Today, We’re Launching a New Magazine…..

    1. Wow, just finished! It’s spectacular Scott! I loved the interview with Joe, & I’m trying to figure out where the nearest Party City is so I can make Larry’s Beauty dish LOL! Tell the app guys/magazine designers they did a fine job on another great learning tool!

      1. Thanks Ken :-)

        I’ve been a member of Kelby Training for a couple years now. Incredible courses on there. Wish I could sit and watch all of them.

        I’ve been really fortunate to attend two of the Digital Landscape Workshop Series with Joe McNally. So awesome to see him up close and in person.

        Unfortunately, I’ve spent too much on lighting right now but am excited about this magazine (I might have to borrow a friends iPad :-)).

  1. Looks like its going to be an amazing digital magazine. I am sure the iPad owners will flock to it. I hope you consider porting it over to the color kindle tablet that will be out soon. It will be a much larger customer base and won’t have to share as much of your profits with Amazon as you do with Apple.

  2. I knew I’d like this magazine and I’m not disappointed. Can’t wait to see how future editions shape up. A big bonus is the absence of ‘mystery meat’ navigation – it just flips like a magazine should! Congratulations to the production and app teams!

  3. Hhhhhmmmmm, downloaded the app on iPad and then download the free issue, but every time it finishes downloading it begins redownloading the same issue ( all 359mb! ). It’s done that three times now, any ideas guys?

  4. Hmm was hoping for something great with the teaser the other day. This I guess it’s same same could not really care much.

    I am not about to go out and buy a expensive apple product just for this :(

    To bad with this closed platform approach loads of people will miss out.

    Hope you will think wide and expand to other platforms in the future.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly with you. I am tired of all the hype about iPhone and IPad. How did I know it was going to have something to do with an Apple product?

    1. I just checked both UK & US Apple stores for iPads (64GB WiFi only) as I want to get one anyway. UK £559 ($883) US $699 (£442) – even if you add 10% tax to US price it’s still only $767 – $120 saving. Looks like my UK buddy who’s coming to PSW may be picking me one up ;)
      Or should I save my money and buy good glass…..if only I had a great new magazine to help me with that choice….wait, I need an iPad ;)
      Good luck with the launch guys – I know one thing for sure, if it’s got Kelby stamped on it then its a market leader already!

      1. You might want to order in advance. I’m guessing the nearby Apple stores will be out of product almost from the moment PSW begins.

  5. Looks good, but again and yes again you forget alot of the mass range of your readers, I do wish you would think of this, take students, or people learning lighting but cannot afford the £400+ for a Ipad who may only be able to afford a netbook/laptop or even a non Ipad tablet.

    As i read another comment up the list “I am not about to go out and buy a expensive apple product just for this :( , To bad with this closed platform approach loads of people will miss out. ”

    Of course you may say yes we’ll take on board and and do a version for non Ipadder’s but as everyone truefully is aware of that will be a very yes very long wait.

    So although your short demo video looks very nice – I won’t have the chance to watch so if it makes me want to run and take pics


    1. Hey Ken:

      For all of this – I recommend you subscribe to Kelby Training. If you already do, then you already have a resource where you can learn about lighting from some of the worlds best instructors and are not in the dark.


  6. I don’t know how you do it but you’ve done it again!!! Absolutely superb magazine: layout, content, functionality the lot…works, looks and reads a treat!

    Congratulations on what is destined to be a hit!

    All the best to you and yours,

  7. Wow….

    This could be the deal breaker for me to buy an iPad. Yet, I havn’t got enough arguments to buy an iPad and motivate the price vs. my, rather limited, utility of it. But now…

    Nice production of the promo video and the magazine looks amazing!

  8. Could you guys please bring it to android. For some reason all the great fotography stuff is only available to iPad, which leaves and open source junkie and avid photographer like myself without great apps such as these.


  9. The magazine needs some interface / design modifications to make it friendly, but overall is very good. I`d pay 1.99$ for the one that you`re giving out for free right now. :)

    Let`s see how the next issue turns out.

  10. Scott I am sure this will be a huge success!
    I am dissapointed that I will have to miss out because unfortunatly an IPad is not in
    my budget anytime soon. Any possibility of expanding to the Iphone or any other electronic platform?
    Both NAPP and Kelby Training have become my Obsession (my wifes words), and I thank you for not oonly the quality of instruction but the entertaining way everything is presented.
    Hope to get the chance to meet you and say thanks in person at Photoshop World, I cant wait!


  11. That is a Great idea! You know I had all kinds of thoughts was going in my head including Scott Kelby going into retirement, selling the business but I would have never thought of that.

    You are an innovator and a great teacher and this is a logical step in your career. Keep up the good work.

  12. Forcing us to buy an $800 iPad??? Really???

    I know that your group turns out nothing less than superb, but seriously… can this be viewed on a PC?

  13. I would give money to Scott in a heart beat. In fact I am working from a CS2 Photoshop book. So much of what I know of PShop is due to Scotts dedication to teaching. Please consider publishing this to another platform. I would rather update cameras/flashes than give Apple any more cash. Amazon tablet may change entire market.

    1. I agree with you John about not giving into Apple. I’m a PC-lifer myself. However, I don’t see anyone catching up to iPad and their market share.

  14. Outstanding! Another winner from the Kelby Group. I’m with you Scott about how great magazines are on an iPad. So many possibilities in this medium.

    Congrats to everyone. A great first issue. Looking forward to more.


  15. Wow. I wasn’t expecting an announcement I’d be this excited about, to be honest! Downloading it now since I’m going to be a passenger on an out-of-town trip for the day. Hope to see lots of high-end lighting articles, not just Strobist stuff revisited. Way to go, Scott!

    “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.” – Wayne Gretzky

  16. Great, now I have to go buy an IPad!

    Seriously, my comment is about the video itself: very well produced. I love the camera movements, the music, lighting, even the writing and Scott’s delivery. Nice!

