Want to love coming to work every day? I have three awesome jobs we’re hiring for right now that could be the job of your dreams. Here’s who we’re looking for:

(1) Photoshop Guy (or Gal)
We’re looking for the next Photoshop superstar to join our team (you’ll have the same type of job here as Matt, Dave, RC, and Corey, except Matt would be your boss, and he screams a lot. Mostly at me, though).

You’ll need mad Photoshop skills, but I already know a ton of people who are incredible at Photoshop. I’m looking for more than that. I need a world class teacher, a passionate instructor, a creative genius, a gifted communicator, someone who can captivate a room with 500+ Photoshop students, and someone’s whose dream is to be one of “The Photoshop Guys” (even if you’re a Photoshop Girl).

The job requires you to relocate to our headquarters in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida (we have a cool office for you), but we have really great benefits, and loads of opportunity (plus, you’ll become a household name if you really rock, which to get this job, you’d have to, so it’s a lock). Details at the bottom of this post for how to apply.

(2) Marketing Genius
We’re looking for an absolutely kick-butt marketing maverick (or maven) to work on expanding our rapidly growing online training segment. You’ll have tons of opportunity, and a great team around you (you’ll need to work in HQ in Tampa, but I saved you an office right near mine), so you’re going to totally love your job and what you’ll be able to accomplish! If you are that kick-butt person, you’ll be helping us to expand into international markets, and open new ones here in the States.

You’ll need to have some serious marketing experience, lots of energy, passion for what you do, and the ability to not only come up with great ideas, but make them happen. An incredible opportunity for the right person, and you can start right away (the pay’s not half bad either, you get awesome benefits, plus there’s plenty of opportunity for growth). You’d report directly to me, and unlike Matt, I rarely yell. This is the job you’ve been waiting for. Seriously.

(3) Photoshop & Web Tech-Geek SuperHero
Things are exploding here (in a great way), and we need a fairly geeky, yet still kinda cool, person to help answer email questions that people run into who watch our online training.

Here’s an example of what kind of stuff you’d need to handle: let’s say somebody watches one of my online classes, and they see me use the Texturizer filter, but when they go under Filter menu to try it for themselves it’s grayed out. That’s where you come in. You’d ask them, “Is your image in 16-bit mode?” Then they’d say “Yup.” And then you’d tell them that Texturizer doesn’t work on 16-bit images—only 8-bit images. Then you’re a hero. You saved the day!

Plus, if they have a problem with their browser, or the video player, or any one of those pesky thing that people run in to with some browser none of us have ever heard of, you could rescue them, too (tell them get Firefox). Anyway, you need to be a little geeky, a little Photoshoppy, you need to have the patience of a Cleveland Browns fan and an awesome attitude, because you have to love this stuff—solving people’s problems and making them happy. The good news is: you can work from your own home, and telecommute (which means you can work in your underwear. We’ll never know). A perfect job for that cool, yet slightly geeky problem-solver.

A little bit about us
Kelby Training is an awesome place to work, with a casual work environment, really cool offices (link to photos–part 1, and part 2), and you’ll be surrounded by some of the best, most creative, and most fun people anywhere.

We only hire kick-butt, highly motivated, really smart and creative people, so if you get a job here, you know you’re the best of the best (and we treat you like it).

If any of these sounds like a perfect fit for you, or someone you know, them come and work for us! If you post a comment here asking for our HR dept, I’ll email the contact info where to can send your resume (don’t send us a stuffy resume that sounds like you’re looking for a job at Bank of America. They’ll weed you out way before it gets to me, and I want you to make the cut).

That’s the gig. Although we’re pretty casual about a lot of things, we’re really serious about finding incredible people, with great attitude, ethics, passion, and personality. If that sounds like you, I want to meet you. Soon!

About The Author

Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; KelbyOne.com CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. Scott, need to open a restaurant down there? 8-)

  2. Scott:

    I’m sure you will have no shortage of applicants for these positions. Good to see that the Kelby Empire is expanding. It all bodes well for the future of NAPP and Kelby Media.

    Good luck in your search!


  3. Would love to see the top… umm.. lets say three candidates for Photoshop Guy or Gal do a live presentation at Photoshop World… either Orlando (not much notice) or Vegas.

    What a great opportunity for someone out there…. now if you ever need a guy to shoot B.E.C on a regular basis……..

    (I hope you told the HR department you are doing this blog post… just imagine their surprise when they get 10,000 new job application.)

  4. Scott,

    I would absolutely love to contact your HR department! Please send me the info, I would really like to put my resume in :) This would be my absolute dream job!

  5. Scott,

    Please send me the contact for HR department. I would like to submit my resume for this dream job. Cheers from California!

  6. Well, I do have a marketing degree, and I would be 100% passionate about marketing Kelby Training. It’s just too bad that I never actually took a marketing job after I graduated (I had an offer in a non-marketing field that I took), so I’m just a wee bit short on meeting the “serious marketing experience” requirement. Other than that, it sounds like a job I’d love. Maybe in the future your “Marketing Genius” will do such a great job that they’ll have to expand their department and add someone like me to their team.

  7. Which way to the HR dept and when do you want me to start? :)

  8. Please send me the information for the HR department so i can provide you guys with mey resume and maybe have a shot at the function of Photoshop & Web Tech-Geek SuperHero


  9. I’ll put my name & skills to the test. Please let me know where to forward information.

    Thanks for a great opportunity!

    – A.J.

  10. Scott,

    I’ve always wanted to be a SuperHero, plus being a Photoshop/Web professional the Photoshop & Web Tech-Geek SuperHero sounds perfect. If you would be able to send me the HR department contact information, I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you for opening this opportunity,

  11. Please send me the link. I would absolutely love to apply!

  12. I’d love to have the HR contact info. The geeky problem solver gig sounds perfect. I’ve used PS on a Mac since it’s existed. I’ve been a sys admin for both Mac and PC networks. I’m a photographer. And I seem to end up being the geeky go-to problem solver wherever I am.

  13. Sweet! Definitely please send me the HR contact info. I’m uber geeky!

  14. Scott….

    How do we contact you personally? I know that you don’t want to make your email public, but I have a good idea I would like to share with you….can you contact me?

    Jakarta, Indonesia

  15. Hi,

    I would love to put my skills to the test for the role of Superhero.
    Please forward your HR department information.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  16. The Web Tech-Geek Super Hero job sounds great. I’d love to hear from the HR Dept. Thanks,

  17. I would love the HR address to forward my resume for the Photoshop & Web Tech Geek opening. Can anyone say awesome deal to get paid to do what I already love and do daily?!

  18. Scott!

    Please let me know when you have an opening for a “hang around”.

    /Joe, Sweden

  19. Dear Scott,

    I can do this job, believe me on this ……

    I will send an email for you tonight ( local time ) ……

    BTW, I sent you an email about the Boxes ?

    As FedEx has notified for me,The box must now be in your office.Please make me sure

    about that.

    Best Regards
    – Ali

  20. I’m definitely interested, please send me info!

  21. Hi!
    I’d like for the HR contact info, so I could ask a few questions about the “Photoshop & Web Tech-Geek SuperHero” gig.

  22. Please send me the HR contact info.

  23. Hey Folks,

    okay, my name is NOT Dave and so I guess it´s a little bit harder to get a job ;-)
    But a good job in marketing would be great. Just one little prob. I´m from Germany, would relocate, but would you take someone from Germany?


