Volume 2 of my Digital Photography Book


This week I’m just wrapping up the writing and shooting for the soon to be released, “The Digital Photography Book, Vol 2,” which pretty much picks up where Vol. 1 left off. I built the book on feedback from readers of the first book, who asked things like, “Can you do the same thing for studio lighting?” and “Off camera flash” and can give you give us more Wedding photography tips, more landscape tips, more travel photography tips, and just more of everything. So, I did just that.

The new book uses the exact same layout and look of Volume 1, and it goes to press in the first week of December, (although Amazon.com shows it in their warehouses around Jan.5th, and Barnes & Nobles shows it available on December 28th, 2007), so, it will either be:

  • (a) In stock and shipping on that day
  • (b) It will be available earlier, or
  • (c) later

So, I’m going to give you the links here to pre-order the book from Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.com (Amazon. com is listing it for $16.49. Cheap!), but here’s the thing: once I send it to my publisher (Peachpit Press), and they send it off to be printed and shipped, it’s out of my hands, so if you do preorder it, and Amazon sends you an automated email message that says it won’t be available until July of 2010, please don’t come here and post hateful comments on my blog that I’m intentionally misleading you, or say bad things about my mother, or any of the other angry things people post here when they get that email, of which I have absolutely no involvement or control whatsoever.

Thanks everybody, and I hope you preorder the book today, and join me in this “when does it really ship?” adventure. :-)

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