Wednesday News Update (I’m back, baby!)


As much as I love to travel, it’s always great to get back home! :-)

Before I get to the news; I big thanks to everyone in Dubai who made me, Jeff and Jeff feel so at home. What an amazing place! Now, onto the news:

  • First, above is another shot from Dubai (Click for a larger view). I finally got a chance to look at some of my shots on my myriad of flights back to the states. As usual for this trip, it was taken with the wrong lens. ;-)
  • Thanks to everyone who posted comments and shared your travel ideas yesterday, after my “wrong lens” post. Thanks to your comments, I’m adding one more lens to my Italy trip—my f/1.8 50mm prime lens. It so small and lightweight I can fit it in my pants pocket, and that way if I get in a low light situation—I’ll have a low-light lens I can pop right on. You guys rock!
  • At my Dubai gig, I met a really great guy named Serge Jespers; he’s an Adobe Evangelist, and one of the conference instructors. Serge is based in Belgium, and I made a joke about the first time I saw “Atomium” (the huge 34-story atom-shaped monument/building just outside Brussels built for the 1958 World’s Fair), and he told me a fascinating copyright/Photoshop story about it called “When Copyright Goes Too Far.” Apparently, a museum in Belgium did an exhibit about the World’s Fair in Belgium which included photos of visitors posing in from of Atomium, and the management group from Atomium sued the museum saying it violated their copyright of the image. So, the museum put an ad in the paper asking for “100 Photoshoppers” so they could clone-out Atomium from all their photos. I love it! Here’s the link to Serge’s Webkitchen blog for the full story.
  • Last week we released a great new online Photoshop course on, from our own Corey Barker, and the entire course, called “Mastering the Pen Tool” is dedicated to making you an absolute expert on the Pen Tool. It starts with the basics, but goes on to cover advanced topics, including some I haven’t seen covered anywhere. Here’s the link to the 21 lessons, and you can watch a free sample online.
  • David Ziser’s latest edition of “David’s Digital Newsletter” just showed up in my email inbox, and if you’re not on the list to get this great free newsletter, here’s the link to sign-up (highly recommended).

That’s it for today folks—Have a great Wednesday, and we’ll see ya tommarra! :)

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