  17. Can I get it from a secure site rather than iTunes Store. I had to close my account due to being charged for other peoples purchases. Can I get it from a secure site like Kelby Training?

  18. I have to echo some of the comments above, the video was beautifully done and the magazine looks fantastic. Alas, I won’t be able to get an iPad for some time. Perhaps one day it will be available in the desktop app store?

    Congratulations Scott and co!

  19. Great magasine idea and it’s a subject which really lends itself to digital format. BUT WHY ONLY ON IPAD!!!??? I don’t own one, can’t justify the expense. To be honest, I feel a little abandoned as a long time follower of Kelby Training. Favouring only Ipad owners over everyone else? Not good.

  20. Great idea and would definately take advantage but unfortunately, like many others, I do not have an ipad. Very disappointing to know that it is the only way to purchase the magazine. I would love to subscribe but can’t justify an ipad.

  21. Not an IPAD owner not gonna buy an IPAD. I could spend the money on a lense. Zinio version perhaps? PDF files can do movies ever consider that? Bad idea to make it device dependent. What next? Nikon only? Canon only?

    1. Nope.. if I were to bed.. i’d say its just this magazine on the iPad.

      It youre not going to buy an iPad.. or justify an iPad.. the decision is easy.. the mag’s not for you… why all the hate?

      1. I don’t see any hate. Just another very disappointed person like me that would love to be able to view and purchase the magazine without an iPad.

  22. Who is that ruggedly handsome photographer at the 45 second mark??!! Oh wait. That’s me. Lol. Very proud to be involved in even such a small way for an amazing app!! Kelby FTW!!

  23. That video was so inspiring it brought a tear to my eye. ;)

    Seriously though this is awesome. To be able to get new lighting tips without having to wait for a new book and those tips to come from Kelby Training who you know you can trust and depend on to provide excellent information is fantastic.

  24. For me, like many others, the iPhone is one of the most important things NOT to spend money on. If you print it, I’ll subscribe to it. Otherwise it is lost on me. Maybe you guys need to get away from the Seminars and Tampa a little bit and see that most of the country is not doing as well as some of you and iPads and iPhones are way down on the list of necessary items to keep their photography hobby going. Just sayin…

    1. TC:

      Has it occured to you that this magazine was designed for the percentage of the population that DOES have an iPad?

      What does making that decision have anything to do with what it says about values, beliefs, systems, or anything other than deciding to make a magazine for a platform.

      Thats like me walking into a supermarket and shaking my fist at them for not making 11oz strawberry flavored buttermilk..

      If you don’t like Strawberry Flavored Buttermilk in 11oz quanties… just skip it.

      Unless your argument is “But I want it.. “

      1. Hey RC,

        No argument here. I realize it is designed for people with an ipad (or is it iphone). I realize that you guys are geared up for the enthusiast with disposable income. And I’m not shaking a fist, I just think you guys deserve to know why someone like me gives up and goes home. Working guys can’t afford this type of thing and it kind of stings; you know? Thanks for the answer RC! Best to all of you!

  25. OK, I understand why everyone that doesn’t have an iPad is disappointed, but give Scott a break please. Nobody puts out more product to help all of us learn than Scott & his company (free web shows, Kelby Training site, lots of books, blogs, interviews all over the web, seminars, photowalks, etc., etc.). I highly doubt that any of you buy every single book, magazine, training subscription, DVD, tour ticket, etc. that Scott puts on the market. This is just another product that, IF you can use it – great, IF you can’t use it, don’t cry about it. It’s not like you can’t learn lighting from all the other sources. I’m not trying to be mean, I do understand why you would be sad, but it’s totally unfair to be giving Scott grief. It reminds me of my son being ungrateful (I spoil my kids and give them more than they need, but if my son finds out his sister got even one tiny treat that he didn’t get, he goes all crazy) :)

    1. A couple of other comments: I see others complaining about an iPad being too expensive for them. I understand that, but if you’re planning on learning lighting (and using some of the pro lighting set ups that I’m sure will be taught), I’ve got news for you – all of that lighting gear is expensive too. As far as the choice of platforms (iPad but not Android, etc.), I’d say that they had to start somewhere, and the iPad isn’t a bad choice of places to start. If other platforms capture a huge part of the marketshare, we all know that Scott will want to serve those markets too, even if takes longer to make it happen. And finally, to Scott: So you have a new magazine called “Light It”. Should we expect two future magazines called “Shoot It” and “Retouch It” as well? :)

  26. I can’t believe any SERIOUS photographer does not own an iPad. This has become one of the best tools I have ever purchased for promoting my work to my clients. It has paid for itself many times over.

    As far as only being iPad based, have you looked at the crumbling tablet market ? HP just announced they are not going to sell tablets and Mcafee just reported that Android is being slammed with viruses and spyware and not one for the iOS.

    You can buy an iPad I on craigslist for $300 so come on guys quit whining. No matter what Scott does half of you will love him and the other half will complain. If there this much whining now I can’t wait to hear what happens when he announces the price for the magazine.

  27. Scott, I have to echo what a lot of the above comments were saying. . . . just the iPad? Not all of us are full or even part-time photographers that follow you, we are just hobbyists. I would bet that those without iPads or Androids or whatever are more than you think. Please get it to a format for PC’s too!

  28. I’m thrilled that you decided to publish this new magazine, but I am disappointed that it is exclusive to the iPad… Geez, that’s the same price as a new SB900.

    KelbyTraining has always seemed so intent on making 1st rate training and knowledge available to everyone, at a very VERY reasonable price from the Books, to Videos, to Seminars. But now, to release a publication that only a certain percentage of your members will ever be able to access just feels elitist and alienating.

    I’m sure it’s going to be awesome and gold like everything Scott touches, I just hope it will be available AT LEAST on desktops. Please?