  24. Are you hiring any iPad programers? ;-)

  25. Hi,
    Yes, I would love information from HR. The Techy position is right up my alley.

  26. Oh I forget , Please send me HR info .

    Thanks again :) …..

  27. Unfortunately I don’t qualify for any of those positions but this sounds like an amazing opportunity for a lot of people out there. It’s great to see business is booming! Good luck to all the applicants! :-)

  28. I would be perfect for the Photoshop & Web Tech-Geek SuperHero job. I’m a very tech savvy person and know Photoshop and all the Adobe software really well and am a tech person. I also organize the user group LA Web Professionals Group, one of the KelbyTraining.com instructors is involved with the user group. Please email me the HR info of how to apply for this job.

  29. Yes! Yes! Yes! I would love to throw my name — and skills — into the mix for this. Please forward me the HR Dept. information. Thank you!

  30. These are all great folks, but when you read how tailored my life’s experience is to the Marketing job, you’ll stop looking :-) Please send me the HR info!

  31. I wouldn’t qualify for any of the positions, but I have a big hammer ;-)
    I was just wondering how someone gets free lobster?

    • Jac:

      I think you have to be a good friend of Ken Toney. You can drop him a line at “Ken@I.am.always.first.to.post.on.Scotts.blog.com”, and he might hook you up with a lobster or two! You may be required to wash dishes at his restaurant, though. :D


      • That’s right, and don’t sneak out before the mess is cleaned up like Scott did! (he did have the show running better after he left)

  32. Scott,
    I am interested in the Marketing position!! Please send me the HR stuff! Thanks.

  33. Hi Scott,
    I am the Marketing Genius for you!
    Please send me the contact information for the HR department so that I cen send in my application.

    Thank you in advance,


  34. I’d love to be considered for this! So where’s the application info?

  35. I would love the HR info, I want to be the new photoshop girl, a new fresh young face :D

  36. This sounds awesome! Please send over your HR info. Thanks!

  37. I would love to throw my name in the hat. I’m both creative and geeky, and I love to help solve problems. Please pass on the HR info to me as well.

  38. I want that job, HR department! Please send me the contact information so I can apply. Thanks!

  39. “Open your mouth wide
    The universal sigh
    And while the ocean blooms
    It’s what keeps me alive
    So why does it still hurt?
    Don’t blow your mind with why” Radiohead – Bloom

    Hi Scott,
    I’m a world class teacher, and at the same time a world class student!
    A Day with Jay Maisel changed my life.
    Please email the contact info where I can send my Pufnstuf to HR.

  40. I wish, I wish, I wish!

  41. I’d love to be pointed in the direction of your HR department, please and thanks!

  42. Web Tech Geek Super Hero sounds great to me! Send me that HR info.

  43. Would love to get the HR department information to be concisered for the 3rd position involving trouble shooting. Job fits so perfect with my excellent customer service and knowledge of Photoshop and Lightroom.

  44. Hi Scott
    I definitely think you need a female photoshop presence and that it has been missing for a while. Definitely one that has a good sense of humour too. I also believe your UK market could explode with the right marketing plan in place. So maybe you should hire someone with a cool British accent ;)!
    Timing sucks mate – got all these wonderful qualities however still swotting up on my photoshop skills :(
    Good luck in your search – I’m sure they’ll be fantastic!

  45. Scott,

    Please send me the HR info. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  46. Very interested and would appreciate the HR Dept contact info. Thanks for the opportunity!

  47. Hi Scott,
    I am interested in the Marketing Genius job. Could you please have the HR department send me the contact information?
    Thanks for posting these great opportunities.

  48. Scott,

    I would like to contact your HR department.

    Thanks for the Opportunity,


  49. Hi Scott,

    It’s great to see these postings listed! What’s the best way to get my resume to you guys?



  50. You know I would love to be a Photoshop Guy!

  51. Hi Scott:

    Wow, this is a great opportunity. Would love the information to the HR Department … Pretty please with sugar on top :)

    Thanks for the shout out & have a great day

  52. Scott- Photoshop & Web Tech-Geek SuperHero has a nice ring to it! can you put me in touch with your HR Dept?
    ( It sure would beat the “hey you, can you fix this?” title…..)

  53. Can I please get the contact info for HR. Thanks

  54. Greetings Scott,
    I would love an opportunity to apply for a position at your company.

  55. Scott, if only you were hiring a financial or operations position! I finish the MBA in two months and the last bit of it is independent :) Oh well. Thanks to you and the rest of the guys and gals with the KMG for everything you’ve taught me – my photo editing skills have gone from virtually non existent to pretty good over the past year. Thanks again!

  56. Photoshop & Web Tech-Geek Superhero is just the kind of job I’m looking for. Would you please pass along HR info?

  57. Wonderful opportunities, Scott.

    I would be interested in the web-geek-superhero category.
    Please have HR forward/direct me to the appropriate information.


  58. I would love to work for Scott. Alas, I only possess a positive attitude, passion, and great work ethic. I am pretty sure being able to double click on the PS icon doesn’t count as PS Super Hero. If by marketing you mean going to the market for coffee and doughnuts, I am in.

  59. A. J. Wood is the best Photoshop Guy that I’m aware of. I’ve taken Lightroom training from him and am taking Photoshop training from him right now. He is very informative, entertaining and fearless.

  60. Hey Scott,

    Sounds fun! I am the best of the best at what I do and I do a LOT! ;) Can I get the HR info?



  61. Scott,

    I’m sure I don’t qualify for any of the jobs, and I really don’t care if my post here are first or last (sorry Ken).. but Dude “The patience of a Cleveland Browns fan”!?! CLASSIC! I’m from Ohio and I can’t stop laughing.

    And, BTW congratulations on the continued growth of the Kelby Media Empire. Your love of God and your family (with a bit of humor) comes through in all that you do the success is well deserved I hope to meet you and shake your hand some day.

  62. I’d love the HR contact information, I’m your marketing guy! When do the postings close?

    Thank you very much!

  63. Who doesn’t want one of these jobs??

  64. Oh Snap! Hey HR People! Send me the contact info! :D

  65. I would love to apply for one of the jobs. Please send the necessary information. :)

  66. Hey Mr Kelby, would you sponsor me a Green Card for the Photoshop Guy position? :)

  67. May I please get the contact information for HR? Thanks

  68. Awesome Opportunities! Could I get the information the HR Department.


  69. hey scott!
    really would love to work with u guys!
    can i have the HR contact?

    johnny jay

  70. Oh, and I forgot to mention.. I am in Cleveland and I’m a Browns Fan. lol!

  71. Hey Scott,

    This is awesome! I’d like to throw my hat in the ring for the Photoshop & Web Tech Geek Superhero. Send me the contact info!



  72. I love to have the HR contact info.
    Greatly appreciated,

  73. Please send hr info. Interested in tech geek position. Thx!

  74. Please send me the HR contact information.

  75. Interested in the telephone support position.

  76. Hello Scott & C.

    please send me the info to submit my resume.



  77. I want to work in my underwear. Or would that be underoos for a Photoshop & Web Tech-Geek SuperHero? I work in my underwear now, but it’s a little weird when people come to my office and I don’t stand up.

  78. Scott,

    A few things, I’d love the job, but I’m not sure if I’m quite ready for it, I think I’ll be ready enough for it, but the thought is overwhelming; childhood dreams to reality if it had happen.

