I Love New York!


My trip to New York this weekend was definitely a “Top Five” experience for me.

First, I spent all day on Sunday in a “Food Shooting” workshop from one of the industry’s top food photographers, and an amazing instructor Lou Manna (author of the book, “Digital Food Photography”). I have a full field report (with photos) to share tomorrow, but in the meantime, here’s one of the shots I took in class (click for a larger version).

On Saturday, I spent one of those life-changing days that come along every rare once in a while, as I got to spend the afternoon wandering the streets of New York shooting with a real honest-to-goodness living legend; Jay Maisel. More on this, later this week (along with photos), but it was a humbling, hilarious, educational, insightful, touching, and thought provoking day I’ll never forget.

There were some location shoots snuck in-between, and I’ve got some wild stories, and yet another of my now famous “Scott’s Photography School of Hard Knocks” moments that I’ll share later this week, as well.

Also, I had dinner tonight with Matt and RC at my favorite restaurant in the whole wide world; Carmine’s on West 44th (though RC took me to a Spanish restaurant in Spanish Harlem last night that is already inching it’s way into my top five list).

So, why aren’t I going into detail now? Because it’s nearly 1:00 am; I’ve got a shoot in five hours, then my workshop at B&H Photo at 10:00 am, and I’m a cross between glowing and absolutely whipped. I’ve got a lot of cool things to share, and that’s what I’ll be doing on my flight back home tomorrow night.

Hope I see you at B&H Photo in New York tomorrow. Have a “top-five” Monday. :)

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