Wednesday News Stuff

First, thanks to everyone who came out to my Lightroom Live Tour in Tampa Yesterday (photos above by Matt Kloskowski). I met some really great people, including a number of folks who read this blog daily, and that was really a kick. It was great seeing some old friends, and making some new ones! Now, onto the news:

  • If you’re a Mac user that updated to Mac OS X Leopard, you probably already have found out that Lightroom 1.2 (the latest current version) won’t print, but Terry White over at Terry’s Tech Blog has indicated that a “dot” update is coming soon from Adobe which will fix the problem. Here’s what Terry wrote: “If printing from Lightroom is critical to your workflow, then you might want to hold off a bit until the Lightroom dot release is available. Currently under Leopard switching to the Print Module in LR 1.2 is not possible!”
  • Just a friendly reminder: If you haven’t profiled your monitor in a while, then consider today “Profile Your Monitor Wednesday!”
  • If you like classic cars and stunning photography, take two minutes and check out this site from photographer Lonna Tucker. Her stuff just ROCKS!!! (here’s the link).
  • Embarrassing Admission Alert: Yesterday morning, as we were setting up the lighting for my live shoot segments at the Lightroom Tour, it suddenly hit me; I forgot my tripod. Luckily, RC was assisting me and he loaned me his. The reason I’m mentioning this is; his ballhead rocked. It was a Giottos MH 1301 Ballhead Pro Series II (which B&H sells for around $135) and I was really impressed with it. It’s small, but rugged; easy to use, and had no problem supporting some heavyweight gear (it supports up to 20 lbs.). If you’re in the market for a solid ballhead at a good price, I say it’s definitely worth considering.
  • If you’re in the New York area, I hope to see you next week at the Javits Center for my Photoshop CS3 Power Tour.

That’s it for today. Have a great Wednesday everybody!

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