    Besides, I’m in the mix of accomplish other personal goals with my own photography, however, I’m sure I’ll be sure jealous of the person who wins this job; who deservers the job it the won it! I look forward to the new person, I’m sure I’ll be able to call them buddy if they’re riding with your crew!

    DT. Tha Hustla
    Nassau,Bahamas | Miami, Florida

  79. Hey Scott,

    Add another to the ever growing list of candidates for the Photoshop & Web Tech Geek Superhero, can’t wait to see the names for this superhero when hired, “Captain underpants” comes to mind from the job description. Please forward me the contact info as well.

    Look forward to maybe making the stack that gets infront of you.



  80. I would love to get the information from HR. I’m a fantastic problem solver tech geek.

  81. Would love to apply for the Photoshop Gal position … Please send the HR info my way! Thanks! :)

  82. I will be incredibly surprised if this doesn’t end up being your most commented on blog post ever!

  83. And I would like to apply for the Photoshop Guy position. Please send me the details where I can send my resume to you guys.

    Many thanks :)

  84. I want to apply for the Photoshop position (1). Therefore I would like the HR info!

  85. HI Scott,
    Keep me in mind for the geeky, photoshoppy superhero..I am a trainer with 16 years experience in training folks in PhotoShop (over 4000 people thus far) I train on MAC and PC..and have a following of superstars.. I mean, Eddie Tapp came to the high school I teach at to run a demo for my students…,,,I really want the “photoshop guy” title, but I’m not sure if my wife will buy into moving to FLA… I have a tremendous business plan mapped out for you on a new market you are not tapping yet.. it has the potential of millions of dollars with in the 1st 3 years….(I even had a conversation with Eddie T about this.. he recommended I send the proposal to your secretary).. I would love to talk about this.. we have alot to discuss.. I hope you read this and respond..
    thanks a lot..


    • Oh, yeah, please put me in contact with your HR department.. OR just call me directly..

    • Scott,
      I’ve known and worked with Pat for several years. He is the director for a high-profile video project I’m doing that has a $200K budget. Pat is a technical expert in photography, videography and video post-production not to mention Photoshop and the related applications.

      But, more than that, Pat has proven to be an innovative educator. His students have won multiple national awards over the years in multiple school districts – far more than possible just by chance. And he has won several grants amounting to more than $1M for his programs.

      Pat’s industry connections are a big asset to anyone who works with him. He has done programs that have attracted the participation of nationally known experts, the likes of Eddie Tapp, top fashion photographers such as Stephen Eastwood and Helene DeLillo and a 20-plus-time Peabody Award winning documentary filmmaker, Jeff Folmsbee. (And me too of course)

      I highly recommend that you speak to Pat about his training ideas and consider him for any of the positions you have open.

      Best Regards,
      John ==

      John G. Rako, Ph.D.
      RiverGrizzly LLC
      Photo & Video Production

    • the verdict is in: She will move to FLA…so keep me in mind..

  86. I would be interested but only if you change the HR department to HDR department first.

  87. Photoshop & Web Tech-Geek SuperHero, sounds great to me. I can haz the HR info plz?

  88. I would love to get in touch with your HR department about these job openings. I don’t think even my wife would mind moving to Florida! LOL

  89. I wish I could work for you.
    You would be a dream boss! : )

  90. Hi, Guys! Can you pass on to me the HR info?
    Have my office ready.


  91. Hi Scott: I would love an opportunity to be able to apply for a position with your company. Can you send me the contact information. Thanks, Claire

  92. Hi Scott! This is the perfect job opportunity for me! I would love to get the HR info.

    Thank you!

  93. An opportunity to work for Scott Kelby and not wear pants? How could I resist? Requesting HR contact info. Thanks!

  94. Hey Scott!
    I am very interested in becoming your marketing genius! I would love to send my resume and information!

  95. Photoshop/Tech Geek Superhero!
    This sounds like the perfect job, could you please send me the HR Dept. Information.

    Best Regards,

  96. Hey Scott – How can I get in touch with your HR? I might be a match and would love to work there

  97. Hi Scott, hope all is well. I am interested in applying for a position with your awesome team. Please advise where to apply.

  98. I’ll throw my hat in the ring – and I have really nice hats!

  99. Hey,
    I am definitely a geek and a little cool. (Ask the wife.) I would love the HR contact info. Thanks.

  100. I would definitely would love to get in contact with the HR department.

  101. I’d love to have the contact info for the HR dept.


  102. I’ll wish you luck in finding the first position… I mean, you’ve set your standards reeeally high, which is awesome.

    I’d qualify for the 3rd job, but I’ll just focus in finishing school =]

  103. Scott, please send me some info on the Photoshop & Web Tech-Geek SuperHero job.

    Thank you,


  104. I wear a great geek/superhero hat. Please forward to me the necessary info.


  105. I’m in. Please send any H.R information that you can so that I might apply for this job.
    Thanks and best wishes to you and your staff.

    Please feel free to visit me at sammestas.com


  106. Hey Scott, I will like to apply for the “Photoshop & Web Tech-Geek SuperHero”, I’m quite sure that I qualify for the Photoshop, Web Tech-geek part and my children think I’m Superman, so I can clearly fake the SuperHero part…

  107. Hi Scott,

    I would love to apply for the marketing position, for the description it’s exactly what I’m looking for, and would be a dream to work with your team!!! How can I apply?!?!


  108. Although I am all about working in my underwear and have lots of experience with how to deal with bosses that yell, the job i want is Brad’s. Let me know when he gets promoted!

  109. Request for HR Department please. I’m salivating over the Tech-Geek SuperHero job!! Thanks!

  110. Marketing Maven at the ready… just need to pay my tab at Chili’s!

    Please send HR contact information. Cheers!

  111. I would be interested in the tech geek position – I’m always talkin’ “geek speak”

  112. Probably ten thousand four hundred and sixty two people better than me but no harm in trying, so please can I have the details.

  113. I wish I could (and that I was qualified!) – you guy have too much fun. I see no guitar skills required… I thought you had higher standards ;)

  114. I’m not sure it’s fair that the people who come into the office don’t get to work in their underwear.

  115. I’d love to chat with the HR department so I can get my kick-butt resume in their hands.

  116. Scott:
    Please forward the HR information to me. I would love to apply for the opportunity to work next door to “Your Awesomeness.”
    Thank you!

  117. Hi! I’m a web-techy-photoshopy girl who always manages to save the day at my current job! Please send me the link for your HR dept.

    Thank you!

  118. I would love to get the HR Dept. contact information. Not sure if the timing is right though, I will graduate a marketing genius in May 2011. Looks like an amazing opportunity!

  119. Hi Scott – If you think I might be a good fit for that marketing position, by all means, send me the info for the HR department. :)

    Thanks much! ~Firgs

  120. Scott,

    What a great Job Photoshop Guy would be?
    But do to family cann’t move from New York.
    I vote for a Photoshop Gal with a Sexy Voice :-}

  121. I think that I would make a good fit for the email support job. I work from my home and teach a number of classes in Colorado in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and digital photography.

    I have been a big fan since Photoshop tips were just an audio feed.

  122. Hi Scott i will love to be the Photoshop Guy. This will be a dream come true! See you soon. Please forward the HR information to me.