    Good luck with it though, Scott! Keep up the great work!


  29. I think T.C said it well. Until iPads become $99, there is no way the avg Joe can do this. Paper magazines still have their place. I am bummed that we lost Layers this year. Great magazine. But moving into this small a niche means losing a tremendous reach in terms of audience. I for one, wouldn’t buy something that was limited to one platform. Heck, if I cant read it on my computer, my phone or in my hand, I probably dont really need it.

    Seems like a great idea… but I think if more time had gone into the development of the accessibility and maybe a little less into the slickness of the presentation, you could have reached a considerably larger audience. I am sure the folks who stand in line for days waiting to buy their iPads will be thrilled with being able to spend more money on this subscription, but like T.C. said, the rest of the US is hurting. Thanks for rubbing it in.

  30. Scott your the man.
    Just see the video about it I want to get it.
    Now all I need to do is get a iPad and the first thing I put on it will be it.

    many thanks for the hard great and hard work you put in to every thing you do.

  31. Thanks for the free issue. It will let me play with XCode and see if it can be watched on a virtual iPad. I have never tried that! I agree with others, please make it a Mac App Store program too!!

  32. Hello, the new LightIt magazine looks very exciting. I know the ideal scenerio is for iPad viewing, but would you consider allowing the viewing on a PC via a viewer, and/or publishing an iPhone app?

    Not all of us have an iPad… :(

    thanks for your consideration,

  33. Really, really want this mag! Yes, I have an IPAD….yes, I have downloaded the app….BUT it will not open!!! I have installed and uninstalled multiple times. Help!!!

    1. Same problem here. The app starts and I can see the opening screen. When I tap it, it displays a list of years and a loading symbol, and that’s it. No content. I will keep trying, but If someone knows what the problem might be, please post a message here. Thanks!

      1. It works now, after a second re-install. I immediately noticed a difference in the opening screen. This time, I was able to download the content.

      2. I believe if you download the app and then try to run it while not connected to the internet on first run it will exhibit this behaviour.

        First you install the app then the app has to download the first issue’s content, then I believe it’s good to go for offline access.

  34. Congrats, Scott…

    ..and to all involved. I know that this new venture will be up to and exceed the high standards that you have set for yourself in all of your past projects. It is a good day for you and your readers.

    I look forward to each issue.

    Michael Tapes

  35. I can’t justify spending $600 for an iPad simply to read an digital magazine. Not everyone sees the iPad as a Holy Grail or wants all of its inherent Jobs-ian gimmickery. Maybe you folks can consider a simple .pdf version of the magazine. Thanks.

    1. A pdf version, really? That would be a print magazine. The point of it being on the iPad is the integration with video and other features. I think you missed the point.

      1. There are interactive pdf’s. I publish PDF’s all the time with embedded video and page transitions, interactive zooming…

      2. Actually Jeff, you can import Video to a .pdf. Being a .pdf deosn’t mean it will be a print magazine at all. It just means it will be a .pdf Heck, David DuChemin publishes his ebooks as .pdfs all the time.

    2. Jude, the iPad is a fantastic medium for your portfolios, and a great way to show a client your work both before and after they sign! I personally don’t regret the $$$ I spent to get into it, and personally I’m finding it just as valuable as I do any lens in the bag!

  36. App downloads and installs. Then when you try to read Issue #1, it downloads and then just as it completes downloading 350 MB of content, crashes.

    Restart the app and it downloads and crashes again.

    iPad 1. Plenty of free space. Other apps work fine.

  37. I am not sure that this is Scott and his teams fault that it is only on the iPad. Maybe if Mr. Jobs and Apple were not so anti-Flash, then we could all be getting great apps like this. Looking forward to a Playbook (or Android) version, if not a Flash version.

  38. “Nothing there then for us neanderthals with only a PC.”

    Oh yeah, that’s right, Adobe products don’t run on a PC. WRONG.

    C’mon Scott, an iPad is NOT the only solution in the market place. Build a viewer so we can look at your digital mag anywhere.

  39. Hmm, I know that much people have such an iPad-thingy but there are also much folks out there with maybe Anroid based or other *pads. Hopefully there will be an app for other plattforms soon. If not then there will be plenty of other e-magazines out there *hint* ;-)

  40. Trust me, if you are on the fence about buying an iPad, go ahead and take the plunge. Granted, it is a fantastic photography accessory – but you will find yourself using it in ways you never imagined. I’d give up my iPhone long before I’d give up the iPad. Nice work, Scott. Photoshop User Magazine is also an easy read on the iPad. Now all we need is the Photoshop World App.

  41. The table market is small (but exploding with growth). iPad owned the market and is still the major player, but market share is slipping. So I guess the iPad exclusive makes sense – as a start.

    The smart publishers will make their apps device independent at a minimum. Those that truly care about delivering useful content to readers – and delivering eyeballs to advertisers – will make the device viewing experience enhanced, but optional. We all know how smart and helpful Scott and his team are. I’ll be greatly disappointed if we don’t see more flexible distribution sometime soon.

  42. Scott, I am super impressed with the depth of this magazine. It has a lot, a lot of useful stuff in it. I’ll even actually buy issues when they are available. Also, thank you for focusing on the iPad. Formatting a magazine is difficult and if you attempt a one size fits all format, it doesn’t work for anything. It looks great on an iPad.

  43. I know this may be ironic, but do you plan on releasing an Android version? I dont have an android device yet but plan on getting one very soon, I’m not in the Mac/iX device camp, though I can understand the desire of making it exclusive. :)

  44. Seriously, only Ipad? I absolutely love Scott and the whole movement that he has going, but only Ipad? What about those of us that have 1. PC’s and 2. Andriod’s

    Come on Scott, your favoring Apple too much here.

