NYC event.  I just “graduated” to CS6 from Elements and I can use all the education I can get in making the transition.

  8. I am leaving this comment so that I can give you the pleasure of my company at the event in NYC. My presence would dramatically raise the level of competence at the seminar.

  9. Would love to win a ticket to Nashville. But if I don’t win, I’m going anyway. Never miss the opportunity to hear you guys in person. 

  10. Hi Brad,

    As a photographer who is truly expanding on my hobby with a new semi pro dslr and lense package

    I would love to attend the Photoshop CS6 Seminar in NYC with a friend of mine and with complimentary

    tickets – even better!

    Photoshop is on my purchase list…




  11. I live in Nashville (well, in Madison just north of it) and would LOVE to attend the Nashville seminar!  This is great stuff — thanks so much, Scott and Brad!


    I just graduated from school in the Spring, and I would
    greatly appreciate the opportunity to continue my training in the real world
    and learn about CS6 and the latest techniques from Scott Kelby.  I live close to Nashville and would
    love a free ticket to attend the seminar in Nashville on July 23!! Thank you
    for the opportunity to win.   -Ann Richardson

  13. Thanks for your generosity! I’m just getting started, have already learned from your books and learned LR4 from Matt… Would love to take the next step and learn about Photoshop in Nashville!

  14. I’d love to attend the Nashville show! I’m always trying to improve my skills in ALL areas and Photoshop is my weakness right now! I.m a BIG fan of Scott Kelby so it would be an honor!

  15. Does anyone else find it really annoying that RC fake-listens to matt when he’s talking?  RC needs to not be reading the chat rooms when he’s doing the Grid….its painful because there are moments where you can tell Matt is looking to have a conversation…but RC is just nodding along.  The grid is great because its a conversation…unlike the photoshop guys/D-Town where it is 1 tutorial after the next…and its acceptable for the cohosts to tune out.  Anyway, that was my pet peeve — Brad if you’re reading this, I hope you pass it along

  16. I have been a NAPP member for years. Scott and the whole gang have been instrumental in my business as a photographer and graphic designer. It would be a pleasure to see him again on the CS6 tour.

  17. I would love to have a ticket or two for the Nashville workshop. I have many friends in the Huntsville Photographic Society with me  who have gone to the workshops, and they have all raved about how wonderful they are.  Of course, we have Kelby’s books and use them diligently. 

  18. Hey Scott and Brad,

    Keep up the great work! You guys consistently produce the best books and DVDs around.  I’d love a free ticket to the NYC or Philly seminar!!!

    Thank for all of your hard work!


  19. I live in the ATL and try to catch the Kelby tour when they are in town. With that said, I have been to lots of seminars and had trouble keeping my eyes open. This is not the case with any of the Kelby sessions!  The information is fresh and the pace seems fast. Not because the instructor is rushing but because you are hanging on every tidbit of pertinent information. Kelby’s tour not only leave you full after the seminar it also continues to give after you get home. With all that you learn and all the information given to you at the seminar for reference, help is always at your finger tips. If I had Free tickets I would surely drive to Nashville to see Scott and to learn more about Photoshop 6 from the BEST!!!!!          


  20. You always take Canada out of the line-up.

    Take notes from Joe and find out what a great time he had on his small… yet important gesture of his tour.

  21. Bridgett, of Bridgett Kay Photography here in Pittsburgh – I would love to win tickets to the New York tour! I love learning, but learning for free is even better :) 

  22. I’ve hit almost every tour that comes to NYC… this one is on my list so before I make the purchase, I’ll wait a while to see if I can score a couple from you.  You guys ROCK!

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