  123. I’m a total PHOTO nerd! Shoot me the HR contact info! Talk soon!

    -Brian James

  124. I would be willing to relocate to Tampa and be that marketing guru you need! Please send me. The contact info for the HR dept, they want to read my resume!!!

  125. Super-geek, rockstar, what’s the difference really? I am proud to call myself a geekstar. But in all seriousness, I would love to receive the HR contact info for these positions. Opportunity knocks sometimes too subtly, but I can hear the faint call of glory.

  126. I would love for a chance to leave the frigid North East. Please send me HR’s Contact info

  127. Please send me the contact info for your HR dept. I’ve always wanted to work with you guys at Kelby Media! You guys SO TOTALLY ROCK!!

  128. Wow, what a fantastic opportunity for the right person!

    Scott, I’m gonna have to put forward my good Buddy A.J. Wood for the Photoshop Guy; incredible teacher, super enthusiastic, sick amount of knowledge, wicked sense of humour and alot more hair than me :)

    A.J. Wood I repeat A.J. Wood…lol


  129. Hi there! I would love the HR contact info for the Photoshop Gal position, please! Thank you!

  130. Please send me the HR contact info. Here’s to hoping and I make the cut. Short on PS experience but have a great attitude and love helping people figure things out.


  131. I’m a Photoshop super-geek. Please send me the HR info. Thanks

  132. Hey looking for another Canadian to join the team??? Definitely my Dream Job!
    HR contact info please!!!!!!!!!

  133. I was wondering if I could sweep the floors @ HQ? Just want out of washington. It rains too much here.

  134. I aspire to be (your post) #1 but I’m a master of reality and know that #3 is what I am (right now). the Universe is talking to me ….please forward additional information. :)

  135. Hi Scott, please send me the HR info. Thanks

  136. I would really appreciate the HR information as well! Dream job indeed!

    ThanX Scott!

  137. I am interested in receiving the details for your HR department and any pertinent information regarding the available positions.

  138. As luck would have it, I already live in Tampa and am a marketing girl through and through so I would love the contact info!

  139. Good luck in finding the right guy or gal for the positions. :) I would have applied for one of them if only I had the time to be as good as required. Please don’t send any HR info my way Scott.

  140. Scott,

    Please send me the HR contact info. Thanks!


  141. I’m the person you are looking for.
    HR dept contact info requested.

  142. My dear Scott,

    I did’nt get the HR info ….. Please send me :) ….

    Best regards
    – Ali

  143. Hire an ATTRACTIVE FEMALE! More people will watch—-GUARANTEED!!! MONEY!

  144. If you would be interested in a 20-year veteran military photographer, photographic instructor/Master Trainer, and someone who has been using Photoshop since its inception into the military back in the mid-90s, then please put me in contact with your HR Department. It would be an honor to be a member of your team.

  145. I’d love the HR info, Scott! And say hi to BRAD for me!

  146. Sorry
    To high tech for me. I,m From oklahoma love you stuff and classes. I’ve kicked butt for many years and now it is time to slow down. I’m going to make me some Beans and Corn Bread and have Lunch(yes I cook very well). But you positions are most likely over my head. If you decide to put in a Photographers Lunch Corner(For those who have to eat on the Run) Look me up.
    Thanks again

  147. HR info please! I know that is going to be an intimidating pile of resumes but how many applicants can say Kloskowski in a cat snarl voice while taking well lit pictures of themselves Photoshopping a Canadian flag over a fender guitar t-shirt as they write a book about the time they convinced a room full of hecklers that they could do it too?

    Knowing the caliber of people who will be applying for this job there is a good possibility I will end up in a pile that doesn’t make it to your desk, but if I do I want to be sure they have to make a special one just for me. :-)

  148. A job? No, really, I couldn’t. What’s that you say? You feel that my combination of 22 years of shooting in the field combined with pixel slinging since Photoshop 2.5 would be a great addition to the NAPP team?
    Well, OK. Send me the HR info and I’ll get my guys on it right away.

  149. I’m your kick-butt marketing maverick. Even though you’re a Buc fan and I’m a Bronco fan, the thought that you are close to Disney makes it all good. Shoot me the info from your HR dept so I can make you all sorts of money.

  150. Great to see all the growth and can’t wait to see what cool stuff comes of it. Please send me HR info about the “(3) Photoshop & Web Tech-Geek SuperHero” position and take it easy on us Browns Fans! A patient and dedicated group we are. Best wishes and luck expanding your team – we are all gonna win on that!

  151. If I didn’t love my 1st job so much, I’d apply… But SAHM is truly the best job in the world… Good luck to the applicants!!!

  152. Please send me the HR info. I am definitely geeky, and cool (just ask my mom). I’m interested in the Photoshop Guy position and the Photoshop and Web Tech Superhero position.

  153. Well this would be a dream come true. Can I please get the contact info for the HR department for the Photoshop Girl position as well as the Photoshop and Web Tech-Geek Superhero? Thanks. Cynthia D.

  154. Hello Scott,

    I know a guy who’s fantastic at marketing and tech support. He might be too young to work for you though. Haha. What’s the age restriction on those two jobs? If you could, would you please send me contact information for your HR department?



  155. I would like to request the HR information, as well.

    If we make it to your desk, do we get to audition? :)

  156. I am an all-around designer who’s got the vibes as the Photoshop & Web Tech superhero. Please email HR info for application. Thank you!

  157. Hi, would love more info on the Photoshop Guy role.

    Would love to have the opportunity to show you my presentation skills.

  158. I would can really pull off geek chic with a PuRple sparkle cape!!

    (Just gotta make sure that it doesn’t get caught on the airplane turbines..But since I could work from home, I don’t see as though that would be a problem!)

    I would really appreciate the email for the HR department.

  159. I don’t want to beg, but it would be wonderful if you could send me the HR info. Thanks, Scott!

  160. Just another request for the fine folks in the HR Dept.

  161. Would love the details for the HR DEPT.

    Even though I’m in England and quite young, everyone has to start somewhere!


    Thomas Mark Lay

  162. As soon as you open up a NAPP Headquarters in Toronto, Canada then I’m in! Otherwise…

  163. Send that HR info my way, I’m calling the movers…

  164. Techy…Geeky…Super Hero…? I like the sound of that. Photoshop Guy or Photoshop & Web Tech-Geek SuperHero…let’s make it happen. Photoshop Guy and Photoshop Web geek info please…and thanks.

    Great to hear about the development!


  165. If it’s not too much trouble, I’ll take some of the HR info you’re handing out.

  166. To HR Department:

    Timing IS everything. I was just on the phone re my membership renewal, and asked the lady if you people were looking for any trainers. She pointed me to the blog – and here I am!

    I have been a commercial photographer ( automotive advertising ) for 30+ years, and a hi-end Photoshop guy ( produced more than 750 automotive advertising composites ) for 18 years. I am also an Adobe certified Photoshop Instructor, and am CompTIA CTT+ Certified.

    I am looking to step it up another notch, and you guys are definitely more than a notch! I would love to have the opportunity to do training through NAAP.

    My passion is helping people move forward in their lives and careers. I have two main mantras 1) “Garbage in- Garbage out! “. 2) “Keep Moving Forward”.

    I have written a Photoshop textbook with DVD tutorials to follow my workshops – and bottom line — I LOVE what I do!

    Hope to hear from you!

    Michael Brown

  167. I would like the email for the HR department please. Jason

  168. Too bad I’m still a high school student… otherwise I’d want to try out for the new Photoshop guy… :-)

  169. It would freakin’ rock to be the next Photoshop Guy! Can you direct me to the HR department about this position? Thanks!