  45. I have a high end PC, and Android phone, Nook Reader and a very good Toshiba laptop and cannot read it on any of them. I have belonged to NAPP for years and subscribe to Kelby training. I am an avid follower of your endeavors but the lack of consideration for a large segment of the creative community that are not apple users is discouraging.

    1. Hey Roy:

      If -everything- that we did were based on a iOS tablet, I wold totally sympathize with your statement. That said.. if everything but -this- app is available to you.. i’d beg to understand how this is discouraging.

      This magazine was made for people who can view it on an iPad. If you don’t have an iPad – all that says is that this is a magazine that isn’t for you, and that you shouldn’t buy it. There’s nothing wrong with -not- buying it.


      1. RC, love your work! Having said that, I’m very disappointed that you are so quick to dismiss those who would love to have access to this wonderful information, but can’t afford an Ipad. It is discouraging to be shown such an interesting publication, but not have the means to read it. You might as well say that we don’t matter.

      2. Thanks for the response, I think Lorri E’s comment may have phrased it better. (just a side comment Love the Grid.)

      3. Oh absolutely Roy.. no mal intent meant here either.. I just think that the product was designed for -this- specific experience..

        I mean, if you think about it.. its about as niche as niche gets.. an Ipad magazine for people interested in studio or small flash photography… Believe me when I tell you that many things are considered when something like this is produced.. at the end of the day, I think people just make the product they want to make, and have to draw lines. As consumers, people can just skip it.

        I will say that it’s refreshing to be able to have a conversation with someone instead of a flamewar.

      4. I see. People who might be interested in photographic lighting _must_ have an iPad.

        Thanks, RC. I realise now where I’ve been going wrong all these years. Especially all those pre-iPad years when, obviously, lighting was simply impossible.

  46. Seems like a pc version would not be that difficult to pull off. Then it could be viewable on a mac or pc and those without Ipads could get it too. There is software (free) that lets you run android apps on a pc. Is there one for Ipad apps?

  47. This sounds like a great new magazine. I do have to echo the request that this eventually becomes available on other platforms. I understand it is much easier to launch a new application on a single platform rather than trying to make it everything for everyone at the beginning. I want to make it clear that I’m not upset that you launched this as an iPad only app at this time but do hope you explore making it available for those of us who don’t have an iPad and don’t plan to purchase an iPad. The NookColor does support enhanced magazines/ebooks so I would love it if this magazine would be made available on that platform in the future (Amazon is likely working on something similar for their upcoming products).

    I do a lot of photography and lighting is one of the areas where I feel I need to learn a lot more but photography doesn’t pay my bills so I can’t justify every purchase of new equipment, etc. as a necessity for my photography business. Due to personal preferences (not really a fan of Apple products) and professional usage (I work in a mainframe / PC environment for my paying job as a programmer) and the fact that I already own a NookColor, I really can’t justify the expense of purchasing an iPad.

      1. Built my own PC using fast, disks, ram, gpu, etc., and use (gasp) Windows. It’s a great tool and flies through all things Adobe. Have a slick, fast and reliable Dell Studio XPS 16 laptop and love it.

        I also love Macs even though I don’t own one. Both great tools with their pros/cons.

        Also have an iPhone and plan on an iPad. I see the iPad as first, well, fun. Then it will be a piece of gear I include as photographic equipment. So instead of another SB-900, I’ll snag an iPad – and yup, the new mag! :-)

  48. Thanks Scott!! This is WAY AWESOME!! you guys rock so hard

    To those who are complaining that this is only on the iPad – get over it. If you own an Android tablet, you are already doing without a lot of things. Also, look at it from Scott’s perspective where he needs to get this to the most people for the least cost. In the last quarter there were 440,000 Xoom tablets sold and 25,000 TouchPads – compared to 9.5 million iPads. If you were developing an app, wouldn’t you go for the largest market share? of course you would. So back off and deal with it. This mag is not the only thing out there you can’t run on your Android device, or your PC, etc. If you don’t like it, get an iPad. hint: there are a lot of original iPads out there you could pick up used if you look around (ebay, craig’s, etc).

    1. So you’re saying they should only release the app/magazine for iPad because the iPad has a larger market share compared to Android?

      Using that logic, Adobe should stop making Photoshop for Mac, because they have practically 0% market share?

  49. I get it that people without an iPad (like me) would like another version. But I also get it that Kelby Training is doing something innovative on a new platform, and I’m sure they’ll do their usual excellent job. I’m sure someone will let me check it out on their iPad at Photoshop World!

  50. I got the email from NAPP this morning and downloaded the app already. Living in Alaska means that we can have some of the worst internet speeds ever, but at lunch I will be back at downloading the free issue. I’m looking forward to reading this one!

  51. Hey, congratulation on the launch of your new magazine. It looks great and interesting but I do not have an iPad and can’t read it. It get it that you can’t support all platforms but it would be nice to hear that you at least had plans or were at least considering expanded the scope of this beyond just the iPad platform. Just asking for consideration for many of us that do not have an iPad. (And yes I do want Angry Birds on my Adroid tablet thank you very much! :) For those of you on this forum trivializing this imagine if you will Adobe decides to no longer produce a Mac version of Photoshop because Mac doesn’t have enough market share (which by the way is currently a fair bit less than the Android tablet market share).

  52. Good Idea I guess?? Don’t understand your obsession with the i-pad / i-phone/ i-everything. Sorry I just don’t see the connection to photography. Don’t have the i-stuff so this is just another media that I won’t be able to enjoy. Seems I also can’t even participate in the Kelby training videos the way I use to. Dissapointed, but still wish you success.

  53. I’ve been waiting for years for something like this and I am beyond excited. When I picked up my first McNally book I was hooked on lighting (despite using Canon flashguns), and have been hungry for more education on the subject. I’ve found that it’s tough to attempt trial and error with flash during a wedding, and all the books at the library are dated.

