Hi gang. Here’s a quick “howdy” from amazing Dubai. The shots above are from my Photoshop session at the Adobe Design Conference Dubai, earlier today (photos by Serge). I have to say; it was an absolutely wonderful experience. The people here in Dubai are incredibly gracious, fun, and kind, and they were a terrific crowd to present to. I was surprised, and totally tickled, to see how many people brought in their books for me to sign, and I was jazzed to meet both NAPP members from Dubai, and people who watch Photoshop User TV.

They really made me feel at a home here, and Adobe put on just an outstanding conference for the attendees, and everybody I talked with was just loving the conference. Thanks to Adobe for having me speak, and thanks to the warm people of Dubai for their wonderful hospitality.

I haven’t had a chance to work up any photos yet (I’ve been shooting a bunch—just not processing yet). I had a 5:00 am dawn shoot today, and I have to leave at 4:00 am for a shoot in the morning, so I’m hitting the sack right now. The photo at the bottom was taken after my session today, and that’s my brother Jeff on the left, and my buddy Jeff Revell (from PhotoWalkPro.com) on the right.

Hopefully, I’ll have some shots to post soon. Have a great day everybody! :)

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