  170. Hi Scott,

    no sales pitch here, but I do have a couple of videos I’d like you to see. My Accurate Color book has evolved into a video series. …but they’re not Photoshop tutorials- you’ve got that covered. You know my passion for color and enabling folks. This is more like color ground-school for the common man; my take the (essential, but) missing link.
    Send me an email address and I’ll send you the link.

    My best to you,

  171. Can we thumb wrestle for the job? Ive always thought living in Tampa would be nice :)

  172. Please send me the HR info too!

  173. I’d love the HR contact info for the Tech-Geek Superhero job! Thanks!

  174. I have none of the qualifications you mentioned. However, would you consider a new position of, “If He Can Do It…”

    Further explanation upon request.

  175. Please send me the HR info about the Photoshop Guy position.

    I have been teaching digital photography, Photoshop, and other digital media classes full time for the past 5 years and I would love the opportunity to become part of the Kelby Training team.

  176. Great to see that NAPP/Kelby Training are hiring more folks because this can only mean one thing…Growth!

    In which case new employees & members are all winners!

    Nice one,

  177. Hey Scott, I am your guy!
    I’ll answer e-mails and help anyone who is struggling with Photoshop.
    I am a Professional Photographer since 1998 and I own 2 different companies (Marketing Strategy) both are Photo studios, located in Ogden, UT (AA PROFESSIONAL Photography and JUNCTION Photography). These both companies are doing great and this opportunity will get my closer to my goals.
    I’ve been doing Photoshop since PS-5 (back in 1995 or so). I am a CS5 happy user. I am a Nikon user as well, and a fan of yours.
    I have Customer Service experience and I want to increase the already broad range of skills. I am a fluent Spanish speaker and I am able to help in both worlds at any time.
    Contact me back at 801-603-9837 or studios@aa-photography.com

  178. Please have HR send me information

  179. Scott,

    Sounds like you need less of a marketing (data analytics) guy and need more of a sales guy (relationship building both directly and indirectly, knowledge of customer psychology) paired with a training background. I’m your man!

    Send me the HR info please and I will shoot you a resume!


  180. Dear HR Dept: Please consider Dave Cuerdon for your next PS guru! I have taken multiple Webinars from him, and he has a great teaching style and an easy-going personality. He’s a PS genius without acting like an ass because of it. A perfect fit, IMHO, and I’d love to see him affiliated with you guys!


  181. When you say the Tech-Geek Superhero can work from home, is it restricted to the US?

  182. I’d like the HR contact info please… I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.

  183. Marketing, I love me some marketing! I would love to hear from the HR department. I should mention up front that I am from Wisconsi and I hope that whole Aaron Rodgers incident does not get held against me.

  184. Geeky, Photoshoppy gal with übertastic communication skills seeks connection with HR rep. Maybe we can Shift+Alt+Cmd+E in the near future.

  185. I would LOVE to give this a try. Can I please get the HR contact info please? THANKS !

  186. Is there going to be follow up information, for the positions posted. Please advise.

  187. I will be on a plane tomorrow and I am your candidate for marketing genius. Please send HR info to me.

  188. hi,
    I would love to work with the gang, how do I get in contact with the HR dept.

  189. Would love to have the email for the HR department!

  190. Wow… leave it to Scott the guys at Kelby Media Group to generate such an amazing buzz for three open positions. How awesome is that?!

    Personally the Marketing Genius position would be my dream job. The thought promoting the benefits of a proven product that sits at the top of it’s market is any marketers dream.

    Many will think this job going to be easy, just look at the response to this one post. But the reality is marketing to us (Scott’s fans and NAPP members) is the easy part. It’s the challenge of finding and breaking into new markets that intrigues me. So Scott if you’re listening, let’s do lunch. I’ll check-in with Foursquare and we can get the free chips and salsa at Chili’s.

    Best of luck to all that apply! But remember dream jobs are never easy jobs, they’re usually the hardest and the most rewarding.

    BTW while all of you were waiting for the HR Department to call you with their information, I called KMG and asked for it. :)

  191. i would like to be put in touch with the hr department please. some of these jobs looks like they suite me to a tee

  192. Well, my name happens to be Dave !
    So I guess that means I’m
    automatically in – right?

    I’m interested in all three positions, as
    I am truly a jack of all trades.

    Please do send me the HR info

    Thanks !

  193. Hi Scott,

    Well… I’m intrigued but not certain… send me the HR info and any other pertinent info (like what it pays and benefits, etc…) and I’ll consider it…

  194. I may be young, but I feel that I have a lot to offer the team as the new photoshop superstar! I started learning and taking photographs when I was in the 5th grade. I of course started out with film on my dad’s nikon and then later moved on to the Bronica taking medium format pictures. I could never be as creative to my full potential with film. I felt like I was in a small box, or dark room! When I started college at Bowling Green State University in 2003, I majored in Art Education with my focus in Photography. I always stole (borrowed) my dad’s photoshop magazines to learn all the new tricks and tips from the pros. I have grown so much as a photographer, both from the teachings of my professors at college and everyone at photoshop magazine and Kelby Training. I taught many digital photography classes during my student teaching, and my students Art work got so recognized I started the first digital photography show at Maumee High School. Since then I have really been pushing the boundaries of my photographs in the Art world today. I also have been playing the alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone since I was in the 5th grade and still play today. I would be a great addition to the band as well! :)

  195. As an individual who is passionate about photography and technology, the opportunity to work with Kelby Media Group would be my dream job. I would love to bring my creative and technical experience to your team. Please have your HR department send me the contact information.

    Thank you in advance,


    Adobe Photoshop ACE, Microsoft MCSE & MCTS, Apple ACSP
    R.I.T. Photography Graduate, IT Systems Engineer

  196. Get me out of Utah, it’s cold! We don’t have an NFL team and I would be happy to adopt the Bucs. I would love to take my talents to South Beach! But I won’t abandon my Jazz. Please send HR info.



  197. More on the geeky side right now but have a pretty solid handle on the creative side and looking to make a career move more in that direction. Interested in the Photoshop and Web Tech-Geek SuperHero position if you can send me the HR details.

  198. The fact that so many of the posts here are asking for Kelby to send them the HR info indicates their complete lack of understanding on how to apply for a job. You actually take the time to FIND the information on the NAPP website. Anyone who takes the tack of “send me your HR info” should immediately be disqualified.

    • That’s what Scott told them to do in the post. Scott’s post says, “If any of these sounds like a perfect fit for you, or someone you know, them come and work for us! If you post a comment here asking for our HR dept, I’ll email the contact info where to can send your resume..”

      Also in the “immediately disqualified” pile should be “those who don’t read instructions”. :) HA ok Jason I’m done ripping you- you left that door wide open! Getting any warmer in Denver yet?

  199. Congrats to whomever gets the Photoshop Guy (or Gal) position. You’ll have my dream job. I don’t say that flippantly. You will truly have my dream job. *Sigh*…time to reevaluate my 5-year plan…

  200. As an Adobe alumni with over 10 years experience in software engineering across the web technology and digital imaging software stacks including customer facing roles, a graduate of Boston University’s program in Professional Digital Photography, and an award winning Independent Photography Professional I would be an excellent match for the Photoshop & Web Tech-Geek SuperHero position.