    Then I read that the magazine is only for the iPad. Having started my own photography business and having to pay off college debt, a device like that is beyond my income bracket. I can’t afford to invest in such pricey non-photo equipment (although the idea of this magazine makes me want one).

    I know it wouldn’t be optimized, but if nothing else I’d love to read the articles on my computer (an older Mac). It doesn’t have the touch capability, but it’d allow for clicking on links and watching videos. The basic nature of the product would still be there.

    It might not fit the vision you had for the magazine entirely, but a lot of artists (especially young ones and photographers) don’t have the disposable income for a device such as the iPad. But, we have a great passion for the subject matter and would lovingly pay the small price for the magazine. We’d do what we had to do to read the material, even if it wasn’t as simple as touch-and-load. If the links just were listed in a .doc I’d copy and paste to check them out.

    As much as I hate not being to read it, I whole-heartedly support the endeavor and devotion you guys have. I just want to be a part of it.


    1. Tim light is light. Just because those books at the library are dated doesn’t mean they the subject has changed. You can read those books then read your camera manual and the flash manual and you’ll be set.

  54. When I saw the words “Light It Magazine” my eyes lit up, no pun intended. Finally, a magazine dedicated to lighting. But, after realizing that it is an iPad only magazine, I was disappointed. However, I understand the need to create products that cater to a certain audience. It’s unfortunate that PC manufacturers seem to have dropped the ball when it comes to tablets. The demise of the HP tablet doesn’t bode well for the future of PC tablets. However as great as the iPad is, the true revolution will be magazines sold at the news stand that actually read like an iPad. Anyway, congratulations on the launch of this new magazine, it does look pretty slick.

    1. I have had the same problem with the download hanging at the last minute and then they app crashing. I tried this several times and then deleted the app and reinstalled it, and it still won’t load properly. The magazine looks great, and I cant wait to check it out, but for now it’s not working for me.

  55. I just downloaded the first issue, and it is GREAT!

    A lot of different tips and tricks, a large collection of photographers talking about a lot of things, it is just great!

    It would be even better if it were free after the first issue ( but I understand it simply won’t be).

    Congrats on the achievement!

  56. I bought the iPad solely for reading magazines. I think it is the future! Unfortunately the 16 Gb is far too little to hold all the good stuff LOL Thank you for letting us try for free!

  57. ok.. so I usually don’t get too involved in the whole ipad, android, pc thing.. but some people here are really torking me off…. So Kelby Media busts it butt to put together a great new offering and what do people do, start tearing it down because it is only on the ipad. Big frickin’ deal, you have to remember that Kelby Media has to appeal to the mass markets.. and right now, like it or not, the ipad is the mass market in tablets. I am not kissing Scott Kelby’s butt, there have been several issues that I disagree with his thoughts on, but that does not change the fact that Kelby Media produces that best content for photographers and creatives bar none.
    BTW, I am a network admin, have worked on pc’s for 15 years, don’t own and ipad and have just recently bought my first mac. So the point is.. if you want it, get an ipad. I want it, so I will get an ipad case closed….
    Also, thanks to Kelby Media for the great content you create, please don’t let haters ever keep you from giving us this world class content….

  58. My first comment earler was in no way intended to knock Kelby Media in the way a lot of the respondents have been. I don’t own an iPad, don’t want an iPad and am content to miss out on the new magazine becaise of my choice. Kelby Media is a (sucessful) business and has found another opportunity – good luck to you all.

    ps If you did find a way to get the content to a wider audience, I’d buy it!!

  59. Hi,
    I have downloaded the app and then tried to download the magazine.
    It’s buggy !
    It almost complete the download and then crash.
    No worry start again and found out that he start the download again from zero !!
    You should definitively use a cash mechanism to start from the point you were before the application stops or crashes !

  60. Well congrats..I guess. I don’t understand your obsession with i-pad, i-phone, i- everything. If you really wanted to make this as a photography learning tool then it would be avaiable for everyone. (i think lots of post have already expressed this). What’s going on a Kelby Training?? Concentrate on getting your new website working instead of pushing out new media that exist for the few priviledged.

  61. Fighting… urge… to… buy….iPad! AAARGGH!!!! :-)

    I’ll get one… it will just take me a bit of time to save up. As if the DC Comic move to “day and date digital release” wasn’t enough, this Light It magazine app (along with all the usual Kelby Training awesomeness) has made acquiring an iPad my #1 priority.

    Still, a “pocket edition” for the iPhone would cool. :-D But for now, I will patiently count the days until I too can partake in this latest educational offering.

    Good work, all.

  62. I got two iPads. 1st Gen for travelling and the new one for everyday use. So my question is can I download the mag on both without being charged twice?

  63. Well, there is always going to be the haters (or dislikers- if I want to be nicer). Those that are never happy with whatever comes out that is new. I think this product just released by Kelby Media is incredible for all intensive purposes (I’m sure they are working out all the download/ install kinks). I can totally appreciate the market for it. Sure, I’m not in the market for an iPad. Can’t afford one yet. However, I’m sure that if I did have one I would definitely get the Light It magazine. Seems like it would be an invaluable resource. All of this is to say- isn’t it amazing our Kelby Media is always innovating. Always, coming up with new and exciting ways to bring a wealth of Photography/ Software knowledge to the masses. We should be so lucky to live in a day and age where such solid information is readily available. So, I say “Way to go Scott!” I can’t wait to see what you have next.

      1. You’re very welcome! What can I say, I wouldn’t know a fraction of what I know now without your constant flow of resources. I love it!

  64. why people who don’t have an iPad get mad when there is a product to be use it on tgis devide?, it’s like getting mad because a store offers different products, bt not the ones you want. Nobody is telling you, you have to buy it, nobody is forcing you to buy it. The magazine is an excellent product for a certain group and that’s it.

