Although Wednesday is normally reserved for Guest Bloggers, tomorrow is something entirely different. Tomorrow is “Big Launch Wednesday” and if you come back here then, I’ll have a short video that explains it all.

By the way:
It’s not another DVD or an online course or a seminar.

It’s bigger than that.

It’s the launch of something totally new, and I think it’s something you’re really going to enjoy, so I hope you’ll check back then for the first-ever “New Launch Wednesday.”

Note: There are a handful of people who may have heard something about tomorrow’s launch. If you’re one of those, or if you have a pretty good idea about what it is (like some folks at my Adobe Store presentation), let’s keep it between us until tomorrow, OK? (Shhhhhhh). Many thanks and see you back here then.

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Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. No idea what it can be… I’m sure it will be CAKB though.


  2. Okay. Now you have my attention. It has to be something to do with Kelby Training? Hmmm the App is here already. You’ve already come out with a recent update. So what now? Okay….I’ll check back. You guys have bought out NASSA and are privatizing Kelby Dot Com on the first Mars station with Captian Matt! That’s got be it.

  3. Really looking forward to the announcement.

  4. I bet it’s going to be awesome! :-)

  5. The logo on the rocket is perspectively not correct ;) Just kiddin’.

    I´m pretty curious what will be that important that you take my beloved guest post wednesday away.

  6. I’m thinking cake for everybody.

  7. Please let it be offline viewing!!!

  8. Now I’m really curious. I’ll probably have dreams all night about what it could be. Maybe a third Photoshop World during the year? Hey you said it was big. lol.

  9. Ok and now please tell me what i should do for the next 24 hours – can’t wait!

  10. nikon d4 and d800

  11. I’m going with Savgeman, it’s defo cake, a really big cake, with chocolate buttons on it. Ok can I have mine now :)

  12. Tomorrows announcement must be something, that is first of it’s kind, for Kelby Media …
    I also have a pretty good guess though, :-)

  13. Let me guess . . . Scott Kelby announces his candidacy for the 2012 election — it’ll be a landslide in the making!

  14. Can’t wait for the awesomeness! Let the count down begin… :)

  15. Anyone that reads and listens to all things Scott Kelby will know what this is about. Prepare for some awesomeness!! 8)


  16. Although I know what it is, I won’t tell anybody! ;-) But I can say that it’s really great!

  17. If your a Napp member and listened to Larry Becker’s NAPP News: Week of August 22, 2011 he mentions iPad and mentions App. So my guess it’s a new App.

  18. There’s a clue perhaps in the new PSU mag. At the bottom of one of the pages, although the link referenced is so far dead.

  19. Scott – new tattoo… Say no more

  20. Is it a new division for photographers and graphics people over 50? NARPP : National Association of Retired Photoshop Professionals.

  21. I’m going with cake – Photoshop generated, edible cake – accessible via “share my screen.” With various “layer styles” available :)

  22. And just before Photoshop World. You are amazing. Do you ever sleep?

  23. Like John said above, if you follow Scott closely you probably already know what this is. It is going to be awesome! I’m not telling though. Can’t wait for the official announcement tomorrow and the launch date. Thanks Kelby Training!

  24. Something big happening on a day that Nikon has a press conference, and McNally is opening his new show with video…hmmm. Smells like a D4

  25. You’ll be able to save your videos for future viewing? Kelby training is cool but that is the lacking feature! You pay good money I would love to watch it even if I only paid a month! Compete with another photography DVD bimonth company!

    • What color is the sky there in Fantasy Island? ;-)

      • Same as yours;) it would be nice to have offline viewing like you were saying through the app! I’m giving up on the other company because I’m not learning anything anymore! Kelby training has more to offer! I would like to pay and be able to view offline scott;) clouds still look good in my island;)

  26. I know what it is, check out (think BorrowLenses). That’s right folks, you can now rent Scott out to go on a photo shoot with you, help you with your post processing in Lightroom or Photoshop, or just to hang out with him. How awesome is that? You’ll be able to reserve Scott in advance, and if you don’t have the gear you need for your shoot, Scott will bring his. Sign up quickly, Scott is only available on a limited basis, and only when he’s not busy writing his blog, writing books, running NAAP, writing articles, doing videos for kelbyTV, playing guitar, travelling around the world, spending time with his family, shooting (fill in the blank) event, etc.

    • I said if you knew to keep this a secret. ;-)

      • ROFL, does this mean we can rent Dave, Matt, RC, Moose, and all the other instructors from Kelby Training, cuz that would be friggin awesome. Hmmm… BorrowLenses only charges $33 for round trip shipping, are you guys gonna be able to fit in a FedEx box that will ship for $33? So basically, at the end of the rental period, I just drop you off at the nearest FedEx Kinko’s store?

  27. Now that’s distracting and will be till the announcement!

  28. I know what it is – hookers and pot for everybody!

  29. oooh… lots of new stuff on way, which can this be?

  30. I already know too….went looking for it after I heard it…..not there yet.

    Can’t wait. It will be a great thing….I am sure of it!

  31. Something they’re doing…something they’re doing…you’re finally coming to Northern Utah!

    Wait if there’s no guest blogger, does that mean I have to change our weekly lunch bunch meet up to ‘Brown Bag Big Launch Wednesday’?

  32. So is Wednesday the launch, or just the announcement of the launch? I’ve been looking daily since the AS presentation – I just know I’m going to be addicted!

  33. I know I know…it’s the update to PSW App for Vegas!

  34. I think those of us that follow you…and alraedy know…should get an early peek…;) Come on…..

  35. It’s the rebranding of those bottled water they have been flouting on The Grid:

    “Kelby Spring”

  36. Photoshop world in March in DC?

  37. —– is it a cam ? …… not sure. Cant wait!

  38. Lets just hope that Scott has not found his miami vice suit, and rereleases chers turn back time on keytar,

    Anything, anything would be better than that, :-)

  39. Return of Layers Magazine??? Please?

  40. RC finally got the x100 to focus, it just involved pot, taking pictures of a hooker and eating cake?

    Wait, so maybe the photos aren’t quite in focus…

  41. Scott Kelby IS Santa Claus (I knew it all along!)

    ; )

  42. Why wait till tomorrow. :-)

  43. Wait a minute. Tomorrow? … I think that means tonight around 12:05am.

  44. You are going to be holding tryout for new clan members to start training for Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3?! I’ve been waiting for this for months, I’m ready to start playing with the big leaguers!!!

  45. Did you just buy Adobe, so yuu can Grill Bryan over and over. And as a bonus, get some better presets?

  46. I KNOW WHAT IT IS. Big Launch Wednesday is the day you hire me and Launch me into the real world. No? OK. A Boy can dream can’t he.

  47. Doh! Now I remember what it is…
    Looking forward to it!

  48. What the heck is it? I follow Scott and the rest of the Kelby Training crew pretty closely (hey, RC, your hot water heater needs some maintenance), but I have no idea what it is unless it’s a subscription training app.

  49. PROBLEM with first issue?

    am I the only one having a problem with the first issue? I downloaded the entire thing and when I tap nothing happens :-(

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