Thank you Nikon—–you just turned “I got nuthin'” Friday into “I’m going to have to write a book. Maybe Two, to buy this new D4 because it looks amazing Friday.” Check out the video. This thing looks yummy!!!!

By the way: B&H Photo is taking pre-orders. Here’s the link (and more details on the camera).

Nikon also introduced a new lens: an 85mm f/1.8 which at just $500 is less than 1/3 the price of their 85mm f/1.4 (which is around $1,700). Here’s that link. 

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  1. I’d buy it just for the light-up buttons! Looks like interesting competition to the EOS 1DX.

  2. Kidney… kidney for sale! I have a kidney for sale! Anyone? I can’t wait to see more of this camera!

  3. I was going to wait for the D800, but after reading Joe McNally’s write-up ( ) I am going to take the plunge.

  4. Yeah, as Steve said, there’s a nice blog post by Joe on his blog. The D4 seems to be quite a beauty!

  5. B&H isn’t taking pre-orders. They don’t do those anymore. It’s a notify when in stock system. Roberts Imaging is currently doing a pre-order queue. I’m on that one. Beach Camera doesn’t list it yet. Neither does Adorama (strange considering the affiliation with Amazon and they did pre-orders). I haven’t looked at Abes of Maine.

    I’ve been using a D700 and a D4 is total luxury for an amateur such as myself but hey, no wife and kids = might as well use my money somehow.

  6. Do you think the D400 will follow?

  7. When I read the first post I got nothing I’m thinking everybody is so wrapped up in conversation about the D4 that maybe you blogged about it yesterday since my last visit was on Wednesday — too funny. The product tour video really brings all the tech speak and specs home with a nice clear image. It’s all anyone can talk about on social media today — blah! That price tag is a bit too rich for me. So, I’ll continue to plug away on my D700 while I dream at night of the D3 and cheat on it with the D4 — all the while screaming and cursing Nikon with clenched fists in the air. Thanks for finding something to blog about — have a great weekend!

  8. The sad thing is the most exciting feature to me would be the illuminated buttons.

  9. Sigh….another toy I’ll never be able to afford. Oh, well, I’m sure we’ll all hear about Scott and his D4 exploits soon enough.


  10. Scott and Co-
    Gotta say I’m blown away that you didn’t have a pre-pro D4 body to work with! I guess it’s fun to sit on my side of the monitor and imagine all you guys have access to all the newest stuff, but I’m really shocked by this one. I don’t think I’ll be able to get my hands on one (budgetarily) any time soon, but I’m looking forward to hearing you and Matt (and everyone else) talk about groping, I mean using it…

  11. Nikon d4 vs Canon 1dx. hopefully someone do a field comparison soon.
    LOL how do you get the image to show up on the left side of the comment.

  12. I’m contemplating selling brother into slavery to buy this…I kid, I kid*. It looks fantastic. I’m sure it will sell well. I’m waiting on the D800 though.

    *sort of

  13. If I didn’t have an hour drive to work and then sometimes an even longer drive home. Well that and a family. I would sell my car and by this and several lenes. But alas looks like I’ll continue with my D40x for a few more years.

  14. I know this is a little off topic but I wonder if people realize how much it hurts the photography industry to continue to promote purchasing via online sites. We just had a local dealer close their doors after 60 years.

    Why not promote preordering from their local dealer where they can get support and actually touch a D4 ? I wonder how many of you will run to your local dealer to see, touch and ask questions then buy from online?

    Everyone in our industry complains about how clients don’t value our wiork or understand how hard we work. Craigslist is full of people who want us to shoot for free. But aren’t we guilty of doing the same thing to the local Nikon dealer who has to invest in inventory, pay their staff and pay taxes in order to be there for us when we need help?

  15. Hmmmm, let’s see….new windows, new camera….new windows, new camera….new windows, new camera. Alas, priorities win and I need to go with the windows. But I’ll be sure to stop in at B&H and touch one…that is probably NOT a good idea!

  16. I wish I had the money to get my hand on this baby… Not for this year though!

  17. D4 or Hasselblad? This is the question.

  18. Hi, are you gonna haver a review for the D4 anytime soon?

  19. Hi Scott,
    What is your setting on the Nikon D4? if you don’t mind sharing.

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