    1. Daniel, I think the problem is not so much that it is for iPad owners, but more so that it is for Photographers. That said, since it is only available in iPad format, then it is limiting the valuable information to only a limited number of photographers. I would love to give the zine a look, especially with as wonderful as Scott makes it out to be. Alas, without an iPad I will not be able to get that new information. It will forever be lost to me.

  65. This looks so awesome, I am totally going to steal this idea and make my own photography magazine on the TI-84. It’s kind of a niche market but if you don’t have one then it probably isn’t made for you.

  66. Any chance of this coming out in Android or Windows compatible formats? I’d love to read it, but I don’t have an iPad (maybe next year…).

    Thanks – see you in Denver!


  67. I’ve downloaded the first issue onto my son’s iPad and enjoyed the experience of reading it. It’s as informative as it is slick.

    Why is this magazine free? What are subsequent issues going to cost?

  68. Scott & Co: I’m truly sad that people have decided to get ugly about this. I respect your decision to release a product you can stand behind. I hope you can look past some of the needless flaming and see that there is a strong and legitimate demand for your product on Android. Should you decide to offer it on that platform, I’ll be the first to sign up. In the meantime, I wish you much success with this endeavor.

    Android Fanbois: I think the point’s been made.

    Apple Fanbois: Apple makes some great products, but please stop confusing market share with quality. If you take that line of reasoning to its logical conclusion, you’d be flaming Scott every time he endorsed Google+ over Facebook. Competition leads to innovation. I’m glad Apple has thrown out the gauntlet and challenged Android developers to step up their game, and when you’re finally holding an iPhone 5 in your hands, you can thank HTC, Samsung, and a host of other Android smartphone manufacturers for raising the bar and giving Jobs a reason to be competitively innovative.

  69. I’m in the “I don’t have an iPad” group (nor do I have a Rolls Royce). Yet, somehow, I manage to enjoy Scott’s training (and I also get to the grocery store). Like others, I’m delighted for those who enjoy their iPad (and Rolls)!

  70. I like the idea of the portability of the magazine. But its true that not everyone had an ipad. I would remember back when Dtown came out, it was a nikon only show. I think that for “some” reason Dtown is now about canon and nikon . So Scott, I think we already know there are 2 different primary camera systems in use. As well as 2 different
    “portable media” operating systems in use. as well as the simple and universal PDF format. OMG I just realized DNG is also a universal format .

    1. Hey got an idea.
      How about just making this a section in Photoshop user, similar to what happened when you created the Lightroom section after trying out the last new magazine created by NAPP.

  71. First of THANK YOU for many fun years of learning. I love what you do, how you do it, and all the stuff I have learned from you (and Matt, RC, “the Laddy” and all the rest of you on NAPP and Kelby).
    Before you guys use 15 min on the next “the Grid” to talk about how much you got grilled about ONLY doing this magazine for I-pads, and self-righteously dismiss it with “Hey – just don´t buy it” here is the deal. If buying this magazine was a facts only buying/learning decision, you are absolutely right – we should simply just not buy the magazine, and be happy about the plethora of other stuff you give us.
    BUT! over the years a lot of us have followed you, from the photoshop guys, Kelbytraining, D-town tv, photoshopworld, the Grid ect. In these shows you are allways funny (and usually on purpose… ;-D) friendly and helpfull. Which makes us in a way bond to you.
    Now by making this magazine for a relative “small” selction of your followers (yes I KNOW there are many ´pads out there), a lot of people feel this like a slap in the face. A kind of “We thought we were in this together, and now you only adress an elite group with this new information, and leve me out in the cold?” We essentialy feel loyal towards you, and all of a sudden we feel let down. (I know, I know – it sounds melodramatic. But when you choose something – canon/nikon, pc/mac ect. – you get emotionally envolved).
    I know that most of the techniques in this new magazine can be learned on or other places. And I do understand why you would get caught up in the wonders of a tablet, and what it can do (and be some of the first to do it). Just don´t forget the rest of us… ;-)
    All the best for your new magazine. See you on Kelby-tv/training!

  72. Great first issue guys! Really excited about it and can’t wait for the next issue. Some great tips in there.

    But I hope you’ll have a version for my Apple Newton soon! :-)

    Wow, between some of the rants here today about this digital mag being on an iPad-only platform–and, the grief Scott took the other day about his over the top HDR image on G+, it’s no wonder he doesn’t shut down the comment area! It’s one thing to ask if Light It will be produced for another platform, but some of the whining that it’s iPad exclusive here (and in G+) is over the top.

    Don’t have an iPad–justify the cost! Many of you who aren’t pro photographers find a way to justify that new lens or camera accessory, or that Photoshop upgrade! And how are you showing your images an analog photo album? It has its place, but. . .

    And considering the cost and time of launching a new magazine (print or digital, there are still start-up costs) why wouldn’t Kelby launch in the most popular and stable platform around. Doesn’t mean that they won’t eventually develop an Android version–but as someone commented in their post in G+ on this line of thought, there’s a sense of entitlement from some here that’s a bit much. Surprised no one’s asked about a version for webOS–oh…right… Get it guys? What a waste of time and money that would have been developing for an HP tablet!

    Light It is a great launch for digital. One of the best I’ve seen from any publisher. Hats off to Scott, Matt and everyone involved.

    Now, about that version for my Newton . . .

  73. I don’t own an iPad, but my fiance’ does so I asked her to download it for me and I have to say, this makes me want to go buy an iPad more than anything else!

    Your video for the announcement is top notch too, very well produced. If you’d like to send me an iPad of my very own, just let me know and I’d be glad to send you my address. :)

    This really is cool and I’m looking forward to the next installment!

  74. I (my wife) has an ipad – so I had a look – and I don’t know why anyone would want to be bothered with so much material that takes so long to download, is so slow and difficult to navigate, and uses only pro models (lovely as they are). There’s little reality there. Then there’s no hard copy (could prolly download and print while spending a lot of time and costly photo paper and ink).