    I’ve years of experience working remotely with virtual teams in high pressure projects, have a leading technology blog for one of Adobe’s web products, and I founded and organized the very first Online User Group for an Adobe product using their online conferencing software Connect (formerly Breeze) where I grew the membership to 1000 before handing over leadership to others.

    As an example of my superhero skills, as a personal project I developed Photoshop Extension (Panel) as a rich internet application that integrates a very wide array of Adobe technology, and I will be presenting my project to a conference in Scotland next week, where I will also demonstrate it at the local Adobe office in Edinburgh. The project is titled Building Collaborative Creative Suite Extensions with the CS SDK, Flex, LiveCycle Data Services, and ColdFusion. The list of Adobe products used to create the project includes: Adobe Flash Builder (w/ Extension Builder, Adobe Creative Suite SDK, Adobe ColdFusion Builder, Adobe LiveCycle DataServices, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe AIR, Adobe Flex (& ActionScript), with honorable mention to the Debug version of Flash Player. Special mention for the MySQL database on the backend. A preview screenshot and description here: http://on.fb.me/ienk9Q

    I pretty much carry a huge swiss army knife of Adobe technology, but as part of my photography training I’ve studied nearly every major contemporary photographer out there that has a DVD bundle or online class including: Strobist (DVD), Zack Arias (DVD & Creative Live), Jeremy Cowart (DVD & Kelby Training), Joe McNally (Kelby Training & PSW), Deke McClelland (Total Training), Joe Buissink (DVD & seminar), JoeyL Sessions, and Mark Daughn (DVDs).

    In 2009 I won first prize for Best Digital Illustration at the annual meeting of Commerical and Industrial Photographers of New England (CIPNE). In 2010 I won first prize for Portraiture from the same organization.

    I’ll be at Scott’s Light it/Shoot it/Retouch tour in Boston, and The Flash Bus tour 2 weeks later. I’d love to be contacted about Photoshop & Web Tech-Geek SuperHero position.

    Thank you!


  201. Well, I’d really only work for you if I could keep a couple of guitars in my office. And my DJ system that my wife won’t let me set up in the house since I ‘retired’ from that a few years back.

    If that’s cool with you, let’s start the discussion! Please add me to the HR list for “Photoshop Guy Hopeful” :)

    -Scott (no, I don’t plan to change my name to make things easier…)

  202. I doubt the even remote possibility that I would be considered for the first two. However, I could possibly qualify for the third position. I’m already a freelance graphic designer, so staying in pajamas is a plus. ;-)

  203. Please send me the HR info! Would love to be a part of Kelby Media Group!

  204. Wow! What an exciting opportunity! This marketing job encompasses two of my life passions: photography and marketing. Please send me your HR department’s info.

  205. Oh dear, I’m afraid you won’t get enough applications.

    Have you considered Craigslist?


  206. Hi, Scott. Please send me the HR information. This is a dream job! I love photoshop, and I like sharing my passion with other people! I already teach coworkers everything I can learn, and I have tricks that I’d love to share with the world!

    Thank you!

  207. HR information, please! I’ve been waiting so long to read this post! It would be a dream to join your crew, Scott. Working in Mobile, Alabama, my whole life has been nothing but unstimulating job atmospheres and little to no competition for me to grow from. I’ve been keeping myself caught up with the latest from the help of you and the guys for years now. I’m ready for a real opportunity to get out there! Thanks for this post!

  208. This is pretty cool seeing so many people wanting the job…:)

    I just wish you guys had a class for a week or something where you guys can teach anybody willing to learn about photography; kelbytraining is AWESOME but teaching someone one on one would be quite amazing.

  209. I already use “maverick” as an alias so I am half way there to being your next “Marketing Genius!” Please send me the info.

  210. I’d give away one of my kidneys and pack my bags tomorrow and fly in from Australia to join the team, and I think an Australian is exactly what you need! haha.

    but unfortunately i’m stuck down under for the time being with too many photo/video/photoshop committments.

    Good luck everyone, i look forward to seeing who joins the team.

  211. Scott,

    Could you shoot me the HR contact info, please?


  212. Please sent me the HR contact info. Thanks

  213. I’ll take that HR info if it’s not too late.


  214. Scott! Please add me to the HR list. I am extremely interested in the last position offered ((3) Photoshop & Web Tech-Geek SuperHero). I have my own photo business and I also handle IT technical issues for a large organization within my area.

  215. Hi Scott.
    I would definitely interested in job number 3. Please send me the HR depts info.
    Thanks Matt

  216. I think it’s time for Kelby Media to get itself a general counsel. I may know someone ;)

  217. Marketing Guru with a degree in journalism – McGyver style attitude and Terminator energy. Published, proficient fanatic macro medical photographer with over 17 years involvement in trade show design, logistics and program management for over 30 fortune 500 companies. Photoshop teacher – user – enthusiast with Illustrator, Lightroom 3, InDesign and Flash background. Wide format Epson 9900, 7900 production experience for graphics and fine art photography. Editor-in-chief Focus Magazine PLANT CITY launch, I started Focus with a mock cover, price list and a will to make the first issue pay for itself – Focus is now in 6 markets and expanding where shrinkage is the trend.

    This would be a dream job and perfect fit for my skill sets and interests.

    Please add me to the list of job #2.

  218. Wow those are some awesome sounding jobs! I am an working on becoming that photoshop guy. I would move to Florida just to empty Scott Kelby’s trash. You guys rock! Thanks for all the hard work.

  219. Hey Scott, I’d love the opportunity to send you my resume for your open position of “Photoshop guy (or gal).” When you get a chance, please let me know where to send my info.

  220. Hi, Scott.
    Has the HR info been sent? I accidentally deleted my spam mail without checking it. I haven’t received any info, yet. If you already sent it, can you send it again? Otherwise, I’ll wait til it comes.

  221. i somehow missed those earlier posts with all the photos from the offices, thanks for sharing that again! it was great to see an inside look behind the scenes.

    i was really struck by how much you obviously appreciate and value everyone in your company, no matter what position they hold, and that you know so many of them personally. (and that no one is safe from being poked fun of…) i think that says a lot.

    (and no, i’m not applying for a job and just saying that. =) ) do you typically just blog about job postings, or do you post them elsewhere too?

    as you were introducing different people, i found myself wondering about how you’ve met some of these people you’ve worked together with for years now. how about a post with some of these great stories? not really photography stuff, i know, but hey, we all like stories… =)

  222. I would like HR Information for the Photoshop & Web Tech-Geek SuperHero position, Thanks

  223. I would apply, but my wife can’t legally drive in the state of Florida. Besides, no offense to Tampa, but it is way too humid and you get hurricanes.

  224. Scott,
    I helped you out at a San Diego PS World a few years ago and you gave me one of your books. I won the Illustration Guru Award in 2007. I am a digital illustrator, teacher, and author; I’m an ACI in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash; and I teach at various schools and training centers, including the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Please look at my blog where I share all of my digital illustration techniques. Other than Burt Monroy, I haven’t seen anyone else do this and my approach is quite different from his. I was born in Florida, but I don’t know if I can move back there right now. However, is there any need for online teaching, writing, or tutorials? How about presenting at a PS World? I would love that.

  225. If it’s not to late, I would love to have the HR Info sent to me.

  226. Hey Scott, Shoot me the info for your HR dept, please… I am your new Web Tech Geeky Guy…

  227. I’m a marketing genius who’d love to work for you! Currently getting back into photography after a 20 year hiatus… digital has reinvigorated my interest and creativity.

