Wednesday News Stuff


How’s that for an official title? Wednesday news stuff. (You can tell when I’ve run out of ideas). Here’s what’s going on:

  • I’m on my way to Chicago for my Lightroom Live Tour on Thursday, and I’m really excited. I love teaching this seminar, because I get so much feedback during the day, and after the seminar, about how it’s changed so many photographers’ workflow for the better. As a teacher, that’s incredibly gratifying, (and besides; teaching Lightroom is just plain fun).

    Also, I’m very fortune to have two experts on hand to help me field questions between sessions; as Lightroom Alpha Tester Jeff Schewe (from, who was instrumental in the development of some of Lightroom’s features (in particular, the new sharpening features of version 1.1), will be helping me out, as well as Adobe’s own Terry White, an expert on Lightroom (as you might imagine), and Photoshop, and everything Adobe. I’m really looking forward to it. Can’t wait! :-)

  • My buddy Jeff Revell sent me a link last night a site with just some absolutely amazing landscape photography, from a photographer Uwe Eischens. His stuff is incredible, and if you’re looking for some mid-week inspiration–look no further (click here to see for yourself).
  • If you’re going to Photoshop World next week, I’m delighted to announce that John Loiacono (Senior VP of Adobe’s Creative Solutions Business Unit), will be the featured speaker at the opening keynote. If you haven’t had a chance to see “Johnny L” in action—he’s an absolutely captivating presenter, and totally not a “suit” in any way. He connects with creatives in a way few execs can, but besides his skills as a speaker, Adobe’s keynote at Photoshop World is often used as a platform for showcasing unreleased technology or giving a sneak peek at cool things that are in the Adobe pipeline. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Johnny L. let some new technology get “peeked” during his presentation, so if you’re coming to Photoshop World, don’t miss his keynote presentation on Thursday morning.
  • The latest issue of “David Ziser’s Digital Photography Newsletter” is now online, and it just keeps getting better and better (plus his new “Digital ProTalk” blog is already one of my daily stops). You can check out the August issue (which includes a very slick Photoshop video tutorial) right here.
  • Photoshop wizard Ben Willmore sent me this link yesterday, and I don’t want to explain what it’s about (after all-Ben didn’t explain it to me), because if I do; you won’t watch it–but you must (watch it, that is). This video isn’t about Ben, but it will tell you a lot about Ben. ;-) Here’s the link. You will forward this video link to other people. Blame Ben.
  • There are a couple more important posts today, so if you’d be so kind, scroll down and catch the next two posts.

That’s it from here. Looking forward to meeting lots of great people in Chicago. Have a kick butt Wednesday! :-)

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