    There’s a better way to do this. Count me out.

  75. Not an iPad owner.

    As an alternative for those of us without an iPad, but DO have a Kelby Training subscription—how about adding these ‘magazine’ issues to the other Kelby Training videos?

  76. Scott,

    Sorry for all the negative comments. I think your new magazine is great. I read Zack Arias’ article and already learned new ways to use my soft boxes. I will be A-clamping foam core to them to make a strip box on my next shoot.

    I wish the commenters here would focus on what makes Kelby Training great – its the content, not the delivery method. I bought your books before you had a website. I used your training site before there was an iPad app. I will pay for your content in what ever format you chose to deliver it in. For this magazine, I agree that fully downloadable for off line viewing to an iPad is the best choice.

    Thank you to your and your staff for continuing to deliver killer content in bleeding edge formats.

  77. Scott –

    This is so cool! I’ve been wanting just one more valid reason to buy an iPad for myself – it just happened.

    This is really going to be fun! As always, thank you so much for all you do!

    As for those complaining about not having an iPad and whining about this magazine… Save a few pennies, tighten your belt for a couple of weeks, buy a 16gb iPad for $499 and stop complaining. I don’t understand all the negative energy! Are you all just too accustomed to getting absolutely everything you want? Once upon a time TV content was purely b&w, then some networks had the audacity to keep up with technology and the future (and soon standard) and broadcast content in, deep breath, color! Of course it was a plot by content development teams to illicit the ire of all those who did not have television sets capable of viewing color. They were put in the terrible position of going without color content or (gasp) buying a tv set capable of displaying that content.


    I use a PC and there are some apps and features designed for Mac I can’t use… Shall I whine and complain, or put down the software publishers?

    Buy a iPad and save a tree, and oh yeah – view the new mag, have some fun and for the sake of human kindness, lighten up! …If more people watched / read magazines on iPad / Kindle / etc – we’d save 10’s of thousands of trees and help the environment from a lot of waste.

    Scott, the iPad mag is going to break new ground and blaze a trail others will follow. You’ve set a standard and while some are throwing unwarranted heat your way, the sales / downloads and subscriptions will validate your efforts and vision.



    1. Only need to save a “few pennies,” huh? Jeeze maybe you could take a few pennies of your own and buy one for me if it’s no big deal?

      I support a family with a special needs kid. There are no longer any extra pennies.

      Please excercise an ounce of sensitivity and think before you write. Not eveyone is in a position to adhere to your cavalier advice.

      1. This is a lighting magazine, and while there are a few techniques that cover hot shoe flashes the majority use expensive studio lighting, and lighting modifiers. An iPad is a cheap accessary compared to studio flash heads, stands and soft-boxes.

        Also many of these techniques are covered on Kelby Training so you do not have to have an iPad to learn them.

        Great work guys, I look forward to trying out some of the ideas when I next hit the studio.

      2. Hi Charlie,

        My apologies if my post was a source of unhappiness for you. No need for bitterness. I was primarily upset with the number of posts here that are full of anger and negativity because of something so simple as a magazine being launched for the iPad, the most widely used tablet in the world. If I had to choose a platform for launch, it’d be the one with the most units operating.

        I cannot imagine the difficulties and sacrifices you’ve made having a child with autism. I’ve also peeked at your website, kudos to you for addressing such an issue with your Stories of Autism foundation. As one who must appreciate the power of a positive word of encouragement you must see where I’m coming from. So much senseless negative energy spent to complain about a great new magazine made available on a particular format. What a waste of time.

        I do not have an iPad, yet, and have been saving since March, my “saving a few pennies” comment was figurative, although I have been doing it literally as well. My “advice” was not intended to be insensitive or cavalier – but as I’ve upset you, my apologies. In fact, you’ll notice a $5.00 donation from me to your Stories of Autism site, not much, but a few pennies.

        As the owner of Charles Cotugno Photography, I’m sure you occasionally update or replace gear, the iPad is a versatile tool for photographers with great apps available to aid and assist. Perhaps you’re not aware of the benefits of displaying clients your portfolio on the iPad. Great apps out there like OnOne’s DSLR camera remote (only available on iPad, iPhone, iTouch), NIK’s Snapseed (Again, only available on iPad, iPhone, iTouch) editing software, the ability to shoot tethered to an iPad (if your camera has SD cards, wirelessly!), etc. These are just a few tiny examples that I’m immediately aware of. So, worth considering as a purchase for your business sometime in the future perhaps. I spent more on 1 darn tripod last year that I never use, should’ve bought an iPad then. Oh well…

        Best of luck and take care!



  78. I dig it. Great concept and imagine I’ll be a regular subscriber. I really like the ability to zoom into the images and the setup shots. Definitely have to try the faux sunlight technique!

    One comment, though. Given it’s dedicated as an electronic format it should better accommodate the iPad’s screen resolution. Rather than extra margins take advantage of more space to allow larger text. Just like Photoshop User it’s a bit fuzzy.

    1. My copy behaved a lot like a .pdf in Goodreader, it took a little time for the text to sharpen after a zoom, and the background color seemed to darken afterwards, but it certainly did work.

  79. Hey, let’s take it a step further and make the magazine available to only Nikon owners. Sounds silly right? Well…it’s kinda like keeping the magazine to an iPad-only format. Sincerely hope this is a short-term scenario.

  80. Scott Kelby seems like a super-nice guy. But man, he does love controversy.

    What was he thinking? Did he really feel that launching a new magazine on a cutting-edge platform that is extremely popular amongst the target audience for the periodical was A GOOD THING? LOL

  81. Scott, congratulations !!! In this moment i’m downloading de Magazine. I’m From Mexico and i wanna ask you if is possible put the magazine in the Mexico’s iTune Store. You have a lot of fans in the side of the border. We really appreciated.