  228. Hi Scott!

    Send the info for your HR department my way, please. Kelby Training needs more Canadians.

  229. I’m very interested and would love to be a part of the Kelby Training Family. Could you forward the HR info to me please.

  230. Scott,
    I’d absolutely love it if you (or one of your loyal minions) would oblige in sending me the information for your HR department. Thanks!

  231. Would love to have the HR info for the 3rd job.

  232. Scott,
    send me the Juice!

    ps. don’t tell my wife! I may have to drug her to get her to move to Tampa! :D

  233. Oh, needed to send from this computer to get my gravatar to work!

    Send me the HR stuff for the photoshop goober!

  234. I am interested in either the photoshop guy position or the Photoshop web geek position. Could you send me the hr information please.

  235. Please send me the HR info for Job #1. Thanks!

  236. Scott, you’re killin’ me, man. If this was 5-10 years down the line, I would be all over Position #1 (if you’d have me).

  237. I would love the Photoshop & Web Tech-Geek SuperHero position. Please send me the info!

  238. Scott, being a man full of humility, I don’t want to come appear arrogant.
    I’m probably the perfect “Photoshop-photography-web-tech geek.” Not only am I effective at communicating, I also have in-depth, though not overly technical, knowledge in all these areas.

    Do the right thing here: give the people the hero they need; send me the HR information.


  239. I would love to work for NAPP and Kelby Training. Please let me know the info so I can submit my app.

  240. Wow… some amazing opportunities. Who wouldn’t want to join the Kelby team. I would love to recieve the HR information. Interested in the marketing genius position.

  241. Hey Scott, it’d be great if you could send me the HR info for job #3. Thanks and greetings from germany. Stefan

  242. I am a little late on seeing this but I am a crazy photoshopper and web nerd with a personality, and would love to add my resume to the mix of 1000’s you will receive. I promise it will stand out. :)

    Please let me know.

    – John

  243. If it’s not too late, I would love to have the HR info on Job #1 & Job #3.

  244. Very interesrted, please me me the info. Thanks!

  245. I’m geeky and I love photography. I am a multi-published author of digital photography books and am familiar with blogging. I’m also a people person. Send me the HR info and I’ll tell you more.

  246. if it’s not to late can I have the HR info?
    I was born in Cleveland and have been a Browns and Indians fan for all 30 years of my life (never wavered even living in SC for the majority of those years). Plus I work in a studio where they only one that can practically turn on a computer is me let alone figure out why they can’t access their Facebook account… so answering the worse of support questions has not been an issue.

  247. wow, those are dream jobs, but too bad i live in Hawaii, can’t relocate, bummers. if you ever need a job done in Hawaii or can be done remotely, count me in. Aloha =)

  248. What a great opportunity! I am totally into this! However I am still a student working on my Bachelors in Graphic Design. But one day I aspire to work at such a cool place. How amazing it would be to work there!!

  249. Hi, this is my portfolio (www.edvin.lv), i hope i could
    be a Photoshop Guy, but I’m located not in the US.

  250. Amazing job potential, I’d love to be able to put my name in the hat for the Marketing Genius position. I have a background in Marketing and the passion to do this job. Send me the info and I’ll prove why I’m the only person you should consider for the job.

  251. Please send me the HR link. What might be very interesting is that I already lived in Tampa for 15 years, and my wife is a marketing guru for a company here in Grand Rapids, MI and would be a real steal for NAPP since she deals with a very large catalog company and would like to move south too. This could be a reall win win. I look good at the table with Matt and Dave already as seen at the Vegas shot last year. see our web!!!!

  252. Hi Scott, please send me the info from the HR department.

  253. Hi Scott!

    Sounds like some amazing jobs. Could you please send me the HR department info? I’d love to join your team!

  254. Hi Scott, please send me the info I need to apply.

  255. Hi Scott,

    Please send me the info I need to apply.


  256. Well, I think “Photoshop & Web Tech-Geek SuperHero” is really the job of my dreams, I have taught photoshop and web design for many years in France. As I did an equivalent job for French people – some said they are “arrogant and impatient” – I would be a SuperHero for your users who are of course awesome and more talented than the average. I have been living in Melbourne Australia for 8 months and I’m ready to move and work with you, or at least take a plane for an interview and “advienne que pourra” (come what may) as it happens to be the job of my dreams and as my girlfriend is a US citizen.


    Aurélien Vianès

  257. Will you please send me the contact info for the position? This is definitely the job of a life time! I really want to make an impact, and being an instructor or one of the Photoshop Guys would be a great way to do that. My passion for this business is undeniable.

  258. Well, I’ll tell you right now sir I have read and many of your books cover to cover and worked the exercises many times. I went to college for only one year of graphic design courses and I am nowhere near the skill level that I think that you are looking for. I’m not posting here to apply for one of the positions posted here. But I am interested in any entry level positions that you have with your company because of all that I have read about your company, your books, and the videos that you link to from your books.

    Do you know how rare it is to hear the owner of a company say, “Most importantly, I want to thank God, and his son Jesus Christ” (The Photoshop Elements 6 book)? I am certain that you know how rare a statement like this is in the media field. I would most certainly have been fired for making a statement like that at HSN on a company product to customers. I am a Catholic and I listen to Bishop Fulton Sheen about 2-3 times a week, other times I listen to audios of Mother Angelica or other religious persons. I’m not the best Catholic and I’m not a holly roller who pushes my religion on others. But I know from much personal experience working for HSN, Sears, Tech Advanced Computers, and many other companies and the military (U.S. Navy) that almost no one in any managerial position will have the integrity, intelligence, or courage to stand for anything today, let alone God, Christ, and right and wrong.

    Working recently at HSN here in St. Petersburg, Florida one manager of customer service actually started visibly shaking when I asked them what religion they were after they made a religious comment to me about someone else. I want to work for you because you, and others who work for you, have proven that you are men and women of character and the highest integrity. Your books have helped me learn more about photography (my best skill) and graphic design better than any of the textbooks that the college made me pay a lot of money for. I am not qualified for the positions that you have offered here, but I honestly want to work for you and your company more than any other place that I have ever seen.

    I am guessing that you are not a religious company and that you don’t push people about it, but after applying at a company that was openly scientologist around Clearwater and pushed hard for you to take L. Ron Hubbard business classes as an non manager employee; I want to work on the right team, not the wrong one. If you have any entry level customer service, sales, or assistant jobs, available please let me know and I can tell you now that I will do my absolute best for you and your company. Life is too short and too important to not put the effort in where people clearly deserve my best and have given their best.

    Thank you for your time,

    Richard Allen Hicks

  259. Howdy,

    If you’re looking for a maven, and you’re looking for a passionate individual that truly values education, with a strong foundation in Social Media Marketing (and Web Analytics to stay accountable), then I just may be your man.

    I’d love, more than anything (except maybe world peace), the opportunity to connect with the right person to see if we’d be a good fit. I’ve got almost four years of Interactive Agency experience under my belt, a Master’s Degree in Mass Communication, a background in training, and I’m even willing to help out on a trial basis – just to be sure that I can offer the value to your team that you’re after.

    To be quite honest, I truly tire of working solo, and miss the collaboration, as well as camaraderie. I never want to be the smartest person in the room – if you understand where I’m going with that.

