Update On The Spring Of Hope Kenya Orphanage


I wanted to share a photo of the incredible progress being made to finish the orphanage in Kenya that many of you here on the blog have helped to make happen. The roof is almost done (as seen in the photo above), and they’ve come so far, and we’re so close. That’s the good news. The bad news is; I’ve just learned that the construction has stopped.

The global economy has affected their efforts dramatically, and their funding has basically run out. We have all come too far to let these children down who have no parents, no place to lay their heads at night, and don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Two good friends of mine just returned from a 10-day visit to Spring of Hope Kenya, and their stories were absolutely heartbreaking, and the need there is so desperate.

Gang—we’ve got to do something to help. Next week I’m working to come up with something that, with your help, will hopefully get the construction rolling again, and get that roof finished.

In the meantime, if you want to do something today that will really make a difference in the life of child, you can make a donation, in any amount, to this address:

2180 N McMullen Booth Rd.
Clearwater, FL. 33759.

If you send a check, please write ‘KENYA’ in left hand corner. If you do send something, please post a comment here and let me know.

For more information, you can visit their Web site at springsofhopekenya.org


P.S. The photo above is of Molly Bail. She and her husband Joseph, two of the finest people you’d ever want to meet, sold their home, sold all their possessions, pulled their pre-teen son out of school, and moved to Kenya to help build a clinic and this orphanage, and to feed hungry children. I’m humbled by their sacrifice and their heart for helping those in need. Molly and Joseph are Springs of Hope Kenya. It’s not a huge organization, with loads of international funding. They run on what we, and their friends and church are able to send them. They need our help. This, is something we can do!

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