    Once again, congratulations for you and all your team !!!

    Saludos desde México.


  82. really wish this was available to non-ipad users too! don’t have one and never plan on having one. but i’d love to have online access to it on my pc or droid phone.

  83. Just downloaded the magazine today. It is awesome. I’ve been so frustrated with learning just the basics in lighting. After reading the magazine today I feel like my prayers have been answered. Thank you so much!! Keep the innovation coming.

  84. Scott: Thank you all for the fantastic magazine, you all are amazing! I can´t believe all you give us for free! That´s why I am so happing every time I can pay for the reneview of my Napp and Kelbytraining membership ;) Thanks again, already looking forward to the next issue.

  85. I commented earlier but now that I’ve had the chance to read the whole magazine, I wanted to share my two cents: (I loved it be the way!)

    Things I liked the most about it:

    1. The quality of the photos are awesome and I really like that you can click on each one for its own preview, great option!

    2. I also really enjoyed the short video clips… something you absolutely can’t do in a paper magazine!

    3. Surprisingly enough, I also liked the advertisements, and the fact that when you clicked on one it took you straight to that product page. Normally, I don’t like all the ads, but since its stuff you(guys) actually use or vouch for, it makes it really nice to be able to see right where to get it and to read more details about it.

    4. I loved the diversity of the courses in the magazine. While I don’t consider myself an amateur anymore, I still found 2 really cool, useful tips and you were right Scott …I immediately wanted to grab my camera and go out and shoot (didn’t do it though, it was 12am :).)

    5. Another great feature was the fact that from the Table of Contents, you could click right through to a specific article, very cool.

    The only thing I didn’t like:

    1. When I clicked on one of the advertisements (can’t remember which one exactly but it was a green page) it took me to a product page where I could click on an article about Joel Grimes. After I clicked on it, I scrolled down to click on his supplied gallery of photos. After clicking on one of the thumbnails, a bigger version came up, but I then had no way to navigate back to the previous page I was on and had to close out the window and start off back at the beginning. This wasn’t a big issue, but it might could be done better down the road?

    All-in-all this magazine is a fantastic idea and I really loved it. I plan on going home and reading it again tonight! :)

  86. So, I really like the magazine. The content’s great and it’s a great example of what can be done with a magazine format on the iPad.

    But . . .

    The type is too damned small. And it’s not that I’m some blind old geezer whose eyesight is failing (although that may be true). I read several other magazines (New Yorker, Time, Wired) on the iPad without a problem.

    But Light It’s text is too small. You might want to consider fixing that.

    1. Double-tap on the text and it zooms to full screen. When you get to the bottom of the column of text, tap the right button (bottom right corner of the screen) to automatically jump over to the next column. Hope that helps, ya geezer. ;-)

      1. Thanks for the reply Scott. It’s almost like getting a reply from an email to Steve Jobs. All right, it’s not really. But it’s nice all the same.

        Anyway, I know that I can zoom. My point is that I shouldn’t have to. I don’t have to zoom on any other magazine that I read on my iPad.

  87. Finally got to download the mag & view it
    From first appearances it is well produced but there are a couple of gotchas
    Too Many ads, there are about as many ad pages as editorial
    At the end of the Joe McNally videos there’s a seemingly endless plug for Kelby Training, MORE than is necessary
    The sound in the videos is very low, even when cranked up full volume, both with ear buds & IPad speaker

  88. Well, it would actually make me run out and shoot! If I had an Ipad :( I’m actually selling all my stuff, everything I own, ALL OF IT!

    Just to get my hands on my dream camera, my dream lenses and rigs, dream LIGHTING and A Dream Job. My first goal, selling everything I have (macpro, iphone4, several comic collections, toy collections, my music gear, EVERYTHING!) and rounding up 5 Grandes! To get me started. Aiming to get my self my 5DMKII with the 24-105mm kit, a lighting kit flash and soft boxes, back pack and go from there!

    What I was trying to say before I got tangled up in this whole explanation was that, it’s people like you and @Scottbourne who really inspired people like us. We can actually see and feel, that someone in this world, still loves what they do!

    Thank you.
    [ o’]

  89. I love the initial magazine, and plan to purchase them as the come out. My one question…due to the size of each magazine, is there going to be some kind of an archive feature so I don’t have to keep one installed in my iPad, but maybe have some kind of a summery of what is in each issue so I can re-download and re-read as I feel fit to?

    Keep up the high quality work Scott (and team).

  90. I would have loved to read it, your products are usually really great…….yes I too am to an IPAD challenged potential reader…..If I were you I’d take a look at the Zinio platform you could still read it on your Ipad and I could read it on my tablet, PC, Mac or whatever there certainly would be a lot less….. how did Jeff put it on ………oh yes! “whiners” how insulting!

  91. I never comment but this was an amazing coincidence for me.
    I just got my first iPad just this past Tuesday (for my birthday, thank you Big Daddy), not yet used to it for a go-to device. I went to the site on my computer, like I always do, and the first post was for this Light It! and I immediately clicked the link and went to the site. I didn’t even NOTICE that it was strictly for the iPad but seeing as it’s a magazine, my next thought was, “this is perfect for the iPad” so went to the App Store and searched Light It!, loaded it, read it, LOVE IT! And then I went to the Kelby site (as recommended by Matt) and see all these bummer comments. And I don’t blame them for saying, “bummer, I can’t do it” I would have been bummer, too…but I never would have wrote to tell you. I feel so fortunate to have received an iPad, I have wanted one since it came out and this new eMag makes it just even that much better!!! Totally Loving It!

  92. Tremendous magazine! I downloaded it without any issues and was very impressed with the quality of each article. I didn’t mind the advertisements which are a part of our every day life. Nice job! Looking forward to the next edition.

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