    And I’d be happy to supply a number of references, including the person who I used to work next to. His biggest complaint was that I would shake his desk too much when I got excited, and he had to move his plants back a few inches weekly, or they would have an unpleasant meeting with the floor. Of course, there are plenty more, and they’re all yours at the drop of a hat.

    Anyway, I hope to have piqued your interest at least a little bit. But if I can’t do that with a little prose, I might not be the Marketing Genius that you’re looking for. Regardless, good luck on your hunt – I hope they all work out, and none of them steal your lunch from the fridge! For the record, I would never do that. Well… unless you left it overnight and I was working really late and too busy to get my own. But I’d tell you and take you out to lunch the next day. ;)

    All the best,

    Art Wilbur

  260. Oh, and I just realized that you might want to consider me for the latter Web-Tech Geek SuperHero position as well. I have a number of years in helpdesk support, am active in a number of online communities, and am honestly the type of person that puts others’ needs before my own (passed down from my Dad). I’ve got lots of those kind of references too.

    I also can apply my social media skills toward finding and answering questions that aren’t posed directly at the company – you know, to help get the word out and be seen as a good corporate citizen. We’re blurring the lines between marketing here, but I believe in hard work and not putting good man-hours to waste.

    Did I mention that I’m verbose? I tend to fix problems, identify problems that are likely to happen, and provide resources to further educate the user. In my personal business, people tend to like that. And canned responses are the birds.



  261. With the new help coming on board, I hope one of them can figure out how to make the online classes compatible to the iPad. I will not renew until that task is completed.


    • I would try! I am sure that it wouldn’t take much to get this up and operational. On the other hand, the online classes are amazing, because you get the best of the best in industry professionals showing you how to get top-notch professional results. I can assure you (and I know from experience) that Kelby Media Group is built on customer service, and if you contacted customer service, they have the power to bring those matters to someone’s attention so that it can be fixed.

    • I am not even a novice when it comes to the Ipad and I do not speak for Kelby Media Group. However, my brother develops apps for devices and from what i can gather it is a much more involved process than one might think.

      The problem is that the Ipad is app based and many web based forms and inputs are having problems. Apple wants to sell apps and that apps have to be approved in many cases from what i gather. It is about like creating software for the apple operating system except that it must meet more standards from what i have been told.

      So, I would guess that Kelby Media Group is working hard on this and I would say that you could help them in either listing an example of an app that provides online classes that you like, or thoughts about what you might want to see in an app from Kelby.

      But like i said, I have no connection to Kelby Media Group and these are just my thoughts alone. Developing apps is a tough job because you want the app to do as much as possible for your companies needs without having to create more than one, or have to redo the app with many updates. I think part of the problem is that extra level of apple involvement in selling any app at thier store and having it accepted. But these are just guesses from other things that I have heard.

    • @Bruce : A Kelby Training iPad app is already under development, thank for your patience.


  262. Scott,
    Please send the HR pack – hyper hyper sonic interested!



  263. Please send me the info for the HR Department.

  264. How I missed the original post on this is beyond me. Id love to be one of these “your in 16 bit mode, that wont work” guy. Specially from my home office. Does it help if im bilingual? Send the HR pack my way please.

  265. Hey Scott! I would love for you to send me the information to contact the HR Department. I am a natural teacher – it is in the core of who I am – and I am a photographer with a fire in my belly to express my inner vision. I can passionately teach anything to anyone. In my day job I teach high school kids Latin and European history, while managing a photography business on the weekends, evenings and summer, all with fidelity and purpose.

  266. Florida, eh? What the heck, I was looking for an excuse to wear my speedo anyway;)
    If there’s still an opening, I’d love an opportunity to apply for it! Heck, act now and I’ll try my best not to wear the speedo around the office (its red by the way;)

  267. Scott… do tell me that you are ok with me providing technical support from India ;)
    If yes, do pass on details of your HR dept…

    Fingers crossed.
    Toes crossed too.

  268. Hi There!

    One HR Department please…I would love to get more info on the Photoshop and marketing positions, being that I am the biggest genious in all the land! 


  269. You can quickly dollar every day !!!!  I’ts real !!!! NO JOKE!!!!VISIT:http://myguardianangelincomesystemnojoke.blogspot.com

  270. Hi Scott. I came across this (outdated as …) message while looking for my next career move. I have been to your presentations and watched many videos, and have decades of experience as a writer and video editor along with decent photography skills and strong communication talents should you be in expansion mode. My video is at http://www.vimeo.com/bobanthonyfla and I can be reached at bobanthonyfla@yahoo.com if you feel like dropping me an e….Thanks!

  271. hi… sir 
    i want work in photoshop

  272. It’s Late??
    I’m Italian ..i’m ACI Photoshop cs3-cs4–cs5-cs6…
    I ‘m ready to fly with my family to USA….


  273. I just came across this post and I’m really interested in this and probably a little late, but hey stranger things have happened. I’m the guy who won tickets to the Google+ Photographers Conference on this blog, someone on Facebook decided to bless me with the airfare, and a someone on Google+ offered to cover my room.

    Can you please send me the info to contact your HR department (I just typed HDR department, guess that was a Freudian slip).

  274. My husband has remote help desk support experience, is looking for part time work, is a giant Kelby fan, and has awesome Photoshop and photography skills :) Working remotely from home would be perfect for him. If you still have any remote positions available, please send information to him Thanks :)

  275. hi… sir
    i want work in photoshop 6 year exp

    i am indian /////////////////—–Cont: 08683910005

  276. Hello Sir,
    I am writing to show my interest in any office work that you may offer. I’m 22 years old and a full bloodied Filipino citizen. With my qualification, at the age of 20, I graduated in college with the degree in Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and currently holding a supervisory position in a retail and merchandise industry here in Philippines.
    Also, I am fun of writing, one proof is that I’ve been an Editor-in-Chief when I was in High School and a Feature Writer in college. The reason why I want to pursue my career in US is more of exploring my abilities and potentials in more complicated and challenging aspects of corporate organizations.
    I hope to hear from you soonest and I look forward to work with your collaborative teams.
    email: nil.moscoso@yahoo.com

  277. if there are any current openings for Photoshop Guy or Marketing Genius, i’d love to submit my resumé – marleydidit@gmail.com

  278. Former Pro IT nerd turned Pro Photographer. Still a nerd spending more time than ever in Lighroom and Photoshop instead of fixing Windows. What the Kelby Group does for the photo community is beyond appreciation and I want to work for you! Check out my portfolio at http://www.scottprokop.com.

  279. Hello Scott! I have been attending, and asking the presenters how I could possibly teach for you for over ten years now! I am an Adobe Certified Instructor, and have been teaching at colleges, universities, and corporations for over 15 years. Tons of personality, I can handle, entertain and teach the crowd! I teach Photoshop, Lightroom, Web Design(SEO, HTML, Dreamweaver, Muse, Flash, Captivate) Check out my Online Resume: http://bit.ly/1vL1aw8 and my website http://www.headTrixTraining.com | mark@headTrix.com

  280. Hello good sir,
    I am super interested in being your Photoshop & Web Tech-Geek SuperHero! I’ve got the Photoshop chops, the geeky tech brains, and more patience than a preschool teacher! And my wife already says I’m her hero, sooooo, I got that bit down! Please do let me now where to send my info! Thank you so much for the opportunity.

    -Michael H Saunders


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